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From cradle to being the bridal,
Her marriage is always on arrival,
Since the day she’s born,
Till she gets her own crown.

Her fantasies begin,
From the time she giggles,
When the only conversation
Is how to get Mr Wiggles.

When she finally settles,
To what she thinks twinkles,
Making her no longer
Waiver her dreamers.

She reaches her destination,
With her partner in addition,
Wishing of her mission,
Has finally completed her ambition.

As the days pass,
She dwells in confusion,
It’s absolutely nothing
she had in cognition.

Her perception,
of having him as Mohammad,
She being his Khadija,
After all was an illusion.

Slowly realizing,
She hasn’t sacrificed at all,
How could she think,
He would cry for her after all.

Here is the point,
Which I want to say to all,
Love isn’t easy
As we imagine in all.

can never be in of its creation,
Hence expectation
Is bound to break the implications

will always be in subjection
Hence learn to forgo
And accept the conditions

Love is a matter of situation
Created by the Majesty of Formation
To Him we belong and all the attributions
Hence, turn to Him in all your frustrations,

Not to overlook in your fascinations
Be in the state of  regular invocation
Wait for His response in obligation
As He promised He will be your commendation.

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125 Responses

  1. tashmiaansari@hotmail.com'

    I am still alive only because I love Allah and prophet Muhammad (pbuh) otherwise I would have killed myself. I am suffering deeply because of the broken dreams. Beautiful couple only exist in Jannah not in here. My health is deteriorating from all the never ending pain. Please girls don’t dream about any Mr. Perfect. Be a strong and independent woman like Khadija (RA) Have enough so that you have the power to give only and not expect to gain anything from husband. If you expect a single bit you will be in trouble. I am trying to be strong and praying to Allah to make me strong. Strong enough to only give and not cry to receive. I may not succeed but will be trying.

      1. zianarehsari22@yahoo.com'

        when u love ur Prophet…U should know too…the couples who are here perfect will enter jannah together…so they do exist in this world…Hazrat Khadija bore a lot of hardship in her life before marriage to Hazrat Muhammad …. two times widowed…lone caretaker of children…then she got the perfect husband…. just as the poem says…it takes a lot …to get a lot more…Hazrat Khadija had a lot of wealth…but she gave it all off..when she married Hazrat Muhammad…and then we know how much he loved her … rather than focussing on just being independent …women need to focus on compromising…

    1. ask4bobbee@yahoo.com'

      May Allah ease your pain and comfort you. May He put a smile in your heart and on your face. May He grant you good health and the strength, will, determination, and ability to make your marriage a success. May Allah soften the heart of your husband towards you. Make you the coolness of his heart. May Allah bless your marriage with all the blessings and goodness obtainable in a marriage and protect you from all negativities. Ameen.

    2. Aabushtayyah@wccnet.edu'
      Muslim brother

      May Allah bless you with happiness and grant you Jannah Al Firdos (the highest part of Jannah) You probably already know this but it is a reminder For most myself after Hardship comes Ease and Any hardship you go through is an expectation for your sin. Allah likes to test the believers because Allah is helping the person get closer to Him. SubhunAllah this life is a test and Alhamdulillah we have the chance to take a step to do our best. Because the goal of the believer is Jannah and what is better than that . Alhamdulillah for everything.

    3. fateemahzahra@yahoo.com'
      Fateemah Zahra

      Assalam alaik wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. Keep on trying sis, and in sha Allah u will be stronger than u have Eva imagined. May Allah swt make it easy for u and everyone out there.

    4. aisajabbi89@gmail.com'

      All pain has an end with the will of Allah. Allah is with the patient ones, always remember that sister. May Allah swt make this pain easy for you may his light enlightens you in this life and hereafter.

    5. rukaydandool@gmail.com'

      Dear Anonymous sister, i am no expert in couple, but allow me to advise you for your general happiness [perhaps Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala) will be happy with me]. Your state of happiness depends only and only on yourself. You decide whether you want to be affected by other people’s words or actions. Even if the other people are your very own, if they are doing wrong and you cannot do anything to remedy, then ignore that there is a problem. Reframe your mind to accept things as they are and CHOOSE to be internally happy. Dreams are just dreams, not reality. Realise that you have been blessed with health (which you are allowing to deteriorate – and how will you give then when you yourself will become needy?). And if you reflect everyday and look at other people, you will find sooooo many things that our Lord has blessed you, including being able to breathe on your own. Also, you can read Surah Yaasin everyday before or after Fajr; Hadith describes many many many benefits you will derive from such reading. May Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala) give you patience and strength to overcome your unhappiness, hence becoming a serene Muslimah. And may He remove the hurdles from your path!

    6. Amatullah

      Agreed sister.

      Anytime if we fall into the err of expecting from the creation than the creator we are bound to get disappointed.
      Humans are made to make mistakes, all what we can do is learn to forgive and forego…

      Because if we want Allah to be merciful on us despite our sins, we just need to be patient enough to forgive others!

      Allah is the Just and he takes into account every little detail you do for his sake! 🙂

    7. hafeeznasir429@gmail.com'

      Sister be patience !!
      Life won’t make sense if you question too much why this and that is happening to you, once you accept the will of Allah life becomes simple.Know that Allah has perfect timing for everything. Never early and never late. But it takes a little patience and a lot of faith.Good things come to those wait, and Allah is always with those who are patient.(ان اللہ مع الصٰبرین)( Patience is not just about waiting for something… it’s about how you wait, or your attitude while waiting..)
      I believe that a trusting attitude and a patient attitude go hand in hand. You see, when you let go and learn to trust Allah, it releases joy in your life. And when you trust Allah, you’re able to be more patient. Patience is not just about waiting for something… it’s about how you wait, or your attitude while waiting.
      Everything takes time. The problem is, We (people) easily give up when we don’t see the result instantly. Be patient..

  2. Kumsafi@yahoo.com'

    Little did i know about the marital life od khadhija (ra)and muhammad (pbuh) before my wedding. Now, after almost ten years of wedding life, (alhamdulilaah) i come to know of khadija (ra)as the most dedicated wife of prophet muhammad (pbuh)till her death….wish and pray to allah (swt)that atleast i show 10%of her devotion to my hubby in the rest of my life. aameeen… Most wanted poem to read through during times we are down…

    1. Amatullah

      A lady who was honored by Allah, we can just try to reach somewhere to what she had done.

      May Allah grant us ease in our marital lives, Bless us with our spouses and give us peace and tranquility with them! Ameen! 🙂

  3. hamis1mw@yahoo.com'
    Hamis Lack

    A beautiful poem which presents life as we live with it. Patience and acceptance to the will of Allah are helpful if we are to succeed in this life

  4. Fahmidams@gmail.com'
    Fahmida chowdhury

    Beautiful poem. Thank you.Every girl might have a dream of sweet married life. Bt we should have focus on the life hereafter. May Allah give love,affection, peace and strong bonding to all of the married muslim couples. And the sisters who experienced bitter reality, we r praying to Allah swt for ur peace n beautiful future here n hereafter.

    1. Amatullah

      Jazak-Allah khairan 🙂

      May Allah bless every marriage and make the spouses a means to get closer to Allah swt! Ameen!

  5. afifahadilah888@gmail.com'

    I like how it said that we can’t expect perfection from Its creation. Indeed we can’t.. Hopefully soon I will find someone who marries me because of Allah and together we work our way to Jannah. InsyaAllah…

  6. rizwanalaik@gmail.com'
    Rizwana Sayyed

    Masha Allah the poem is awesome… That is truth of a little girl to the lady she becomes ….loved the poem..

  7. hakimahwahid89@gmail.com'

    Beautiful poem
    it is a reminder for the girls on the reality of life.living in illusion may only bring frustration in marriage. May Allah protect all muslimah around the world with His love.

  8. Sa20006ra@gmail.com'

    I was reading it out loud mashallah Its Like I can hear the voice of the person writing it. Verses filled with wisdom

  9. obiorahfresh193@yahoo.com'
    Abdul-Rahman Obuobi

    I Love it from the Top All the way to bottom. Do more Islamic Poems or wite-ups for our Muslim Ummah

  10. Fatimaabubakar26@yahoo.com'

    Masha Allah! What a well said lines. May Allah ease for those in difficulty in their marital lives and grant d right spouse for the singles, aamin.

  11. badrscienceschool@gmail.com'
    Muhammad Bashir

    I like the likeness of all good women to our Mother Khadijah and all righteous Men to Our Role Model. Rasul saw. Good Job. Jazzakumllahu khaeran.

  12. Naeemahi@mweb.co.za'

    Slm MaasAllah couldn have said it better. It like my own life story playing infrnt of me. Allah knws best. He the best of planners….

  13. shashamg@gmail.com'

    The poem is brilliantly written, Ma syaa’Allah, Many thanks.

    The poem has expansive depths only a woman can know:

    While I acknowledge the bitter truth of current dunyawi, I’d also like to raise my hands and seek for the benevolence of Allah SWT, the most Benevolent, the most Kind, the most Forgiving. May all wives and their respective husbands find Jannah in this dunya too. Aameen.

  14. saaiqawani@gmail.com'

    obvsly a girl goes thrgh various difficulties in her lifetime but itz really sad n bad if her only hope after her marraige ,her husband ddnt sport her n help her to come out of difficulties…. 🙁

  15. he_knowsmyheart@yahoo.com'
    Big Momma

    As salaamu alaykum

    It’s a wonder why so many girls are delusional about marriage. It has a lot to do with what is seen on a screen and read in a novel. Unfortunately, these things help to escape a reality while in the midst of growing up with our families. They helpe to establish a fake idea of what a man and married life should be. This is what lead to the confusion from the moment we saw him, to the day of the marital consummation, and eventually to everyday married life. Once the truth of the matter sets in along with the realization that we have been duped by our own imaginary world viewpoint, then confusion creeps in after the rose tinted glasses are removed. Hopefully, an understanding spouse was there to help make a smooth transition from fantasy island to life on earth. But in many cases the little girl trapped in a grown woman’s body finds herself dealing with the harsh dilemmas that can turn her world upside down. May Allah forgive us, have mercy upon us, guide and rectify our affairs and bless with gentle marriages…ameen!

  16. saimaali2k@yahoo.co.in'

    Assalam Alaikum………its a beautiful poem …providing hope and encouragement ….but sometimes in life it becomes very difficult to go on living with insults, such that there is only bitterness and hopelessness left inside of you….that bitterness finds expression in retaliatory anger and resentment at times….is that blameworthy??

  17. nazia.pnr@gmail.com'

    Mashallah great words by author
    Girls should know the man whom they are getting as Mr.perfect, when there will be contribution by both of them then they will be Mr.perfect couple

  18. afsheenqaisar@yahoo.com'
    Afsheen Qaisar

    Assalamoaleikum , it’s really an inspiration for couples and I often think that the way we change for our spouse and sacrifice for him and leave many things just to please him, make him our own, if we do that or even less for Allah, we will be successful and never be disappointed. Jazak Allah.

  19. mayorabdullahi@yahoo.com'
    mayor Suleiman Abdullahi

    Am so Speechless, cn’t really get the word i
    can use to express hw cool this is ..I’m so
    Inspired … Beautifully written and
    extraordinarily Amazing. may ALLAH strengthen you n I to seening more of ur works…Love it.

  20. mayorabdullahi@yahoo.com'
    Mayor Abdullahi Suleiman

    the poem is soo inspiring and lovely, it gets hold of ones heart with the journey of life To Being the Bride…. Beautifully written. Amazing, it truely is.

  21. afifa.amrin1997@gmail.com'
    Afifa Amrin Alishare

    Maa sha Allah! very well written! Hats off to the poet! 🙂
    May Allah give u success in this world and the hereafter. 🙂

  22. Mocrogirl1@live.nl'

    ITS beautiful !!
    And soubghanallah i was going to work today , and i was thinking about this subject and was explaining to Allah how i feel , my love for Allah my kids and parents why i did not have big dreams my weakness and how i realize how Much i love Allah And our prohpet . I personale had no big expectations from mariage just to be happy and a good person but it is not so easy als it Seems in real live , Its like backing Bread and you have all THE ingrediënt to make a Bread , but sometimes THE Bread is hard or would not rize hahah and THE question is …….. Were did you do wrong

  23. likespring94@gmail.com'
    Spring Spring

    Ma shaa Allah! This is amazing! This is Deen ISLAM!
    Alhamdulilah, for being Muslims!
    We are PROUD to be FOLLOWERS to Deen ISLAM!
    The Deen Of Allah!
    May Allah reward you greatly.

  24. likespring94@gmail.com'
    Spring Spring

    Our Master Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
    The Messenger of PEACE (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
    The Messenger of Allah Almighty (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

  25. khadeejah.uthman@gmail.com'

    Beautiful and inspiring poem. captures my story i believe we all have something in common when it comes to love indeed LOVE aint easy. i believe it wasnt as it is today in our world during out beloved Prophet SAW time. that age and part of islamic history knew what it meant to love and show love for Allah’s sake and what it meant to be girl/woman. your poem reminds of HOPE in Allah!

  26. mohaxyb@gmail.com'

    JizakumLaah. Well poem as it clear with understandable. I real apreciate such like this. I hve been enjoyed reading this article. MashaAlh

  27. sajidajabeen88@yahoo.com'

    Assalamu alaikum wr.wb.. indeed a beautiful message n composition.. the blessed marriages are those that are relied upon the bond of love of Allah SWT n Prophet S.A.W.W.. we would have to educate n nurse our scattered generation in the light of Qur’an, only it is the best remedy in this world of fitnah.. may Allah make us the right guardians, ameeen

  28. shifayiya@yahoo.com'

    Masha Allah! nice poem!
    Love is something to be imparted when it comes to Earthly relationships. The moment you start expecting something in return for that love and if it is not met then we get disappointed. Instead give love to your love to your worldly relationships and expect only from Allah((SUB). This helps you to the most ad0rable spouse and the best of the believers who seek anything only from the Creator and not from his creations.

  29. tabassummitu13@gmail.com'
    kazi tabassum

    My dream has been broken but Allah you gave me so courage to face bad situation.some times I thought how can I survive but Allah you are so merciful and kind,you made my path so easy.I only depend on you and no one else.please Allah save me from shaitan to survive my lonely life.Don’t let me depend on anyone except you.

    Poem is so beautiful.

  30. Sabana.ahmed@gmail.com'

    I think there is responsibility on parents, family and society to also teach sons, boys, men to treat their wife better and take more responsibility to make their marriage better, this prom again only puts the responsibility on the women/girl not to have high expectation of her marriage. I don’t understand why men are not taught or made to understand to have high expectations of their marriage and be that support a wife needs

  31. Sabana.ahmed@gmail.com'

    I think there is responsibility on parents, family and society to also teach sons, boys, men to treat their wife better and take more responsibility to make their marriage better, this poem again only puts the responsibility on the women/girl not to have high expectation of her marriage. I don’t understand why men are not taught or made to understand to have high expectations of their marriage and be that support a wife needs

  32. asst.student-committees@iou.edu.gm'

    Asslam Alikum Wa Rahmatullah brothers and sisters,

    Jazak-Allah khairan for loving this poem fi’llah.

    Its for each and every girl out there, never expect from anyone but Allah and you will always remain happy. 🙂

    Our perfect lives are saved for Jannah, in shaa Allah.

    May we all unite there! Ameen! 🙂

  33. tamimasharif@gmail.com'
    cadey sharif

    Inallaha maa sabirin. Good things come to those who a patient habibti. Please hv sabr n insha Allah the right one will come knocking on ur door one day. Biitnillahi kareem.

  34. briouanadira39@gmail.com'

    This is the best poem ever. This poem is full of lessions. It includes each dream of all women in order to do the second half of our faith. I liked all lines of the poem , especially.:Her perception,
    of having him as Mohammad,
    She being his Khadija. But, is there any man like Muhammad, peace be upon him!!!!. Anyway, we will try to be like Khadija, then Allah will grant us someone as Mohammad. We still optimistic because of the following statement.

  35. rabiabbas505@gmail.com'

    Beautiful poem indeed..
    Woman is very sensitive inherently, from the time she gains her conscious, she starts living on her dreams. Having perfect life, with perfect partner. She always try to idealize her future husband to be a someone she idealizes in the real world. While confronting the reality show, she has to undergo disillusionments, which tear away her dreams and ambitions. Woman is idealistic, her yearnings dwell in unconscious, which keep on poking out in the conscious with the passage of time. In case of equal substitute the same ideals transforms into reality and she is consoled with her present. And in case of her disillusionment, she blames herself, tries to hide her dreams back into her unconscious; which result in her damaged self. She lives with regrets. I think instead of idealization in others its better to focus on oneself. Be independent, learn on your own, be strong and let not others to decide for you. The most of all trust in Allah.. live in reality and be optimistic, let the world see what you have got.. (this is my earnest suggestion to my anonymous sister) As far as life partner is concerned, it is not the matter of finding and struggles. Whatever is made for you its yours.. it will come to you…at the perfect time what Allah decides for you its the best.. pray and leave the rest to Him…till then you got to deal with lots of other businesses …

    1. somia_majeed@hotmail.com'

      @rabia abbas
      sister i couldnt agree more to every word that u said!!
      my spouse got attracted when i was the strongest in my field …as i started depending on him like every girl dreams of…his interest lessesnd!i picked myself up…made supplication to Allah n struggles for myself even more…n there he came again!
      human is weak!idealization is lethal!depending on Allah is a solution perfect!

  36. UmmuNabeelah@gmail.com'
    Rabiah Abdul Hamid

    Being a Khadijah is the hardest role to play and there rarely is a Muhammad nowadays.Men have taken work so much that they forget to perform their duties as a Muslim man but puts the blame on the wives thereby causing A BROKEN HOME,I am really going through a lot now because but I await Allah;s intervention patiently.I believe I am not alone

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  38. khuludcs@gmail.com'
    khulud usman

    masha’allah the bitter truth of love well releaved with the solution (to run to Allah during frustration).Beautifully written ….

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