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Part 1

Cancer Changed My Life

I am not a single individual on my own. I am my family. I’m nothing without them. So yes, the effect that cancer had on me changed the life of my family as well. I used to have a life full  of people and activities due to my work and family, until…..cancer stepped into my life.

My special needs son Ahmad was the first target of the changes happening in my life. I had to stop the way in which I used to take care of him and change it to ways that would also suit my condition. I was not in a position to do any of the feast arrangements or involve in any type of sports activity because of less bone density which would tire me out quite soon, though alhamdulillah, I am overcoming this with supplements and simple walks.

Even before my diagnosis, I knew very well how precious and dear my family was to me, but my battle with cancer unveiled the best in all of them, especially my husband. This strong, kind, sincere, loving and righteous man sacrificed all his time, energy and even work at times, to be with me for months in hospitals! I am able to be whom I am now because of his unwavering love and support. I discovered a new “us” in the backdrop of cancer! We share a very strong and blissful bond with the blessing and mercy of Allah.  

My daughters too are learning many things in life by being able to support me and are always beside me. This is truly a blessing! My siblings also spared no efforts to take over my responsibilities whenever they could afford it even though they live quite far away.

And how can I forget my mother. She gave me strength and encouraged me to carry on. She ignored her age problems and health conditions and fought with all difficulties to support the life of her daughter. She was always there for me. Never did she leave my side, ever….May Allah grant her Jannah!

Meet the New Enas

I believe that experiences brings the best out of us. My battle with cancer is nothing but a ‘test’ from Allah. Yes, it is not pleasant, but they strengthen our soul and encourage us to be steadfast on the path of Allah. 

Let me share a small memory of my life with you. I was one of the honored students in High School for my grades. It is a critical year in the life of all Egyptians wherein your grades determine your future! I got a scholarship in the American University in Cairo [AUC] at that time. My mother refused to let me take this unique opportunity because she found the culture and ‘outfits’ of the attendees in the AUC was, ironically,  non-Islamic in an Islamic country! So, when I went on to study Pharmacy, it was only to obey my mother’s request and follow her path in education as she is a pharmacist as well. What I did was only to please her and make her happy. But, my dream was to work in the media and teach people through technology.

Quite surprisingly, this dream was fulfilled after 20 years with IOU! They have helped me to learn and teach Islam in English as this is my second language and now, alhamdulillah, I teach in both Arabic and English. Now, I am able to transfer this wealth of knowledge along with my family education. It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I obeyed my mother 20 years ago and followed her guidance, for now, after all these years, Allah gave me what I wanted, Alhamdulillah!

I am so grateful to Him and feel like a bird flying happily through the skies. It is my sincere dua’ that Allah accepts all our deeds and corrects our intentions to please His will!

Prior to cancer, I was very active in teaching and giving workshops and seminars to ladies, kids and teens on different subjects that I am mastering with IOU. And, alhamdulillah, I still continue to do so, even though the medium has changed. I give my students recordings on special topics which I can easily fit in my daily schedule. I love giving back what I have learnt in the form of da’wah that is beneficial to Muslims.

It has been 5 years now. My battle with cancer rages on, though, from the past 5 months, the results are much better, alhamdulillah. I was almost unable to talk after the treatment sessions but now, Allah has given my speech back to me. I do have to take precautions and cannot indulge in long conversations, but this is sufficient for me and my lifestyle. I have also re-joined work, but cannot overburden myself due to low immunity which makes me vulnerable to many other symptoms that still require healing.

Allah’s mercy is infinite and He has bestowed abundant blessings on me. I could not and cannot thank Him enough when He enabled me to move and do ‘Umrah this Ramadan. This was the reward my soul had always been yearning for.

I experienced the power of Allah’s love to His creatures by helping us across calamities. I saw how Allah put me in this test and blessed me at the same time with patience and power; how perfect His will is! I tasted the sweetness of real sisterhood and brotherhood for the sake of Allah. Everyone stood and continue to stand by my side; each one of my students and friends spent time to ask me about my family and supported me in whichever way possible.  

Yes, it broke my heart into a million pieces to live away from my children for long durations of time for my treatment. Yes, I cried and yearned to be with them because they were so little when cancer entered my life. Yes, it hurt me so much when I unintentionally had to share these moments with them! But by the mercy of Allah, I helped myself to heal by patience, faith and perseverance. Nothing happens in our life, except that Allah has decreed it for us. He is the Protector, in whom we all put our trust.

I believe cancer has changed my life from better to the better Alhamdulillah. The fact that I am still here talking to you makes me eager and happy to give back more and more to everyone who was there for me! Each day gives me a new life; it feels like I am a newborn with only one day to live! How joyous, active and useful this day is!  

My attitude towards life has totally changed. I have taken dunya out of my heart and placed it in my hands! It is now much easier to leave it.

Move on……This life is just a test…..

For all those who suffer from any trials and tribulations, I pray for you every time I pray for myself. Whatever occurred to you could not have missed you and what missed you could never have reached you. Rewards are only for those who are patient with the Decree of Allah. I want to let you know how rewarding the life of righteousness is in such painful conditions. We should be aware of the real mission that Allah made us for. Indeed, difficult times come with proportional rewards and the true believers are those who stand up again in trials despite the pain, only for the sake of Allah.

I want to share with you these touching words of the truthful, Prophet Muhammed

One amongst the inhabitants of Hell, who had lived a life of ease and pleasure in the world, would be made to dip in the Hell Fire only once on the Day of Resurrection. Then he would be asked: ‘O son of Adam, Did you find any comfort. Did you get any blessing?’ He would say: ‘By Allah, no, my Lord!’ Then a person, from the inhabitants of Paradise, who had led the most miserable life (in the world), would be made to dip once in Paradise and it would be said to him: ‘O son of Adam, did you face any hardship or experience any distress?’ he would say: ‘By Allah! No never have I experienced any hardship or distresses.1 

Being thankful is a high level of patience across turbulences. The person who thanks Allah for the tests which has struck him knows that these calamities are expiation for his sins and perhaps, a cause for an increase in his good deeds.The Prophet said:

There is no affliction which strikes the Muslim except that Allah expiates with it (sins), even with a thorn that may poke him.2

I pray to Allah to make us from those who have patience upon hardships and those who are thankful for His blessings.

  1.  Sahih Muslim, No. 6738
  2.  Bukhari & Muslim



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24 Responses

  1. yassin_iman@yahoo.com'

    Including all the hardships you encountered I would say you had a Wonderful life and you are blessed.You are lucky to have gone through all that you had gone through and still come out at the other end even more happy and greatful to Allah. Only the lucky ones get what you got. YOU ARE BRAVE AND LUCKY.

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  3. nehalahmad10@gmail.com'
    Nehal Ahmad

    Jazakallah khair Sister for sharing your experience with us.. 🙂 it really heart touching.. May Allah Subahanahu wata’ la give us eeman e kamil and make us firm on the faith with every trail and tribulation. Aameen.

  4. loneishfaqshafiq@gmail.com'

    may Allah swt the omnipotent and the omnipresent and the healer of sickness heal entire Muslim ummah sickness both spiritual n materialistic. Ameen sum Ameen .

  5. dr_helenghouse@yahoo.co.in'

    Jazak Allahu Khairan for sharing your story with us. It gives us lots of inspiration. May Allah (swt) ease your difficulties and accept all your good deeds and grant you Jannah.

  6. Yaseen.rahaman@gmail.com'
    Mohammed yaseen

    Patience during hardships is one of the tests of faith as patience is part of our deen .may Allah subhanahu was ta ala pour on us the much needed patience.no one will be left alone , if he or she just says we believe.blessed are those who are tested often and are subjected to most severe trials,as they will get more reward in jannah inshaallah as they were tested more.alhamdulillah sister your struggle was very inspiring kindly make dua for me sister ,jazakallahu khayran

  7. hajimohamedali@gmail.com'
    Haji Mohamed

    Thank you sister Enas rady for sharing with us challenges of life real and your positive struggle to get relief and cure. All these are a test of life prescribed to you to grade you and place you exact position or abode in hereafter. So is everyone writing his own exam to be graded as well. May Allah make us among those who pass their examinations with flying colours….Ameen ya Rabb

    As state in the qur’an 2:155-257

    Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere,

    Who say, when afflicted with calamity: “To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return”:-

    They are those on whom (Descend) blessings from Allah, and Mercy, and they are the ones that receive guidance.

  8. kiamim2000@yahoo.co.uk'

    You are an inspiration to us all Alhamdulillah! I would also like to say that we should really feel for our sisters who are left divorced or widowed with children, when they get ill, they have no one to help, support and comfort them except Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. We as a community need to do more for these sisters. A righteous, good husband is the best thing a woman can have.

  9. ahyakasai@gmail.com'
    Abdulrasheed Habibu

    Allahu Akbar.you are indeed pious sister.Only the truly pious believers see tribulations in your point of view.You were given bitter test but you bravely tasted its sweet spiritual taste.We all need to see trials the way you did.only then we will be unconditionally grateful,patient and thankful to almighty Allah.Verily you will be rewarded generously for your patience here and hereafter in sha Allah.
    May Allah ease your suffering and grant you shifah as well as all our brothers in your shoes across the globe.Amin.

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