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It has always fascinated me how Allah swt says in Surah Al Baqarah ayah 185,

“Allah swt intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship”.

By negating the opposite, Allah swt emphasizes that truly, it is in fact, ease, that He intends for us through Ramadan. Despite this though, the first thought that crossed my mind when I thought of Ramadan was that this is a difficult month of deprivation from even permissible actions: long hours of enduring hunger and unbearable thirst, disturbance of the sleep cycle by standing the night in prayer and so on. All of these reasons at first thought, made me question where exactly the ease lies, for it all seemed like a series of hardships to me.

I later realized that this incredible concept cannot be understood by people of narrow perception. Perception of the immediate. The now. Rather, with an open-mind and deep reflection, we see that this rich concept actually reflects long-term ease and success, at the expense of short-term difficulties and hardships.

A good friend of mine saw a very easy upbringing growing up. Her parents were mellow and laid-back, leaving her decisions to her freedom of choice. I remember her often saying that she had never heard her parents say “no” to her; without restrictions, she was free to do as she liked. Once when I was eight, she came over to play; walking around the house with soiled shoes, jumping on the sofas and playing pranks on the neighbors. I had felt a slight uneasiness of restriction when I compared my life with hers, as I grew up in a household of expectations and guidelines. Almost a decade and a half later, we got a chance to meet up at a local coffee shop. After a bit of reminiscing on our past, she told me how her parents were no longer together and that she had dropped out of school due to a relationship. By the end, her tears flowed uncontrollably as she sobbed about how she felt her life had hit a brick wall. I thought to myself, she spent her childhood in apparent freedom, but that short-term ease caused her long-term grief.

When I was in eighth grade, I made acquaintance with a girl during lunch one day. After a few exchanges, our bond strengthened as we became good friends, sisters even. Her work ethics, dedication and commitment to her education got her name plastered at the top of every honor roll, ma sha Allah. Her mother invited us over one afternoon, and our mothers talked while we listened. For the first time, I realized that my best friend had seen an array of difficulties in her childhood; she lived with her single working mother, grandmother and uncle. Her grandfather, whom she had been very close to, had recently passed away. Moreover, raised in a home of rules and expectations, the only places her mother allowed her to visit included school and the Masjid. Her socializing, involvement and education all occurred in school; thus with all distractions removed, she focused her complete attention on her studies, participated in class discussions and always excelled in every test. She graduated high school as Valedictorian, ma sha Allah. Studying on a complete scholarship, she worked her way through her undergraduate engineering degree. I recently got a chance to speak with her, and she explained how she had just applied for masters at a prestigious university and was currently looking for a job before settling down. Her voice, filled with excitement, contentment and relief proved that those few early years of dedication and difficulty were paying off with a future of ease and relaxation alhamdulillahBlog Post-Striving for ease-Inside poster

If you were given the choice to choose between: effortless ease and success but only short-term versus one requiring effort but yielding long-term contentment, which would you choose? True ease and contentment is one that is long lasting. One that is permanent. In exchange for a bit of effort and sacrifice, Allah Al Hakeem promises us true ease through the blessing of Ramadan, not only in this dunya, but also in the timeless akhirah. In our limits of humanness, we tend to be nearsighted, looking only at the immediate. Yet, here is Allah swt observing the road ahead for those who accept His incredible transaction. A transaction which requires little investment on our part compared to the limitless profit.

The hunger. The thirst. The sleep. What seemed like a series of hardships at first, in reality, have turned out to be steps to a whole lot of ease and contentment. The contentment which occurs when the dying soul rejuvenates, when the untamed tongue recites the words of its Creator, when the dehydrated heart pumps with du’as and dhikr, when the dry eyes weep out of love for its Master. Attaining Al Firdous, the ultimate and eternal success, is actually possible through the venue of Ramadan by the mercy of Allah Ar Rahman. May Allah swt grant us the tawfeeq to taste the true ease and success of Ramadan not only in this month, but also beyond, ameen!


Please share your suggestions on how you keep yourself motivated throughout  Ramadan. We would love to hear from you. 🙂 You can comment using Facebook and Google+ as well. Just see comments section



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62 Responses

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Jazakillah khayr sister Shazia for your kind comment. Alhamdulillah, I’m pleased to know that you found this to be a useful read. May Allah SWT bless you with the best of both worlds, Ameen.

  1. saidali_ali@yahoo.com'
    Nakimuli Koyana Zue

    Masha Allah sister.
    You put it very well, it is about the long term goal.As motivation, I try to read a little Qur’an after every Salah..n since most Ramadhan months find me at school at campus, I usually have so much time as compared to at home when I hve to take turns with my sister to cook Iftar.
    And on Iftar, at home and at school..we have formed the habit of preparing only one type of snack and one main course food…so tht not all the time is spent in the kitchen
    Tht way, I even have time for Taraweh prayers.
    Shukran once again for this.

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Jazakillah khayr sister Nakimuli for sharing your productive tips! 🙂 Definitely reciting Qur’an after each salah is an excellent motivator, and your idea of cooking only one type of dish per appetizer and meal is a great solution for time-management, Ma sha Allah. May Allah SWT bless you with the best in this dunya and the akhirah, Ameen! Kindly keep us in your worthy du’as.

    1. يسرا سيّد

      You are very welcome. And Jazakillah khayr to you, sister Whitney, for your beautiful comment 🙂 May Allah SWT protect you always, fill your heart with contentment, reassurance, and ease, and make this Ramadan one of the most amazing and memorable one yet, Ameen! Kindly keep us in your worthy du’as.

  2. algitadervishi1@live.com'

    I liked your article, it is clear that who follow the right path in life , has a beautiful one. In month of ramadan I go to mosque for Taraweh prays, make cook for iftar, has some iftar in mosque, listen Qur’an. Tolk to my cousine how was their fasting time, what they are doing. Elhammdunil, the month of ramadan is very important for me, because it fills me with positive energy to use it all long year.

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Jazakillah khayr sister Algita for sharing your Ramadan routine! I especially liked how you maintain ties with your relatives in Ramadan by calling them often, ma sha Allah. I agree with you, Ramadan really does fill us with positive energy for the rest of the year, Alhamdulillah. May Allah SWT bless you with the best of both worlds, and make you among His beloved this Ramadan and beyond, Ameen! Please keep us in your du’as 🙂

    1. يسرا سيّد

      JazakAllah khayr for your kind comment brother Parvez. may Allah SWT bless you with the best of both worlds, Ameen!

  3. stenurmo@yahoo.com'

    Masha Allah very helpful Jezakeallah kheiren. May Allah grant us a his blessings during this ramadan and always, ameen

    1. يسرا سيّد

      JazakAllah khayr for your comment, and Ameen to your du’a! Wa iyyak, I’m glad you found it of help Alhamdulillah. Please remember us in your du’as 🙂

  4. Fofana.muhammed@mail.com'

    Its amazing, your article is amazing and you are wonderful. Well about Ramandan its really a blessing month #Alhamdulillah. Especially the last ten days, it is such a significant days that which Allah swt had bestower to the muslim ummah. Well you know best more than i do. May Allah blessing be with you and everyone of us. Alhumma Ameen

    1. يسرا سيّد

      JazakAllah khayr brother Muhammed for sharing your insights, and Ameen to your du’a. Alhamdulillah, I’m pleased to know you enjoyed the read. Kindly keep us in your du’as!

  5. Fatimaismail255@gmail.com'

    Ma sha Allah what a beautiful well organized story Jazakallah sister for clearing the misconception of the Ayah.

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Jazakillah khayr sister Fatima for your thoughtful comment! It’s a pleasure to know the article helped clarify any misconceptions, Alhamdulillah. Kindly remember us in your du’as 🙂

    1. يسرا سيّد

      JazakAllah khayr for your kind comment and beautiful du’a, Ameen! Please remember us in your worthy du’as 🙂

  6. A.khadir58@yahoo.com'
    Abdulkadir Ridwan

    Masha Allah. Thats a good and brilliant article. Before I have enough time for Majalis, Taraweeh and Tahajud but for this year I dont know how it will beign its my first Ramadan in campus, but masha Allah for sister Nakimulu comment cause it give a clue to manage some time. Thanks alot.

    1. يسرا سيّد

      JazakAllah khayr brother Abdulkadir for sharing your insight! I’m pleased to know you found it to be a good read, Alhamdulillah. Yes, sister Nakimulu’s time management tips were indeed helpful. Kindly remember us in your du’as.

  7. khawaja.sharif786@gmail.com'

    “(It was) the month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’aan, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong). So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadan i.e. is present at his home), he must observe Sawm (fasts) that month…” ~ [al-Baqarah 2:185]

    “Allah is with those who restrain themselves.” ~ [Quran 16: 128]

    He is the One GOD; the Creator, the Initiator, the Designer. To Him belong the most beautiful names. Glorifying Him is everything in the heavens and the earth. He is the Almighty, Most Wise.” ~ [Quran 59:24]

    “Allaah has made Laylat al-Qadr in this month, which is better than a thousand months, as Allaah says…The Night of Al-Qadr is better than a thousand months. Therein descend the angels and the Rooh [Jibreel (Gabriel)] by Allaah’s Permission with all Decrees, there is peace until the appearance of dawn.”~ [al-Qadar 97:1-5]

    “(Fasting) for a fixed number of days; but if any of you is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed number (Should be made up) from days later. For those who can do it (With hardship), is a ransom, the feeding of one that is indigent. But he that will give more, of his own free will,- it is better for him. And it is better for you that ye fast, if ye only knew” ~ [al-Baqarah, 2:184]

    “O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint.” ~ [al-Baqarah, 2:183]

    “When My servants ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer their prayers when they pray to Me. The people shall respond to Me and believe in Me, in order to be guided.” ~ [al-Baqarah, 2:186]

    “Permitted for you is sexual intercourse with your wives during the nights of fasting. They are the keepers of your secrets, and you are the keepers of their secrets. GOD knew that you used to betray your souls, and He has redeemed you, and has pardoned you. Henceforth, you may have intercourse with them, seeking what GOD has permitted for you. You may eat and drink until the white thread of light becomes distinguishable from the dark thread of night at dawn. Then, you shall fast until sunset. Sexual intercourse is prohibited if you decide to retreat to the Masjid (during the last ten days of Ramadan). These are GOD’s laws; you shall not transgress them. GOD thus clarifies His revelations for the people, that they may attain salvation.” ~ [al-Baqarah, 2:187]

    1. يسرا سيّد

      SubhanAllah! JazakAllah khayr for sharing these beautiful and relevant ayahs with us. Kindly remember us in your du’as 🙂

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Wa iyyak brother Hamza for your thoughtful comment. I’m pleased to know you found it to be a beneficial read, Alhamdulillah. Please remember us in your du’as!

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Jazakillah khayr sister Nadia for your loving comment. May Allah SWT bless you with the best of both worlds, Ameen! Kindly keep us in your du’as 🙂

  8. rrquinzonrn@gmail.com'
    rufina romero quinzon

    It is truly ease that He gives us because if we do that which He asks us to do in obedience to His will, no matter how sinful we have become but with sincere repentance and obedience to His most holy will, He is always there to assist us, to give ease and comfort along our journey towards Him.

    I would also like to thank you for your efforts in bringing Islam to the world thru your writings, seminars and other means you think will bring enlightenment to the Muslim ummah.

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Jazakillah khayr sister Rufina for your beautiful insight! SubhanAllah such a true and hopeful way of putting it. May Allah SWT bless you with the best of both worlds, Ameen. And yes, may Allah SWT accept and reward Dr. Bilal with Al Firdows, Ameen!

  9. dante_vitug@yahoo.com.ph'
    Omar Vitug

    Ma sha Allah sister,a very noble & heart-touching article,tears flows in me like a river stream,contemplating every word.Assalamu Alaykum and may we have a blessed Ramadan, in sha Allah.

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Wa ‘alaykum Assalaam, JazakAllah khayr brother Omar for your thoughtful comment, and Ameen to your du’a. May Allah SWT bless you with the best of both worlds, Ameen!

  10. nzinghaa@live.com'
    Nzingha Id'deen Green

    Subhan Allah, may Allah aza wal jal reward you for this succinct and potent explanation of that ayat. This truly helped me maa shaa Allah.

    1. يسرا سيّد

      JazakAllah khayr for your thoughtful comment, and Ameen to your beautiful du’a! I am pleased to know it has been a helpful read, Alhamdulillah. May Allah SWT bless you with the best in this dunya, and the akhirah Ameen.

  11. muhammad.tahir841@gmail.com'
    muhammad tahir

    Dear sister ! your post inspired many of us. And it is in my personal notice for long time that the only way to make you the thing easy is to attach yourself to Quran. You explained it very nicely and the explanation you made is very understandable and is in our daily life. jazakallah khair.

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Wa iyyak brother Muhammad for your personal insight! Alhamdulillah, I am pleased to know the read was inspiring, bi fadhlillah. May Allah SWT bless you with the best of both worlds, Ameen! Kindly remember us in your du’as.

  12. larryonline05@yahoo.com'

    Interesting feel by this article, it’s great that I am lucky to read it keep the good work on, may Allah reward you abundantly thanks.

  13. opejayemi@yahoo.com'

    Jazakallah khair. thank you for this beautiful piece sister. may Allah reward you and the entire ummah. indeed Allah swt intend for us ease and does not intend for us hardship. may Ramadan be rewarding for the entire ummah. amin.

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Ameen, and Wa iyyak for your kind comment! Kindly continue to keep us in your du’as, JazakAllah khayr.

  14. nasser_79@live.com'
    mohammed baig nasser

    May Allah swt accept our fast and our salaah and our dua all the good we have done big and small and completely delete all the sins we have done and help us in this life and the here after in sha Allah ameen.

  15. first.billionaire1@gmail.com'

    Patience pays, ramadan is not a burden on us but it’s gift from Allah.
    After finishing Ramadan with taraweeh,tahajud,Quran recitation and other worship activities i really feel very big change alhamdulilah

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Alhamdulillah, May Allah SWT bless you with the best of both worlds Ameen! Please keep us in your du’as 🙂

    1. يسرا سيّد

      JazakAllah khayr Baba, Alhamdulillah. May Allah SWT make this a sadaqah jariyah for you in sha Allah, Ameen! 😀

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  17. adilmahmood88@gmail.com'

    Very nice article mash’Allah that gets us all prepped up just when the Ramadan is around corner. May Allah SWT give us the ability to widen our vision and not just see things with narrow perception like you said.
    After all, good sailors are not made on calm seas

    1. يسرا سيّد

      JazakAllah khayr for sharing your insight, and Ameen to your du’a. Very true metaphor, BarakAllahu feek! 🙂

    1. يسرا سيّد

      Alhamdulillah, JazakAllah khayr Mehdi bhai! May Allah SWT bless you all with the best of this dunya and the akhirah, and open for you all the doors to all that is khayr, Ameen! btw, sequence of final 3 comments is pretty amazing, subhanAllah 🙂

  18. mominaftab22@gmail.com'

    I just did a random google search about best tips for Ramadan and landed here and maynn I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BLOG. :’O You have got amazing articles over here. I just can’t stop reading. THANK YOU SO MUCH. May Allah give you great reward for this and make this Ramadan the best and a life-changing one for all of us.

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