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Why ‘Geeks’ Become ‘Celebrities’ This Month

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No time to lose guys so let’s get started!

Okay so tonight we’ll pretend you’ve been elected to be the Royal President of the world! CONGRATULATIONS!

(Oh come on, quit being so humble, I’m sure you’ve earned it!)

Every single human being on the face of this Earth is waiting outside right now for the grand ceremony, where they get to meet your highness and reap the joys of the extreme generosity that comes with this occasion. Prepare yourself, because hearts will melt, jaws will drop, girls will faint and kids will drool from your surreal awesomeness. It’s the moment everyone’s been anticipating and it’s finally here!

The trumpets go all out before your majestic entrance. You take one final look in the mirror, before the gates open and you walk into the lavish ballroom proudly, preceded by tens of uniformed royal guards paving the way for your arrival. Except the weirdest thing happens! From the corner of your eye, you see people chatting, eating, busy playing games on their cell phones and no one even notices you, let alone taken aback with awe! What the….?

You tap one of the audience on the shoulder, ‘Umm hello! I’m here!”

They look at you absentmindedly for a second; then go back to what they were doing. Hmmmm and there you were excited about their reaction to you handing out gold treasure boxes filled with millions of dollars, diamonds and ‘Nutella’ filled chocolate chip cookies.

Can I Tell You A Secret?

Within the course of our lives, we meet those people every single day, hardly ever stopping to look at them or give them attention, and we kind of lose a lot in the process as well. Except instead of them being kings and queens, they’re normal people with royal manners. Rather than having a majestic ceremony with uniformed guards, they walk amongst us, guarded by unseen angels from heaven. They actually don’t look forward to flooring others with their awesomeness. They don’t walk proudly with their chests out. But they amaze us with their patience, pure intentions and loving hearts. Granted they don’t necessarily give out cookies (yeah that’s the down side honestly) but they spread peace, joy and restore our faith in humanity. We are too busy roaming around looking for someone better, but you know what? These people, whom some might dub as ‘geeks’ or ‘nobodies’ are in fact celebrities in disguise. They’re popular up in heaven and the angels know each and every one of them by name. They’re the candles shining the darkness of this sometimes-unbearable world, and without their guidance, mercy and genuine care, oh I can’t imagine what this life would be like… A downfall all the way…. blog-image-inside

Who Are These People…?

Think of someone who walked into your life when everyone else walked out. Think of perhaps a speaker or a scholar whose lecture accidentally woke you up from your worldly coma. Think of a child’s smile that made you reconsider doing something wrong, or a simple word from a true friend that lifted you up when the only option was failing miserably. Think of your poor neighbor who insists you stay for dinner, or that at-the-right-place-at-the-right-time stranger who saved a baby from drowning. They’re all around, and with the blessed month of Ramadan, these people are suddenly revealed to us as the stars they truly are. We see them under a different light when the devils are tied up during this blessed month. They’re the ones reaching out to help, when only weeks before, we were talking to them from on top of our high horses. They are the ones collecting money for charity, handing out water bottles on the street, and smiling happily at the mosque with that peaceful feeling of belonging. Are you picturing someone in specific right now as I speak…? Oh yes you are!

Can You Be The Star Of The Month?

I’ll answer this question with another question. What’s your status this Ramada

Are you chained to the TV all night or is your heart pulling your body to seize those rare Holy moments? Do you find yourself cranky all day and tired all night, hardly able to drag your feet to ‘Taraweeh’ prayers? Or do you race with your loved ones to the mosque? Are you busy counting the minutes till ‘Iftar’ or are you panicking because this month is slipping by so fast? Do you give us your back or give us your helping hand?

I’m biased to our beautiful Islamic Ummah, so I’m gonna go ahead and say we are all one of those insha’Allah…

“And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace” (Al-Furqan, 25:63)

So let’s all become celebrities this Ramadan. Let’s open our hearts to each other and walk the walk of fame towards Allah’s mercy, blessings and forgiveness. Let the angels in heaven know who we are, because hey when we go up there to our eternal homes insha’Allah it would be wonderful if everyone knew us by name…

Oh so wonderful….



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137 Responses

  1. zafarkhalid38@gmail.com'
    Zafar Khalid

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Saying السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    to anyone whether you meet him anywhere or in your Masjid FREQUENTLY makes people drawn to you to the extent those people drawn to you say salaams to you before you say it. This is a very SIMPLE REMEDY TO KEEP THE MASSES AT PEACE.

  2. sakolfl@gmail.com'

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    may ALLAH reward you , this is an opportunity to us ,these blessed days so by the sake of ALLAH let us use it in humility and judiciously, may He write it in our scales of good.

  3. wakil.iou@gmail.com'

    jazaakillah sister. May Allaah bless you. (I skimmed through your blog and I found some interesting entries). This post serves is an important reminder.
    I would like to point out thought, that I didn’t see the use of “girls will faint” appropriate. It just feeds into the general stereotype. I have lately noticed that my sister screams now at the sight of a spider etc. She wouldn’t do this before. She has learnt this at school probably. Girls are generally expected to be scared and perhaps “faint” at the sight of an anthropod.

    1. I know what you mean Wakil. Sometimes stereotypes can affect our behavior
      I only used it to add a touch of humor. I apologize if you found it inappropriate
      Thank you so much for the advice

  4. mustaff190@gmail.com'
    Mustapha Mohammed

    Masha Allah. Thanks so so much for this inspiring message. I have really learnt a lot.
    May Allah richly bless the writer and all those who played a role in posting it.

  5. gafaru699@gmail.com'
    Abdul Gafaru

    Alhamdulillah, i have learnt a lot and it will impact on my deen.Your article will always keep me on my toes of, Allahu,all the prophets,angels,the importance of islamic calendar and how to strengthen my ibada and be free in my grave. May Allah(SWT) bless you and all ummah of our prophet Muhammad(SAW)…Ameen

  6. nupa_canada@yahoo.com'

    I truly appreciate your article sister 🙂 I went through this right after finishing my fazr prayer…after my prayer I was talking to HIM n asked if I even deserve to be amongst HIS favourites. I don’t know if I deserve or not but i felt Allah sent this to me as an answer through your article….Subhan Allah! May Almighty bless you!

  7. fairoozmunavarc@gmail.com'
    Munavar Fairooz

    Nicely written article… Initially, I could not figure out what you are trying to convey. However, it is concluded nicely and touched my heart.

  8. waisuabdul@yahoo.com'
    Abdul Waisu

    Ya Shaikh Jazakallah Khairan Kaseerah for your good work towards motivating us have good relationship with our Rabb (Allah) thanks a lot may Allah give you Courage Zeal Knowledge to continue dis wonderful contribution in making our life more better. Thanks once again.

  9. Dounia.elmarkhi@gmail.com'

    Ass salamu’Alaykum Lilly !
    Merci beaucoup pour cet excellent article. J’espère que nous serons parmi les célébrités.. À partir de maintenant j’essaie d’en être une.

    As Salam

  10. sheguftalamiya.zaman@gmail.com'

    ma sha allah such heart throbbing statements I pray that every mumin musalman becomes a celebrity but not just for this month for their whole life to the people with the sight of goodness

  11. jaedanlangco08@gmail.com'
    jaedan langco

    INSHA’ALLAH We will be among of them, INSHA’ALLAH ALLAH forgives all of our sins, INSHA’ALLAH ALLAH Grants us the Garden of Paradise, INSHA’ALLAH ALL the ummah will meet in the Garden of Paradise. Thanks to the author of this beautiful blog, may ALLAH Grant you Jannah and to All of us, i wish i can hug all of the muslims in this dunya to ask forgiveness.Ya ALLAH thank you to all the blessings you had given to us.

  12. Memohed59@gmail.com'

    Ass salamu’Alaykum Lilly Really very Nice article…inspiring indeed…
    Hope we be among those mentioned may allah bless u and eccept from u ameen

  13. haimahdisomimba@yahoo.com'

    MashaAllah. I appreciate a lot the article.. in this dunya (world) most of us catches our attention those people who have fancy cars and houses.. we envy them.. without realising it’s all temporary..
    Anyway as a whole without forgiveness towards others everything is not possible even if you keep insisting that you believe in words of Allah.
    May Allah forgive our sins. Ameen yarab.

  14. Sharukh.g.velupillai@gmail.com'
    Sharukh GV

    Very beautiful. This article reminds me that I still need a lot of improvement in being the best Muslim I can be.

  15. ayeshafaizan@live.com'
    Ayesha Faizan

    Truly amazing work is being done by u guys.. it shows us the write path to walk on amd how to spend our life according to Islam.. i really appreciate it.

  16. cutelub2004@gmail.com'

    Jazakum Allahu firdaus 🙂
    Inspiring…While reading I imagined all your words. May Allah reward you and all of us, Amen. . Please remember me and my family in your duas. In Shaa Allah we will meet in the heavens above by Allah’s mercy 🙂

    1. Lilly S. Mohsen

      I’ll take this chance to thank Nasmira and Hira for inviting me to write for this amazing website. Such lovely girls whom I’m proud and honored to get to know
      May Allah bless us all
      Thank you so much Lubna

    1. Lilly S. Mohsen

      Humbled by your beautiful comment Hiba… Thank you for taking the time to comment and making me smile with joy

  17. manniraliyu92@gmail.com'
    mannir Aliyu

    This is very important reminder jazakallahu khairan may Almighty Allah continue to expand our knowledge and may he account us among them Ameen

  18. Julia_lahoud@yahoo.com'

    Another Gem to add to your Pearls of Wisdom.
    May Allah bless you for always having the ability to reach many people’s hearts in a profound way.

  19. dangwandaradaddare@gmail.com'
    Sani Muhammad

    Thanks for the piece. May Allahu (SWT) in His infinite mercy reward you according to His riches, Ameen!

    I ask to be permitted to share please.

  20. dangwandaradaddare@gmail.com'
    sani Muhammad

    Thanks for the piece. We ask Allahu (SWT) in His infinite mercy reward you according to His riches. Ameen!

    I ask to be permitted to share please.

    JazakAllhu khairan!

  21. yusufmuye@gmail.com'

    Assalamualaikum, i must say that this is a great piece that comes with lots of motivation. May Allah SWT make us all among these celebrities that be admired by His angels. Ameen. Jazakallahu Khair, Lilly.

  22. yusufmuye@gmail.com'

    Assalamualaikum, i must say that this is a great piece that comes with lots of motivation. May Allah SWT make us all among these celebrities that would be admired by His angels in this month and beyond. Ameen. Jazakallahu Khair Lilly.

  23. arutu2ola2unji@gmail.com'
    ahmed Arututu

    Asalam Alaikum…am just reading your article and it was so inspiring, may Allah swt bless you more even after Ramadan. You are one of those believe me. Jazaqum la ah

  24. asmaakhan87@gmail.com'

    MashaAllah beautifully quoted
    Muslim ummah need this reminder everyday in order to stay away from the trap of shaytaan
    May Allah grant you more and all Muslimeen


  25. salmaj@uw.edu'

    Asalaamu alaikum wr wb ya’ll 🙂

    Alhumdulilah, loved this post so much so I sent it to my email box to be reminded of it and look forward to share it bithinilah tala. Wow, ” normal people with royal manners” what an awesome goal and message.

    Thank you for the inspiration and engaging, creative writing sr Lily!! And thank you, Islamic Online University, staff and all for your efforts!! I eagerly hope we see each other in Jannatul Firdawos with the most well mannered, our beloved-yo-I-can’t-wait-to-see-meet-you-and-your-amazingness Prophet sallahu alahi wa salaam by the permission of the Most Gracious Lord, we are patiently SUPER DUPER LUNEY LUPER excited to meet, ahhhh-aameen thumma ameen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 you all!

    Srly, alhumdulilahi rabbi alamin, so much thanks. 🙂

    with much respect and love,

  26. sameh@mohsen-eg.com'
    Sameh mohsen

    Your way to our hearts and minds is always paved with love and wisdom,it is a gift of GOD that we have all to be thankful for.

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