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“What’s happening to my dua?” This question is on our minds at all times. But have we ever thought why? Where does the fault lie? The answer is quite obvious…..

Allah SWT, the ever Merciful, is always ready to hear to us. He is waiting for us to ask Him so that He can fulfill it for us. But, are we worthy of His favor? Have we surrounded ourselves and our lives with activities that push us away from this Mercy of Allah? The answer is a resounding yes, at least for most of us. Let’s see why:

  1. Haraam Income:

The Messenger of Allah SAWSmentioned a man who, having journeyed far, is disheveled and dusty, and who spreads out his hands to the sky saying, “O Lord! O Lord!” while his food is haram, his drink is haram, his clothing is haram, and he has been nourished with haram, so how can [his supplication] be answered? 1

If every single penny we earn is from haraam sources or is based on interest, how can we expect AllahSWT to accept our dua’?

AllahSWTforbade us from riba, yet we consume it as if nothing is wrong! Allah SWT says that He and His MessengerSAWSwill be at war with those who eat riba on the Day of Judgement, 2 but even this does not deter us from giving it up!

How sad is our state that we cannot give up something so small just for the pleasure of Allah SWT, but we expect AllahSWTto forgive every sin that we commit and answer our dua’. Selfish we are! 

How sad is our state that we cannot give up something so small just for the pleasure of Allah, but we expect Allah to forgive every sin that we commit and answer our dua’. Selfish we are!

  1. Heedlessness in dua’:

Eyes closed, hands raised, lips in motion, words tumbling out of our mouth in a hurry, yet our mind and heart is in a different world. Our thoughts and the words that are racing through our tongue do not match. If this is the level of ‘seriousness’ we employ to ask Allah SWT to fulfill our wishes, I believe the outcome is not a surprise!

  1. Zina:

Some of us ask Allah SWT to accept our dua’ while committing the most heinous of sins. Sins that we are very careful to commit in secret. Yet, we forget that our Lord is watching us when we are at it! So strict is the command about zina, that Allah SWT instructs us not to even approach it, let alone fall into it. 3  And when the zaani 4 has committed this shameful act, he turns to Allah SWT with this heavy pile of evil deeds asking for His bounties! SubhanAllah! Doesn’t his face drop in shame before lifting it to face Allah SWT?5

  1. All Sinful Deeds:

Backbiting, gossiping, lying, cheating, causing distress to others and so on are actions that are forbidden by Allah SWT. But we expect Him SWT to answer our prayers while we continue to disobey Him!

What audacity do we have to stand before our Lord and ask Him SWTfor His bounties when we are doing exactly the opposite of what He has instructed us!

But There Is Hope……

There is another side to the question that we began with. Those who are obedient to Allah SWT, who are sincere in their actions, who abstain from sins fearing the punishment of Allah SWT and who do good seeking the pleasure of their Lord do not despair if your dua’ is not answered!

“Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you? They were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said, ‘When is the help of Allah?’ Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near.” (Surah al-Baqarah, 2:214)

(26Oct)Blog Post-Inside poster-duaThis is just a test. And no one in his right state of mind would want to fail this test as the rewards are humungous! If the Messenger of Allah SAWS, the one who AllahSWT has Himself consoled in the Qur’an 6 is being tested, where do we stand O Muslims? Do not give up, for our Lord is with us. Let the tears of sincerity flow; make dua’ with utmost trust in Allah SWT. Know that He will never let you down!

Prophet MuhammedSAWSsaid, “When Allah loves a servant, He tests him,”7

Also, in a hadith qudsi, AllahSWTtells Jibreel to delay the response to the dua’ of a servant because AllahSWT loves hearing his voice! 8

Remember, our dua’s do not go waste. Scholars have pointed out that when Muslims make dua’, it is heard and accepted but this acceptance, however, can be in a number of different ways.

Either Allah will respond and fulfill the desire of the person who made the dua’, or He will ward off some evil from him because of the dua’, or He will make something good easy for him to attain because of it, or He will save it with Him for him on the Day of Resurrection when he will be most in need of it.9

Ask, Even If It Were For A Broken Shoe Lace…..

Ibn Rajab rahimullah said:

…..Allah likes His slaves to ask Him for everything that is in their spiritual and worldly interests such as food, drink, clothing etc, and to ask Him for guidance and forgiveness. In the hadeeth Thabit Al-Bunani narrated that the Messenger of Allah SAWS said:“Let one of you ask his Lord for his every need, until he asks Him for salt, and asks Him for the strap of his sandal when it breaks.” 10 it says: “Let one of you ask his Lord for everything that he needs, even a lace for his shoe if it breaks.” Some of the salaf used to ask Allah in their prayers for everything, even salt for their dough and food for their sheep. In al-Israa’eeliyyaat it is narrated that Moosa alayhisalaam said: O Lord, I have some worldly needs but I feel too shy to ask You. He said: Ask Me even for the salt for your dough and food for your donkey.

Whatever a person needs, if he asks Allah for it, then he has demonstrated his need of Him, and that is something that Allah loves. Some of the salaf would feel too shy to ask Allah for their worldly needs, but following the Sunnah is better. 11

Brothers and sister in Islam, ask AllahSWT! The ProphetSAWShas told us:

Verily your Lord is Generous and Shy. If His servant raises his hands to Him (in supplication) He becomes shy to return them empty.12

As for those of you who have drowned in the glitter of this worldly life and have strayed far away from the commands of Allah SWT, repent to the Merciful and seek His Forgiveness. Make tawbah and turn to Allah SWT in sincere repentance.

Don’t you want to taste the sweetness of Allah’s miracles in your life too?

Have you experienced the miracles of dua in your life? What advice would you like to give to others reading this article? Please share your views in the comments section below. 🙂


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  4.   A male fornicator; zaaniya(f)
  5.   Applies to both male and female
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227 Responses

    1. aboulou05@hotmail.com'

      Thanks for that article i have learned a lot of things i ignored before may Allah reward you amen .One of great miracle i experienced is about when i was in university ,i asked to Allah to have a high grade among of the students .After semester one and two i was despaired because of the grade i got .But the two 2nd semesters i continue to ask Allah a help but at the end I’ve got that same grade .After that, i asked myself how can i be the among of the best students who will get a high grade? But i always continue to do the same thing .And then ,the two last semesters I’ve got i high grades and happily ,for calculating your general grade our university took only the grades of two last semesters as a general grade so that i was among of those who have got a high grade in my university .Alhamdulillah for everything ! Dear sisters and brothers never give up asking du’a from Allah be sure it will be answered .Some scholars said “those who put their hopes to Allah ,they will never loose ! Jazakakum Allah Khair brothers and sisters !

      1. Aishah Ahmed

        Ameen! BarakAllaahu feek akhi for sharing this with us. It encourages us not to lose hope and work sincerely towards pleasing Allah. He will never allow our efforts to go waste.

  1. Siraj88.uk@gmail.com'

    May Allah swt.reward you my dear sister. SubhaanAllah I know this things but after reading this article it’s made me tears….mainly the part ” if Allah loves someone he ask jibraeel to delay his prayers because he loves to hear his/her voice but we don’t know why allah delaying because we are committing the sins at same time..Allahu akbar

  2. genesplicer007@gmail.com'
    Mohammed Omer

    Salamalaikum and JazakAllahukhairan fidunya walAakhirah sister. Dua has changed my life. I was able to leave major bad habits through dua. There were times when Allah answered my dua within minutes or an hour or so, even when the situation seemed totally impossible. But i realised this was only possible after i left my major sins and started praying all 5 times regularly.

  3. shaz_khais@yahoo.com'

    JazakAllah fr this beautiful sharing.
    Well as fr my experiencce of acceptance of my dua has happened several times.,i feel so much blessed frm my childhood,be it during exams r helping my friend r in very minute specifications,alhumdulillah ! I hav tasted d miracles n answers to my prayers.This experience has taken me to d depth of my faith n i hav started to expect d unexpected frm my Lord.i even love more wen prayers r delayed so i can go bak to my Allah n cry to Him lik a small child.,it brings immense pleasure n comfort. Whether answered r my duas remain unanswered, my happiness lies in talking to my Rabb n it definitely happens wen we are put on tests., fr indeed “life is a Test” !!

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      BarakAllaahu feeki!
      Alhamdulillah sister, Allah is indeed the greatest listner of all. It requires only a little patience from our side and blind trust in Allah and His plans for He is definitely the best of planners!

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      Wa ‘alaykumassalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu
      May Allah forgive us and take us under His care, mercy and protection forever.

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  5. nekyscholas1000@gmail.com'

    Allah will never leave us empty, He will replace everything that we’ve lost. If He asks us to put something down, it’s because He wants us to pick up something greater.

  6. nurlu82@hotmail.com'

    Make plenty of dua in your sajda, but it must be sincere, and persistence is the key. Then witness the doors Allah Azza wa Jal opening specifically for you. Jazakallah Khair for this great post.

  7. Ahussein_21@hotmail.com'

    I was thinking about this issue just last night, I was making dua to Allah, almost to a point where I wished I was standing literally making sajda before him, out of desperation, and then remember the part where Allah feels shy about not answering his servant dua, and I bawled my eyes out. As humans we are impatient and we expect or wish our dua to be promptly answered. And sometimes we feel we’re not pious enough that Allah would not answer us, but I know times where I was not as close to my Creator as I am right now, I was desperate I make dua to cover some mistake so that I don’t lose my job and Subhan Allah he answered my dua so quick, didn’t even realized it righ away, but I felt so grateful. I think what I am try to say is believe in yourself and the importance of making dua and do not despair of God mercy. all praise is due to Allah the most gracious the most merciful.

  8. faizasohail2012@yahoo.com'

    Assalam o alaikum!
    This article is beautiful and I have learnt a lot and I have seen miracles by making dua when there was no hope but Allah was still there to help me . I believe in this process of dua so every Muslim should work sincerely towards Allah.
    I have a strong believe Alhamdulilah that Allah listens to every single sound or silence and by reading this article my believe become more fresh.
    May Allah help us to stay on right track before we return to him. Ameen

  9. masrihb73@hotmail.com'

    Waalaikumsalam Dr Bilal
    Sometimes we didn’t see the answer because ALLAHSWT have a better plan for us..
    Trust ALLAHSWT 100%✅
    In Shaa Allah we achieve what we dua’s, sometimes it didn’t goes directly to us… but It’s goes to our families surrounding…
    Alhamdulillah I suffered, I learned and I changed…
    That teach me to achieve my dua’s In Shaa Allah…
    Our Muslim family wajib read AlQuran and understand what have ALLAHSWT warning us…

    We must now our enemies very well such as..
    ✅What is haram is haram☝?️

    This small2 things that attack our Muslim family nowadays that we didn’t see…

    Stay with AlQuran and Sunnah In Shaa Allah our dua’s will come Aaminn ?✌?️??

    Thank you ALLAHSWT give us good Leaders?? that followed AlQuran and Sunnah.. Alhamdulillah we achieve to followed In Shaa Allah with help of ALLAHSWT ??✌?️

  10. ardianifarida@gmail.com'
    Farida Ardiani

    Thank you so much, may Allah bless us, forgive us and guide us always,, aamiin
    So so touching article so inspiring too.

  11. mehreen_tanveer88@hotmail.com'

    Exactly what I asked Allah while making dua tonight to give me a sign if He is listening to my prayers and only He could have directed me here as I rarely read articles shared.

    I strongly believed that He always does but sometime we need some assurance and today was that day for me.

    Jazak Allah for sharing this amazing article. May Allah reward you generously of His bounties and bless the entire Muslim umma for your effort.

  12. buttfayaz43@gmail.com'

    Sometimes feels so shameful remembering my deeds and thinking mercy of Allah still bestowing on me brings tears in my eyes.. Ya Allah help me to come closer to you. I regret every time I am so shameful for my deeds..

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      Ameen! Alhamdulillah, that Allah makes us realize when we go wrong and gives us the guidance to return back to the path He loves.

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      As mentioned in few other comments below, Allah will never let your dua’ go waste. It maybe that what you were asking for was not good for you and you should be thankful to Him for steering it away from you. After all, He knows and we do not. Or He will answer your dua’ at a later stage when you are least expecting it so that you will be left awe struck in the way Allah plans things. Be positive always. Love and fear Allah always!

  13. Bhatumer9345@gmail.com'
    Umer maqbool bhat

    At least a muslim learn to surrender to allah,sincerity,submission,obidience,and peace
    these five words have a single word in arabic i,e’. “ISLAM”

  14. f.mohammed94@hotmail.com'
    Farrad Raheem Mohammed

    Duas do get answered you just seriously got to leave your trust with Allah and ask him alone for help! Allah says leave your trust with me and I will suffice you. Also, give some money to sadaqa and make a dua right after. Give some change to a needy person or fill up a bird feeder and feed Allah’s creation and make a dua after. Smile my muslim brothers and sisters and have faith! Allah has got us.

  15. ifatkhan81@yahoo.com'

    Sir I have made too many duas for a single wish.i prayed to much for single wish but it didn’t fulfilled yet and now time is over to ask more about that wish..why it happened?? I am upset .what should I say about dua…. no words:(

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      Never despair of the mercy of Allah. Make dua’ and leave the outcome to Allah. Never weigh your deeds and harbour the feeling that even if I obey Him, my prayers are not answered. He is listening and watching us as we beg Him. He is al-Adl. He will never do injustice with anyone. The following ayah is a very powerful one from Surah Baqarah which I always like to remember in such situations. It fills me with peace and tranquility because I know Allah is in charge of my affairs and He will only do what is the best for us:
      “But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.”
      Maybe what you asked from Allah was not good for you or maybe He has just kept your dua with Himself and will grant it to you on the Day of Ressurection when we most need it.

    2. Aishah Ahmed

      Never despair of the mercy of Allah. Make dua’ and leave the outcome to Allah. Never weigh your deeds and harbour the feeling that even if I obey Him, my prayers are not answered. He is listening and watching us as we beg Him. He is al-Adl. He will never do injustice with anyone. The following ayah is a very powerful one from Surah Baqarah which I always like to remember in such situations. It fills me with peace and tranquility because I know Allah is in charge of my affairs and He will only do what is the best for us:
      “But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.”
      Maybe what you asked from Allah was not good for you or maybe He has just kept your dua with Himself and will grant it to you on the Day of Resurrection when we most need it.

    3. dawood.abdool@gmail.com'

      We keep sinning day by night. Although we know that we must not commit such and such sins but still we can’t stop sinning; it’s our weak human nature. So what to do ? The answer is to perform swalat Tawba regularly even if if you haven’t committed any sin. Hopefully your dua will be accepted insha’Allah.

      1. Aishah Ahmed

        We are humans and we err as Allah has Himself told us in the Quran. The solution is, as you said, make istighfaar always. If the Prophets and the Companions would ask for forgiveness, what about us!

  16. idrisdubow@hotmail.com'

    Jazakallah kheir, am really touched by this article. Please my dear Muslim brothers and sisters I need our RABB’s guidance, kindly pray for me.

  17. ziabasic@gmail.com'
    Ziaul Ahsan Shaikh

    Assalamu’alaykum. This a very powerful piece of writing. Crisp but informative, penetrative & motivating. Jajak Allah.

  18. uthmanlaw4real@yahoo.com'
    lawal uthman

    Thank’s for the reminder, i’m a victim of number 2, may Allah make me to have patient when making dua’s. Thanks. sencindly, i want to copy this article and share it on my whatsapp contact list. May Allah reward you, Amin. Thanks

  19. wurnoj@gmail.com'
    Ibrahim W

    dear sister in islam.. jazakumullahu khairan for your right up n may Allah continue to reward u abundantly… I felt inspired deep down my heart n was also full with so much relief after reading your very inspiring n intelligent write up.. u have said it all sister n have answered the question that has been eating me up.. I guess astagafurillah should be my order of the day hence forth n never loose hope

  20. aaleenzahra@gmail.com'

    our beautiful Allah is tae most merciful and most loving we just need to be true and sincere with strongest faith in him and see the miracles.
    understand the kind of power our God has and try to follow him and please him
    can’t explain in words but he is only one who can make everything possible for you what else do we need.just remember him follow him and love him purely n most dearly plus do talk to him.he surely listens.very beautiful article indeed

  21. mojibadeakinsola@yahoo.com'

    Monshsaallah,Allahu mustain,all. Adoration and blessing on to the prophet saw.Dear,sis indeed your articles has posed a good memo to some of us,we pray to Allah swt. To continue make ease for us all in all our affairz and dealings in life.islam truly is a “Perfect Complete Way of Life”.

  22. amrufau@yahoo.com'
    Aliyu Rufau

    Jazakallahu khair, Sister Aisha. I will like to add that we should also perform salatul- Istihara to our prayers. May the Almighty ALLAH reward us accordingly.

  23. abiscoo@gmail.com'
    Abisco Ahmed

    Alhamdullaah a reminder from a broader perspective. May Allaah forgive our short comings and reward you the author of this fantastic article. JazakhAllaahu khair.

  24. abdulnasir.isah@gmail.com'
    Abdulnasir Isah

    Jazakumullahu khairan for this reminder, pls i am in need of your prayers brothers and sisters, Jazakumullahu khairan once again

  25. Nasibahmoksir@yahoo.com.ph'

    Just be patient and icncrease your imaan and always ask Allah swt for his guidance in every step of your journey. ?????? remember that every prayer unanswered is his plan is better than ours. It may take times to answered that prayer but believe me, it worth the wait. In shaa Allah. Just believe to yourself and to him. #Dontgiveup

  26. Ahmedshakirah@yahoo.com'

    As-salamu ‘alaykum waramotullah wabarakatuh. Jazakumullahu khaira, for the unqualified remainder posted. I really believe in every single bite of the post which add to my belief n aid me in my weakness aspect, which I will in shaa a Allah rectify. Islam is a complete code of life n am very happy for been a devoted muslim n not practical one. Alhamdulillah rabbil ‘alamina, samaanwati wal aridi wahuwa ‘alakuli shaiin-l qadiru.

  27. akibreza786@gmail.com'
    Akib Reza

    i want taste the sweetnes of Allah miracles surly…actually i surely cant say whether i have experince or not the miracals of my dua….by the way after reading this article i am able to know many unknown hadith …InsaAllah we all try to follow..May Allah Hidayat us

  28. mohammedhs555@yahoo.com'
    Mohammed Hussen

    What a great reminder for the Ummah! keep up sharing such valuable articles. and hope most of will make use of the message forwarded.

  29. kanit3@outlook.com'

    Jazakallah, really strong article. Our payers (Salah) start with Dua, and when I recite the verse (Eyyaka na’budu ve eyyaka nasta’een..) i ponder over this verse and say that the One i am standing and bowing to is the Only One that can help me and hear me and can give anything i can ask, and this catches me too much and detaches me from the rest of the world. And also we end our prayers with a certain Dua (Allahumma Rabbana aatina fi dunya…) and this attracts me several times daily, and enhances the level of my Haya and Iman. So even if i try to make a sin i believe that someone is watching me and my Slaha is trying to prevent me, i mean those whiles i feel myself with Allah. And Dua has helped me go on the right path. Also, while making Dua I try to submit myself and believe that I am stretching my hands towards the One Who is the most Powerful and merciful One.

  30. bolasesan76@yahoo.com'

    Alhamudulilahi this article is very meaningful to me and I realise some mistakes I have been doing. May Allah Subahanatahala accept our prayers.

  31. shabeebsmpc@gmail.com'

    I’m asking for a thing to our lord for about three years..I have tried to abstain almost all bad deeds as well as possible..I am asking after every salah…but still I m left empty handed..I don’t know how should I approach him then…I am at mosque praying to him when my friends are at our clubs enjoying…
    It is too much for me…I don’t what to do.
    Perhaps have I done that great sin so much for him to reject me…

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      As I mentioned in another comment, never despair of the mercy of Allah. Just to add a little more, make dua’ and leave the outcome to Allah. Never weigh your deeds and harbour the feeling that even if I obey Him, my prayers are not answered. Alhamdulillah, that Allah has guided you not to join your friends who are clubbing. That is itself a blessing in and of itself. Make lots of istighfaar with sincerity. He is listening and watching us as we beg Him. He is al-Adl. He will never do injustice with anyone. The following ayah is a very powerful one from Surah Baqarah which I always like to remember in such situations. It fills me with peace and tranquility because I know Allah is in charge of my affairs and He will only do what is the best for us:
      “But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.”

  32. Ywadi@webmail.co.za'

    جزاك الله خيرا
    Being at a crossroads in my life and torn between what I want in this duniya versus the ultimate life in the Aakhira has given me sleepless nights and troubled days. It’s as if الله سبحانه وتعالى has sent me a sign via your article making everything clear to me.
    جزاك الله … It’s time to make the right decisions ☺

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      BarakAllaahu feek! May Allah guide you to take the right decision that will prove to be beneficial to you in the aakhirah as well as the dunya. Do not forget to do Istikhara. Everything just falls in place with 2 raka’ah of sincere Istikhara prayers, in shaa Allah. 🙂

  33. zaneela_naheem@yahoo.com'

    Jazakallahu Khairan for your beautiful article sis.when i read the lines that Allaah says to Jibraeel to delay the reply for the dua because Allaah loves to hearing from us made me feel very happy coz our Almighty loves to hear our voice it is so emotional.I feel okay even my duas getting delay coz Allaah is hearing my words more.

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      BarakAllaahu feeki Sister! SubhanAllah! There are so many more ayahs in the Quran and ahadith upon which when we reflect, the tears never cease to flow in total admiration and awe!

  34. arkayde1@gmail.com'

    May Allah SW bless us all, continue to guide us, forgive us of our sins and make us to be directing all of our affairs to Him… Allahuma a ini ala zikruka wa shukuruka wa husni ibadatika… amin

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      “Do not despair of the Mercy of Allah. ” [Surah az-Zumar 39:53]
      Do we need anymore consolation? It is never too late. We may be at the end of the tunnel where there is no light at all, but if we sincerely turn towards Allah, a light will begin to flicker from nowhere. That ‘flicker’ is the Mercy of Allah which will never leave us. He is only waiting for us to stretch out to Him. That’s all. Never ever give up on Allah.

  35. jaz1785@yahoo.com'

    The prophet of Allah (pbuh) said:Supplicate to your Lord while having guarantee for the out come or your supplication.May Allah accept all our supplication.Jazakumullahu khairan!

  36. darrameezahmad11@gmail.com'
    Rameez Ahmad

    In every way we should do our best in giving up sins like Riba, Zina, Backbiting, drinking Alcohol and every sin even if it is venial sin orsmall sins, then we will be able to keep hope that our dua’s will get accept and answered. If our dua’s won’t get answered inspite of our being in right track of islam, still we should keep hope for the best like in the above blog there is written the Allah never-ever wastes our dua as Allah saves our dua and give Ajar in the Aakhirat.
    but nowadays we got very forward in every sin, our coming back to the right point seems to be difficult, but it is nothing hard if we make toba and divert our wrong way. And we have no alternative except to do it, because the days are numbered. We don’t have to go to hell, jannah is made for us..

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      Well said Brother. Never lose hope. If our duas are not getting answered, it is either because of something which we are not doing right or it is resting with Allah and He will bless us with it when we finally meet Him!

  37. samiraamina64@yahoo.com'

    Assalam aleikum and shukran for this reminder!Alhamdulillah my dua have been answered several time.one was when i went for my passport as it’s hard for being muslim to find it so i get it d same day it was easy for me.most of time i feel am favoured by Allah almost every dua are answered alhamdulillah.

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      Wa’alaykumassalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu
      Alhamdulillah! We need to strive more than before in Allah’s path when we find our duas getting answered. It tends to make us more humble. This is my personal opinion! 🙂

  38. farida_njoya@yahoo.fr'

    jazzakaLahou khairan! i think this article is a gracious help and response to our requests, whether silent or pronounced, from our Provider the Most High. It is a great lesson for me,i pray that i should never forget it, as well as everyone on this website or who has or will read this article. Allahou aalam. may Allah Taala guide us all ameen

  39. mksall1400@yahoo.com'
    Muhammad Kabir Sallau

    Salamun Alaykum!
    As i am reading this article, I feel ashame of myself, because i understand that the delayance is a source of blessing too.
    May Allah accept our Prayers

  40. faraydeed99@gmail.com'
    Farhad Saleh

    MaashaaAllaah,may Allah reward you for your beneficial work in this world and in the hearafter.The words are very sensitive and No one isn’t touched in one way or another.May Allah purify our hearts and give us ability to repel the shaytan that always besides us to take us astray.Allahumma j3alnaa minalladhiina yastami3uunal qaula fayattabi3uuna ahsanah.

  41. shabnam23@hotmail.co.uk'

    Salam….but I have made too much duas for same wish. I did dua for last 3 to 4 years for the same person. I like him and want to get marry .as liking some one is not prohibited in islam.i did duas at every moments of dua acceptance mentioned in hathith like prayers,tajjhad,sajood,quran rain travelling mean at each and every moments where dua acceptable.but He didn’t listen me.even I performed umra with this wish in my heart.but He turn me back with empty hands from His house the Holy Kabba..now when I read any hadees or verses related to dua my I gt hurt and tears shed and flow on my face.i still not able to leave the same dua.i still ask allah for same person. As He can do unexpected He can do impossible. .I will be not able to do dua any more about any other matter as I did too much for the same person.now u guide me can I do the same dua for same person as I cant live without him..as allah can do impossible at impossible moments. ..

  42. shabnam23@hotmail.co.uk'

    But now he get engaged with some other girl…if I lose the person I will not be able to do any other dua ..can I do more dua for him as he can do impossible .if he is not good for me then Allah is too powerful he can convert bad to good.He can convert impossible to possible .plz guide me

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      Beloved sister, the promises of Allah are true. Never doubt this. Perhaps Allah knows of something that you do not know of. What Allah plans for you is better. Allah never decreed that this man will be your husband as perhaps he has decreed that someone better will be.

      Allah says: “But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.”

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  44. tai.jade@yahoo.com'

    JazakAllah khair sis for this reminder. Alhamdulilah, I feel encouraged to make dua and ask Allah swt for even the small things in sha Allah even the “salt in our dough.” SubhanAllah

  45. sabrina.afroj@yahoo.com'

    ALHAMDULILLAH. .. the Article is so beautifully written. Each & every word is strictly true. I learn a lot & inspired by the Article. May Allah (swt )bless us all. Ameen

  46. Mayzasiddique@gmail.com'

    Jazakallah sister…every human do needs like this type of reminders now and then to keep herself closer to the almighty. …may Allah keep us all on the straight path

  47. armijinyawa@gmail.com'

    Jazakillahu khairan for your noble efforts. Indeed du’a is the beliver’s greatest weapon. We must remember to always ask Allah SWT to grant us the ability to bear His tests with patience but also to always remember to make du’a to thank Him for his favours.

  48. alamfarzana@ymail.com'
    Mostafa Farzana Alam

    Jazak Allahu Khairan sis for such a beautiful reminder…. Its the mercy of Allah SWT that I always end up reading the right thing in the moment when I need it most :’)

  49. t2luz@yahoo.co.uk'

    Mashallah great article. For me When I feel despondant about my Dua not being answered , I remember My main Dua being answered 10 years ago. To make a way for me to Pray 5 times a day , so nothing else will really top that

    And it’s great to see you replying to most of the comments Sister

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      Alhamdulillah! A very good way of looking at things. Yes, we should never forget His favors upon us just because few of our duas are not answered. And the truth is in fact, out duas will be answered, if not here, then in the Aakhirah for sure, in shaa Allah.

  50. mohammed.isfar@gmail.com'
    Mohammed Isfar

    Sometime I feel, I am not sure what to ask for in regard to this world. So these days I only make Dua for Aakhira. I hope at least that decision of mine is right?

    JazakAllah sister! This is first blog I read in IOU.

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      BarakAllaahu feek akhi. Alhamdulillah, we hope that you read our blog regularly as we have great articles for our readers.
      In this world, you can always ask Allah to make your life, your deeds, your actions, your manners, your speech, everything you think and do to please Allah. You are fixing your aakhirah and dunya this way, in shaa Allah.

  51. hayahallian@yahoo.com'

    JazakAllaah, after reading your article, I have started to made dua on regular basis. May Allah accept your’s and our’s duas.

  52. apetlong@yahoo.com'

    Jazakillahu khaira Sister, I have had so many miracles from my childhood from Allah, even when i was not a Muslim, until i was led to the right path. I could remember when I was a child and I used to take any coins, I found from any where at home, to by sweet for my self. I new it was wrong but found it difficult to stop, so I turned unto God with prayers every day that passed until I noticed, I never had urge for stealing again.or is it when I was a member of the State cricket team and we were on the verge of loosing the finals and I prayed for victory from Him and promised to worship Him the more and that victory He gave, I was also guided by Allah to Islam, when I reasoned about the fact that we say we worship God by given more glory, praise, and thanks to another being He has sent to us to guide us aright, which didn’t make sense to me. and i was led to worship Him alone through Islam, or was it when I was in the University my third year and had too much work load on me, so much so that I couldn’t read my books for my exams based on the fact that I was heading five different project group. I prayed to Allah to guide me through and He made it easy for me by making sure that all the topics I made up my mind to read were the once questions came out from, and I made it along with all my carry-overs. Or is it when I finished my school and was looking for a Job and He blessed me with a Job in a wonderful way I could not explain. with my experience must often what I pray for is that Allah should give us that which is good for us on this earth and in the Hereafter and deliver us from hell fire. must often this cover what He wants from me because sometimes my choice might not be the best for me but what he wants for me which is the Best. My Life I would say have been a steam of Miracles un-ending Alhamdulilah. May Allah continue to guide us to the right path Ameen. Strive to Obey Allah and every other things becomes easy in life. I have tried and tested it and … it works

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      BarakAllaahu feek akhi! Alhamdulillah! Allah does listen to those who sincerely obey Him and place their trust in Him. For those who do this and are still not seeing any results, have to be still more happy as Allah has reserved their dua’ for their akhirah! SubhanAllah, He is the most merciful!

  53. sylwia0809kaczmarek@gmail.com'
    Meriem Ayah

    Assalam alaikum! May Allah bless you for sharing this article with us!

    Du’a teaches us patience and trust in Allah. The response could be delay, but it’s never for no reason.
    I’ve already learnt that even when I can’t put my request into words, Allah (swt) hears my heart. He (stw) knows what I feel and what I need. He (swt) is our Protector, our Creator, we belong to Him, so who besides Him knows better what we need? Many times through tears I called His Name ya Walee, ya Razzaq, ya Rasheed wa Hadee and you can believe me or not I felt asleep because my heart was full of trust in Allah! Wallahi miracles happen! I know He (swt) is always close to me, Elhamdulilleh.

    So my dear brothers and sisters in Islam! – even if you can’t put your request into words, your voice shakes or just your heart can speak- don’t give up! Allah hears your every whisper! Stay positive, I know it’s sometimes hard, but Quran teaches us that near hardship is also an ease. Allah’s with us!!

    P.S. When some miracle happened, when you got a response, then don’t be ungrateful. Remember Him (swt) in bad and good times.

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      Wa ‘alaykumassalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu ukhti!
      Very very true, indeed. Particularly the last part, never forget to thank Allah when He grants you your wish and never take anything for granted. In fact, we ask Allah to make us among those who are grateful to Him in hardship and in ease.

  54. bilhaq3347@gmail.com'

    Thank you very much for the article. I have learned so much from it and have recovered from some things I have actually ignored before now. May Allah reward you according to your deeds.

  55. haidar.anuar@gmail.com'

    JazakAllah Khair for this beautiful piece of writing, serves as a good reminder. May Allah increase our Iman n Taqwa to HIM, Amin Ya Rabb.

    Khehe… Alhamdulilah, that my understanding and practice has shifted to simply ask anything of Allah swt, Spiritual, Physical, anything and everything. We are dependant on Allah, why not ask for help ey. With Sincerity of course. Oh, yes, I actually Dua that Allah grant me sincerity in my Ibadah n Life, and everything i do, to get closer to HIM.

  56. a1logistics.me@gmail.com'

    from whole of life I got one single answer and conclusion; a Muslim can not take any solution to the problem from his religion at all !!!! …. from his religious books/literature…. given so many reasons and unconcealed way and finally disappointment at the end !!! reply to his miseries, diseases and troubles is only his SINs …. HE PRAYS FOR FORGIVEN HIS SINS BUT HIS DUAS CAN NOT BE ENTERTAINED BY ALLAH AS DUE TO SO MANY REASONS…. given as above…. but his pain, difficulties and limitations are not considered by his God …. sorry to say this…… his sins can not be finished during his life so death can stop his sins and then can stop his pain ….(even that nobody knows his pain would be stopped or not !!!!! at the end nobody know where is his heaven !!! God knows as after death there is so much difficult & very terrible way of his HISAB as nobody can get his NIJAT…. very sorry to say this !!!

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      Assalamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu Akhi.
      It saddens me to see your negative take on this beautiful life gifted to us by Allah. We sin, yes, we sin a lot. And if we are pious and righteous, obeying Allah all the time and yet we are hounded by troubles and problems, then consider it as a test by Allah. Akhi, Allah is the most merciful and He is al-Mujeeb. You can read in the comments on this article itself about the number of people saying that their duas have been accepted, alhamdulillah. Allah listen akhi, He does listen. And if you feel that duas are never answered, take a step back and analyze your eeman and your life. You will get the answer in shaa Allah. I hope and pray that Allah fulfils all your righteous duas and fill your life and akkhirah with happiness and success. Remember that Allah is al-Adl as well. Not even an ant will be treated unjustly. Believe in Allah not hoping for good in return, but believe in Him out of unconditional love for Him. You will see miraculous changes in your life akhi, trust me.

  57. a1logistics.me@gmail.com'

    you do not have dare to publish my previous comments as may be you are thinking I am not a muslim !!!! NO ISSUE I know but it is usual practice from religious propagator !!!

    1. Aishah Ahmed

      We do not have anything to hide brother, alhamdulillah. Muslim or non-Muslim, we are all humans and Allah teaches us to be good to all.

  58. silla.abrar@gmail.com'

    Mashallah an excellent article. I have experienced the fullfilment of my duas many times and i think if u take Allah as your best friend and ask Him with full belief He does respond alhamdolillah.

  59. anam_awais@hotmail.com'
    Anam Awais

    JazakAllah khairan kaseeran sister. Such an excellent piece of knowledge / information / advice / motivation. A must-read for all. I will be sharing this article with many people In Sha’a Allah. Personally, right now I needed to read this as I feel I have been neglectful in respect of my DUA.

  60. hafqud1@yahoo.com'

    JazakumuLlahu Khaeran for this salient and mind touching article. May Allah forgive us our shortcoming and guide us aright.Rabbanaa Ighfir’lana zunubanaa wa’israfana fi amrina wathabit aqdamanaa wan’ surnaa alal’qaomil’kafirin, Amin.

  61. luqmanshof@gmail.com'
    Luqman Shofuleji

    JazakAllah khairan Sis.
    Truly I have asked so much from Allah waiting to be answered,
    But Allah answered all my dua today in a way I never expected.

    Today could have been my last day on earth with My wife & my little daughter (shes just a year old).
    I was electrocuted and saved only by the mercy of Allah. My wife & child would have been involved while trying to save me.
    Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!

    Allah knows best! But If today’s incident is what Allah has used to replace some of my past duas that are yet to be answered, then I AM PLEASED.
    I also believe Allah has given me a second chance because if I had met Him today, what do I have to present?

  62. shahbaz2832@gmail.com'
    Shahbaz Yousuf

    My eyes were full of tears when I read the following lines:

    “How sad is our state that we cannot give up something so small just for the pleasure of Allah, but we expect Allah to forgive every sin that we commit and answer our dua’ . Selfish we are!”

    Thanks for this beautiful article sister.

  63. izzahmnoor36@yahoo.com'

    Thanks for the article 🙂

    I just read the short review about the writer
    and I’m very curious to know that you’re the BAIS student of IOU..
    Sounds interesting!
    What and how is it?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

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  65. eliz_stusit@yahoo.com'

    thank you very much. the article is such a powerful reminder. may we all be reminded and may Allah keep us away from matters that would cause our duas not to be accepted. allahumma ameen..

  66. hasanihsaan@gmail.com'
    Said Has

    Beautiful and inspiring. JazakAllah khayr. The realities of faith by Ummah is great for Personal Change and Growth. It has a great topic on Supplication. It taught me some skills to make better dua that will shape my destiny for the better, in sha Alla

  67. salman_imtiaz@yahoo.com'
    Mohammad Salman Imtiaz

    I have learned a lot from this article, and now i have an answer to give those who complaints me when i hv go to them for ishla, now i will give them a proper answer just because i have cleared my doubt with the help of thos article. A very fruitfull article by this author.
    Jazakallahu khayran
    Fi amanillah
    Allah hafiz

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