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It has taken over our lives,

Completely blinding our eyes


With a burning desire to check all notifications

We have neglected our soul’s purification                                                                       vertical rekindle


Where did Samira have lunch today?

And how did Khalid score in his test?

How lovely is Fatima’s breakfast tray!

Yet look at how hideously Sam is dressed…


We waste our time following people’s nonsense,

Wanting to live their lives perhaps?

We don’t know what goes on backstage,

Deluded, we think its all a glittery gold page.

You start wishing for what you don’t have,

But never take a glance at your infinite blessings…


The clock ticks

& the sun sets

& with every passing second

We become closer to our end

Yet we never cease to check our gadgets…


The *time* we have is an invaluable blessing,

Where we have to worry about achieving,

Attaining, fulfilling, believing;

Yet it slips away from us like streams of water flowing…


Allah granted us time in this race

To make this world a better place

But will we take heed?


It is not a matter of who has the best car,

Or how many birthday gifts you received so far,

Neither is it a way to show off your brands and possessions,

Nor a means to obtain good impressions.

We have become victims to materialism,

Basing our happiness on worthless, fleeting pleasures.

When with utmost certainty we are aware,

That it is taqwa that matters, and not what we wear…


The solution is simple, but a great resolve it needs,

Just manage your time well, for life to be a sweet breeze


There is a ton of benefit you might say,

Then keep some time during your day,

To absorb all the goodness, if you may.

And while you are there,

Share what you will be rewarded for on Judgement day!


Don’t be obsessed-

With the life of your friend,

For you might become jealous, envious & overstressed,

When social media is but a passing trend!


Always keep in mind that your time is precious,

You are a jewel, so unique and so special,

And this vast world awaits, your sincere efforts!

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. 🙂



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  1. ummesaabir@yahoo.com'

    Sister I really liked your poem on” The social media Invasion” I am working on a parenting book and would really appreciate your permission to publish it.

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