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5 Cool Things That Happen In Hot Ramadan

Fasting gets tough in summer, and tougher for those who work outside air-conditioned offices. But I am not going to talk about how to stay cool (body temperature wise) in summer. That’s for the physical trainers and nutritionists to tackle. What I am going to point out here are things which we do in Ramadan that we do not realize are cool (awesome) for us as common Muslims. Realization of completing one level gives a boost of confidence to excel in the next, in turn, pumping more taqwa in our souls. If we take a minute and have a look at our mirrors, we should say to ourselves “Abdullah (you), you are doing great; and yes, you are better than this”. 

Super Fasting of Inputs in summer is the next level of fasting. The heat consumes all the comfort of our movements throughout the day and gives us nothing but tiredness and intense thirst. That’s why I said “Super Fasting”, rather than ‘fasting’. Inputs to our bodies includes eyes, ears and feelings along with our mouths (for consuming food), which are strictly monitored. We remind ourselves while browsing,  press the mute button when the music comes up and keep away from our spouses during the day. In other words, different senses in our bodies are fasting as well. Isn’t it cool that we are able to strictly monitor our senses and keep calm while consciously depriving our physical needs for the sake of AllahSWT? I think it’s great. 

Super Fasting of Outputs is nothing but how we monitor our output devices, in other words, how they fast with us. Tongue and limbs keep working for us throughout the day. Hunger, thirst and tiredness act as catalysts to ignite a flamethrower in us when anybody makes a tiny mistake. It’s indeed a miracle when we manage to keep our anger in control and let our hands and tongue work in the opposite direction i.e., by showing good behavior. Isn’t it cool to stretch and twist our bodies and souls with patience in difficult moments just to be a good Muslim (in turn, obeying AllahSWT  continuously and to be precise, developing taqwa (Qur’an 2:183))? I think, it’s awesome. 

Iftaar with a few dates and some water will literally make you forget that it’s Ramadan. By the end of maghrib prayer, I feel so light and normal, like as if I haven’t fasted the whole day! A normal dinner makes my night prayers much more active. Isn’t it cool that Allah SWT magically makes you so normal and calm after a tiring sunny day? I think, it’s incredible.

I still wonder why some people are so concerned about their food shopping before Ramadan when a  single date box can act as a perfect brotherly gift. 🙂 Ramadan-Blog_dipbless_01

Praying Taraaweh (the night prayer) wasn’t our habit. We didn’t even think that we would go for an extra mile to pray nawafil prayers regularly. However, during Ramadan, we pray taraweeh in the peak active hours, which on a regular day, would have been reserved for friends and hobbies. Isn’t it cool that we lift ourselves from being an average worshiper and try to reach excellence?

Praying Witr was hardly an option before Ramadan. Many people are not even sure how to pray witr. Ramadan teaches us the two (sunnah) ways of praying witr accompanied with lots of duas. Can you recall how many days went by before you raised your hands to ask something from AllahSWT? In Ramadan, we ask so much that it kicks back a feeling of being a helpless needy servant in front of AllahSWT. Isn’t it cool to realize one’s real status in front of AllahSWT at least for a month in a whole year? Isn’t it cooler that these acts of ours is *in* Ramadan when AllahSWT said that He SWT is looking out to answer His servant’s prayers? Woohoo! I think, it’s amazing how Allah SWT wants to dip us in His Blessings and Mercy in this month. The pleasure is all ours. Let’s shift the gear to push ourselves to the next level of worship, insha Allah.

What are some cool things you do in Ramadan which you wouldn’t have done otherwise? Please share them in the comments section below 🙂




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105 Responses

  1. goolamdastageer@yahoo.com'

    Ramadan is an excellent opportunity for us to rise at the earliest, in order to perform qaza prayers, as well as superogatory prayers as Tahajjud, besides Nawafil like Salaatul-Tasbih, reciting Tilaawate-Quran, abundant Zikr, Daroud, Istighfar,Dua, and also devoting few minutes to meditate on our final destination in Akhirat…

    1. anjum.odhav@gmail.com'

      Dear brother Goolam

      I am afraid there is no such thing as performing Qaza prayers. Once a salaat is missed, its gone forever. Nothing makes up for it except repentence and increasing your Nawafil prayers. The rest of your comments are superb though.

      wa salaam
      Sister in Islam

    2. hamdishire94@gmail.com'

      Asalamu calaykum dear sisters and brothers .
      Ramadan is a month of taqwa . May the almighty allaah accept our fasting and prayers. One of the great things I do in Ramadan is reading the Quran. I try to finish once or twice in the month

  2. zafarkhalid38@gmail.com'
    Zafar Khalid

    This is the only month of the Islaamic Year Allaah Azzawajal gives us the opportunity to uplift the standard of Thaqwa. So do not postpone it for the next year as you may not live to perform the grading of your Thaqwa.

  3. fatima.formuli7@gmail.com'

    Masha’allah very informative article. May Allah make this Month one of great blessing for all of us

    Brothers and sisters, please check our my blog, islamicposts101.blogspot.ca


  4. humamehmood56@yahoo.com'

    Aoa MashaAllah every word is so well written.. the points raised by the writer are so true I make a lotttt of duas in this month . may Allah accept the efforts of whole uummah AameeN .Jazak ALLAH#IOU

    1. perveen.jahan2@gmail.com'
      perveen jahan

      Asa! V.true&informative information about ramadanulmubarak month.May Allah swt make this monthblissful for all muslims.&surely we musthave our best deeds, nekiyanindis month &ourlife .

  5. shaykhmuhammadulawwal@gmail.com'
    muhammadulawwal muhammadsirajudeen

    السلام عليكم.نعم شهررمضان, شهر الغفران,شهررحمة,شهر ,شهر المبارك,شهر الزي يكثر فيه ارزاق الصائمين,شهر الزى يفرح فيه القائمين,شهر الزي يكثر فيه تضرع المنبين,شهرالزى ليس له مثال.فشكرا لربنا على نعمه علينا.

  6. shaykhmuhammadulawwal@gmail.com'
    muhammadulawwal muhammadsirajudeen

    السلام عليكم.نعم شهررمضان, شهر الغفران,شهررحمة ,شهر المبارك,شهر الزي يكثر فيه ارزاق الصائمين,شهر الزى يفرح فيه القائمين,شهر الزي يكثر فيه تضرع المنبين,شهرالزى ليس له مثال.فشكرا لربنا على نعمه علينا.

  7. Chondomah@gmail.com'

    Ramadhan make us to focus on good deeds, like reading Qur-an, be patient by not eating, be healthy as prophet muhamed (p. b. u. h) say “sumuu tasyihuu” , how great is this.
    Alhamdulilah may Allah guide us to do more good deeds this ramadhan

  8. murtala_sani@yahoo.com'

    Assalam alaikum, you people are doing great and supporting the Muslims Ummah around the World, may Allah help and rewards you with Jannah-firdaus. Ameen

  9. alamshahbaz550@gmail.com'
    Shahbaz Alam

    IN the blessing month of Ramadan, coolest thing that we are reciting Holy Quran as much as we can with translation and tafseer and by that we are getting more enlighten and more near to Allah Azza wa Jalla.

  10. apbt6996@Gmail.com'
    sharif abdul-malik

    Allah blesses us in our fasting for Ramadan by teaching us the true meaning of patience. Yes we read more Quran and learn more duas and maybe spend more time at the mosque. But look at what he does for us physically. For those who have health problems because of diabetes or high blood pressure, fasting causes us to naturally lose weight and improves our health. This is how great Allah is. He helps us when we are not strong enough to help ourselves!

  11. teachermussa@yahoo.com'

    Praise be to Allah the most merciful to bestow to us his mercy, including the guidance to guide us to the right religion to that we are obliged to say Alhamdulillah. And to grant us the life that we are in this month full of life and strength we are compelled to say Alhamdullillah. We pray to him to give us his full mercy in this month as the praise and mercy is his attribute, to that we should say Subhanallah!.

  12. leila.gaheir@gmail.com'

    Masha Allah! This is a very useful article. May Allah reward you for passing such a great message, and May Allah The Almighty have mercy on our souls and accept our fasting and dua’ in this holy month of Ramadan. May Allah give us the chance to seek for forgiveness from our sins, and grant us everlasting Paradise in the hereafter.
    Ramadan karim to all Muslims. Jazaka Allahu khair.

    1. Jazakallahu khair sister Laila.
      ameen for your dua.
      (btw it should be said ‘Ramadan Mubarak’, or whatever is similar to it, because it is not Ramadan itself that gives so that it can be kareem (generous), in fact it is Allah who placed the grace in it, and made it a special month, and a time to perform one of the pillars of Islam. )

  13. revoqidus@gmail.com'
    S. Asad A. A.

    Very nice article. Every word is oozing energy and vigour reflecting on the dedication and the love the writer has for Ramadan. Very refreshing and a great faith booster! May the Lord bless you with more strength to string together such nice and motivating words!!

    1. Jazakumallah khair brother Asad,
      Indeed, those were my observations, proven beneficial. So, I wanted others to realize them. After all, we are lacking in shukr and cannot thank Allah unless realizing His favours upon us.
      May Allah make us among the men of understanding. ameen.

  14. waheedbrimah@gmail.com'
    Waheed Brimah

    Alhamdullilah, I will like to add that it’s good to prepare for Ramadan by fasting ten days in Rajab and Shaban. This will prepare our body system and souls towards the Holy month of Ramadan. I pray that Allah accept our fasting as part of Ibadah and reward us with a place in Aljana. Amen

    1. You are right brother Waheed. Its wise and sunnah as well.
      Usamah bin Zaid said: “I said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, I do not see you fasting any month as much as Shaban.’ He said: ‘That is a month to which people do not pay much attention, between Rajab and Ramadan. It is a month in which the deeds are taken up to the Lord of the worlds, and I like that my deeds be taken up when I am fasting.”‘ Sunan an-Nasa’i 2357, graded Hasan.
      Preparation always helps in the real time.

  15. rizzu69@gmail.com'
    Mohammed Rizwan

    The article helps very well to know why we keep fasting for the whole month for the sake of Almighty Allah. BarakAllah feek.

  16. nazneenkhan17@gmail.com'

    MashaAllah you are doing a great job May Allah bless you abundantly I like it the way you explore the innumerable benefits of ramzaan when we think of we really blessed

  17. mdrazale@gmail.com'

    Assalam to all, Alhamdulillah for sharing the article which is one of our responsibilities as Muslims to dakwah or share or advice or teach or guide at least one verse from our beloved prophet PBUH on any topic related to any five pillars in Islam. Since we are in Ramadan, definitely we like to know all the good news in the month of Ramadan.

    I experience this year pray 20 Rakaat Tarawikh with Hafiz Imam that plan to complete on the 25th Ramadan 1.25 chapter per night and stand about 1.30 hours. One of our phd students at UNIMAP University Malaysia Perlis from Bangladesh like me to accompany him this Ramadan as my first experience.
    Formally I experienced pray 8 and 20 Rakaat Tarawikh on short surah.We should try our best to get once a year Sunnah of praying Tarawikh at the masjid. Special reason for us to pray alone or with family members at home.

    The second sunnah is reading Quran minimum 2 person like Jibril alai his salam and our prophet TADDARUS every Ramadan till he was invited by Allah at 63 moon calender. Four of us read after Fajar solat at the Masjid one chapter till sunrise.

    The third Sunnah is spending our money more than other months.

    The fourth Sunnah is for the husbands to pray Fajar and Asar in the Masjid in Ramadan and other months.The wives would get free SAWAB though they pray alone at home.

    The fifth Sunnah is pray three Nafil solat in Ramadan and other months. WITIR, TAHAJUD and 2 Rakaat before Fajar solat which is better than this world and its content the SAWAB from Allah. Our prophet PBUH did not stop pray these three Nafil solat though in MUSAFIR.

    The most difficult Sunnah is IKTIKAF the last 10 nights of Ramadan since not many husbands could leave their family at home in the last 10 nights. May Allah gives us the TAUFIQ/strength to perform this sunnah at least once in our life time.

    We may set our objectives to get in the next Ramadan if we could not get this year due to several reasons.

    Wassallam from Muhammad Razalee.

  18. maryamamanulla19@gmail.com'
    student of islam

    Masha Allah! great work!! many muslims specially in the west find it hard when ramadhan arrives in summer,and this article makes us realize the blessings of Allah in Ramadhan which we didn’t even think about all these days.
    jazakallah khairah!!
    Alhamdulillah! In this blessed month, i feel a special closeness to Allah and i pray to Him that this continues throughout my life.

  19. Rts.rts1986@gmail.com'

    Muhammad Rafa
    May Allah reward all our brothers and sisters for their efforts making sure Islam is Alive in there home,cities and countries.

  20. Goodrex1@gmail.com'

    Reading and memorizing Noble Quran, special prayer qiamul lail, reading translation of Noble Quran in our own mother tongue. Visiting various masjids to perform tharaweeq prayers and to listen the beautiful mind blowing recitations of various Imams.!!
    May Almighty Allah shower his mercy and love on us and accept our Dua’s !

  21. maigandi@gmail.com'
    Ibrahim Dan-Hamidu

    I love this article so much, splendid indeed, May Allah reward you abundantly, Amin.

    This really helps because my job is in the field under the hot sun and it’s not easy because I need to perform the Tarawi prayers after a hot day saps my energy , and am also expected to perform more tasks the next day early in the morning. The truth is I don’t know how I get through Ramadan in one piece as well as acomplishing my daily target tasks at work. Journalism and the business of media (24/7 without room for public holidays) is no joke but I owe gratitude and praise Allah for He is the source of Life and energy. No doubt Allah is in total control during this blessed month because we can’t explain the extra energy we get, we just feel stronger in Faith and when we trust Allah…the rest is beautiful. I love the sweetness of Faith because nothing else matters concerning the dunya hustle and bustle. Allahu Akbar!

      1. kudhufo@hotmail.com'

        wonderfull ! in Somalia and due to insecurity our movement to the mosque is restricted and we do our prayers t home.

  22. Mkunagij@gmail.com'
    Juma salum mlandula

    Jazakallah khairah, it is good article for those who believe in Allah. I will rel appreciate if you can narrate the article in swahili.

  23. naz_minhas1@hotmail.co.uk'

    AsalaamoAlaikum. Alhumdullilah i work in an office and the air conditioning isnt working at the moment , its really difficult and Jazak Allah for reminding me how I get yhrough the day thinking of benefiting from this for the sake of Allah and Allah’s reward in shaa Allah

  24. yohleev.monterubio@yahoo.com'
    yohlee v. monterubio

    Thank you for sharing this article, it helps me become more closer
    to Allah. I converted into Islam 15 years ago and I need more helpful
    informative topics like this.

    1. mdrazale@gmail.com'

      Assalam Rumisa,

      Witir solat is solat at the end of the night. Our beloved prophet asked Abu Bakar r.anhu when he pray Witir solat. He said before going to bed since he is not sure if the Angel of death comes and pull his soul before he perform Witir solat as his last solat of the night to him before going to bed.Then Our prophet praised him as a Very Careful Person.

      The second story is the same topic to Omar r.anhu. He answered he pray witir after Tahajud solat and before Fajar Azan since Witir is the last Nafil solat of the night. Then Our prophet praised him as a Very Firm Person.

      We could choose minimum 1 Rakaat or 3 or 5 or 7 or 9 or 11 Rakaat odd in number since the prophet said that Allah is odd and He likes odd rakaat solat. The fardz solat is Maghrib and the Nafil solat is Witir. We my choose the Sunnah of the Sahabat Abu Bakar or Omar r. anhuma in praying Witir. In Malaysia many follow Abu Bakar r.anhu pray Witir before going to bed at midnight.Most masjid pray 3 Rakaat either 3 in one Salam(Hanafi Mazhab) or 2 & 1 with 2 salam(ash Shafie Mazhab). Many pray Witir in Ramadan but stop in other months but our prophet perform in all months though in MUSAFIR. We may choose to follow 1/12 Sunnah or full 12/12 months sunnah or other levels which we have the right to choose according to our intention/objective.

      In another saying of our prophet s.a.w. My followers one from 73 groups that enter JANNAH/PARADISE are those who holds the Quran, my Sunnah or the Sunnah of my Sahabat. 72 other groups would enter ANNAR.

      Wassalam from Muhammad Razalee.

  25. muhammadabdullahi775@gmail.com'
    Muhammad Abdullahi Ahmad

    Jazakallah Khair! Very interesting article. May reward you abundantly and increasing ur knowledge.

  26. Mosto91@hotmail.com'

    Its hard to do taraweeh were i live. We fast from 01.50 to 22.15. We only have 3,5h hours to eat, pray and eat again. I live in Sweden, Stockholm.

  27. nerymamina@hotmail.com'

    I think it’s like magic sleeping 4 or 5 hours yet reading more Qur an,looking after kids,do cooking this is baraka of the Holy month of Ramadan, all praise to ALLAH wish you a blessed month Dr Bilal Philips

  28. ftrahim@hotmaail.com'

    الحمد لله by miracles way while before Ramadan the temperature was 30-34c. now in Ramadan is 20-23c degrees. الحمد لله رب العالمين

  29. isanas@gmail.com'

    We struggle to consistently read even a page of Qur’aan a day during other months. But in Ramadan we are so much attached to the Qur’aan and we easily read around one para (20 pages) each day. It is Allah who makes this possible in Ramadan. It is one of the coolest things for me.

    And we sometimes ensure that we pray the Sunnah prayers before and after each Fard prayer. While we even happen to miss the Sunnah before Fajr during the other months.

  30. aakala2015@gmail.fom'

    MashaAllah, this is a great and briliant piece.
    Ramadan comes once in a year and let’s try all means possible to benefit from this opportunity presented to us by the Almighty Allah (swt).

    May our Ramadan be the accepted one…..

  31. imranhassan808@gmail.com'

    Ramadan is a month of adoration, so we must receive it with repentance to Allah. We have to perform more virtuous deeds there in such as reciting the Quran, performing optional prayers, abundantly mentioning Allah, giving in charity, visiting your relatives and keeping good relations with them so that you may improvement the forgiveness and the mercy of Allah.

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