Barah Ibn Malik RAuwas a fierce warrior. He had killed 100 warriors in a combat! Can you perceive his strength and skills in fights? We don’t even see such warriors in Hollywood.  Anas bin MalikRAu was his younger brother. He was a scholar of Islam par excellence. He ranks among the first four sahaba who narrated maximum hadith from the ProphetSAWS. Both were the companions of the ProphetSAWS and had the same mother: Umm SulaimRAaa. Her sons Anas and BarahRAum were the sons of a disbelieving father. The man did not accept Islam and also did not allow his wife Umm Sulaim, to teach Islam to his sons. But the lady da’ee continued to invite her husband and her sons to Islam. One day, her husband died in a journey. She received many proposals from dignitaries of Arabia. Abu TalhaRAu, who was not a Muslim at that time, also proposed to her. She said, “O Abu Talha! No doubt you are a wonderful man but I cannot marry you because I am a Muslim and you are not. If you become a Muslim, I will marry you and that will be my mahr.” So Abu TalhaRAu inquired about Islam and accepted it. Later on, when he contributed to Islam in a grand manner she used to say, “I have received the best mahr on earth.”

And she was right. TalhaRAu contributed immensely towards Islam. He accompanied the Prophet SAWSin every battle. This woman also participated in all the battles along with her husband. She was more than a home maker. She was a warrior and a compassionate mother. In one of the expeditions, she was in her ninth month of pregnancy! In every battle, she carried a dagger to be ready for an unexpected sudden combat.

They were blessed with a young boy named Abu Umair. He was a beloved child and even the Prophet SAWS loved to play with him. One day, the child fell sick and he remained sick for a long time. Every evening, Abu Talha RAuwould return home and inquire about his child. One day, the child died. Umm SulaimRAaa did not inform her husband that evening. Rather, she beautified herself and gave a wifely pleasure to her husband at night.

The next morning, she broke the news of the death politely. Abu TalhaRAu got upset and reported the matter to the Prophet SAWSand to his surprise, the ProphetSAWS prayed that the night be a blessing for them! It turned into a blessing. A son was born and from that son, they got grandchildren in large numbers and each one of them was either a scholar of Islam or a warrior! This reminds me of the beautiful Qur’anic verse:

And Allah has made for you from yourselves mates and has made for you from your mates sons and grandchildren (hafadha) (Quran, An Nahl, 16:72)

Hafadha” means grandchildren with the moral and psycho-social strength that brings joy to you from your children.


Mom-ship does not just begin and end with delivery. That way, even a post man delivers a parcel and a chef delivers tasty food. Rather, it’s all about delivering a good citizen to the society. My grandmother had ten children and she never regretted. All of them are religious, generous and still united. My regular taxi driver has five daughters and he’s always happy even though he stays in a small room of about 200 square feet. I once asked him how he manages to bring up so many kids with little budget. He replied, “Ask my wife! She is the mom and she runs the show”.

Another friend of mine stays in a small house and has two kids, where one is semi paralytic. He has been in a vegetative state for the past 20 years. For the past twenty years, this noble mother has never attended any wedding or gathering, just so she could stay with her son.

For some, teaching kids to speak good English and be seen with them in malls and parks is enough to be qualified as a “Smart Mom”. However, can love be compensated with mobiles and McDonalds? Can love be delegated to baby sitters, nannies and toys (unless absolutely necessary in some exceptional cases)?  Many working mothers, party mothers,  whattsapping mothers or facebooking mothers  are happy to provide best materialistic things to their kids as a compensation for love while remaining fixed on their favorite pass time. 

Now, there is a new term coined out to avoid being with children : Quality Time. For me, ‘Quality Time’ is actually a polite camouflage or a synonym for ‘No Time’. Mom-ship cannot be a part time affair or a hobby. Only a robot mentality mom will communicate with her kids through electronic gadgets *all* the time. A real mom will be tired with her kids but will never be tired of her kids. For her, kids are not a burden but a joy. She will put her time spent on her kids in the column of investment and not expenses. Her emotional statement will have affection and time as assets. She will cultivate the seeds of care and water it with affection. 

There are thousands of real life super moms who don’t blog about motherhood on the internet. They may be uneducated themselves, but they educate their children to have the best of manners and cultivate immense  discipline in their lives. Their life rotates on the axis of their children’s timetable. Their sleep is inversely proportional to the number of hours their kids are awake. They can’t take a Sunday off from mothering, laundry work always piled up and floors always wet, yet they will not get demotivated. Successful mothers are not the ones who don’t struggle but the ones who don’t give up the struggle. When Islam placed the entrance of Jannah under the feet of a mom, it has a reason. Ask any mom and she will tell you why.



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3 replies on “Super Moms! Smart Moms! Mom-ship Is Not Only About Delivery”

  • May 20, 2016 at 9:39 am

    MashAllah these stories about the sahabbah are inspiring and not well-known. JazakAllah for the inspiration!

    September 26, 2016 at 11:54 am

    Salaam, I want to ask that no doubt heaven is under the feet of mother but if mother’s behavior is not good with her daughter and she even says what I didn get how can I give you as she had a step mother and even at the time of puberty she doesn’t guide her real daughter instead she speaks to other people also against her daughter,even to the daughter’s teacher she poses herself to be victim and talks about daughter as if she has everything so why is she depressed,in a nutshell the real mother leaves no stone unturned to create troubles for her real daughter,even she spoils daughter’s relationship with her father as well and even beats her and make her bleed and doesn’t guide her daughter at times when she should and says hateful things when daughter is just a child however her behavior with other kids is different,she even tells girl at school age to earn for family when adult and when she grows up wants her to earn instead of getting her married,then mother dies so for this type of mother if daughter prays for her to go to high ranks in heaven but bears offensive thoughts that mother destroyed her life so how is that?

    January 24, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    Those who dnt hve fear if allah swt or those who r aware of true knowledge of quran and sunnah only behave th
    Be patient seek help of allah swt.she is responsible for her deeds she will answer.righteousness of parents protect their children though they r surah kahaf thers a story.just if we be righteous nd seek help with salah tilawat surely allah vl bring the days to that suffered child very goi