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Ramadan’s Message: You Can Do It!

Again, this year, Allah SWT has blessed His servants with the splendid month of Ramadan. The month of seeking forgiveness and hastening towards Paradise is back. The month of strengthening our relationship with the Almighty Creator and His book, the Quran, is back. The month of Badr, the conquest of Makkah and Jihad is back.

There is an amazing aura and energy that surrounds us in this month, enabling us to be a better person than the rest of the year. No matter how heavy one sleeps, Ramadan empowers you to wake up for Suhoor halfway through the night. No matter how fond you are of eating, Ramadan keeps you away from eating and drinking in these long summer days. No matter how far you are from the Quran, you try to listen and pay attention in the Taraweeh prayers. No matter how stingy you are, in Ramadan you try to give some charity. No matter how errant you are, you try to be better; you try minimizing the music, television and sinning in this month.

A Self-Control Program

With the Shaitan in chains, Ramadan comes to help us rein our soul. If we search about ‘self-control tips’ on Google, the results contain a plethora of difficult articles dealing with psychology and the human mind; some of their tips being exercise, meditation, eating and sleeping. On the contrary, our All-Knowing Rabb has gifted us with an effective training session in the form of this blessed month to help us gain self-control, or in other words ‘Taqwa – the consciousness of Allah’. We learn to fear AllahSWT and obey him by fasting the thirty days of Ramadan. Even if there is nobody around, none of us thinks of sneaking a snack. We increase in the mindfulness of Allah SWT and are able to take better charge of ourselves. online education

The Message

Ramadan has a message for you; if you can keep away from such vital things as eating and drinking for the sake of AllahSWT, you can resist the temptation to sin, for His sake. Just like how you were eager on praying in Ramadan, you can observe prayers throughout the year. The training program has strengthened you enough to keep you away from evil and control your Nafs, even after Ramadan is over. You do have that tendency to do good; just will it and keep it going!

Here are some tips to help you retain the Ramadan spirit for the rest of the year:

1) Befriend the Quran: Ramadan is all about the Quran; we are recommended to recite the entire Quran at least once, as a crash course for revising our whole curriculum of life. But should we put it away as soon as Ramadan ends? And what if we don’t even understand what it states? Quran is a Muslim’s best friend that keeps reminding you of what is wanted in life, and shall be your accomplice in the darkness of the grave.

As a practical tip, make a plan for the whole year to take a step further in your relationship with the Quran. Learn the language of the Quran and memorize the meaning. If you already understand the meaning, dive deeper and ponder over the verses. If you learn and understand three ayahs daily, by next Ramadan, you will be able to understand a large portion of the Quran. Also, deduce points for yourself that you need to implement in your life. The verses of Allah SWT will keep your faith fresh. Even if it is one ayah a day, do not forsake the Quran.

2) Keep good company: The company you keep determines what kind of a person you are and the activities you indulge in. If your companions don’t care about Allah SWT and emaan (faith), you will soon forget about it too. Search and pray for good companions and keep yourself in their perfumed company. Prophet Muhammad SAWS said: “Man follows his friend’s religion; you should be careful whom you take as a friend”. 1 ramadan-muslims

3) Gatherings of knowledge: The biggest faith rechargers are those gatherings roofed by the wings of angels; the gatherings of dhikr, Quran and Islamic knowledge. The feeling obtained in such ‘live’ gatherings is priceless, and cannot be gained by reading or listening to something on your laptop. Look around for such opportunities in your locality and be a part of them.

4) Abandon sins: Sinning stains your heart until it blackens out completely, blocking anything virtuous to reach inside. We cannot move forward on the path of righteousness until we leave sins, especially the major ones. This Ramadan, make a list of all the sins you are involved in and plan on how you will leave them gradually. Throughout the year, focus on one sin every month/week.

5) Obligatory prayers: Do not miss the obligatory prayers, never! Prayer is our direct connection with Allah SWT, our meeting with Him SWT. It keeps us reminded and helps us to stay away from misconduct. Allah SWT says in the Quran:

“Recite, [O Muhammad], what has been revealed to you of the Book and establish prayer. Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing, and the remembrance of Allah is greater. And Allah knows that which you do.” (Surah Ankabut, 29: 45)

This Ramadan, learn what you say in your prayers and remember it always.

6) Qiyam ul layl: If it is difficult to wake up for Tahajjud every day, (you do wake up in Ramadan, right? It is possible) do try to wake up once every week or at least once every month. The night prayer gives us the chance to bond with AllahSWT in an unexplainable way. The peace, mercy and faith that descends on the heart in the third quarter of the night is priceless. Sleeping early and taking a small nap in the afternoon will help you in waking up for Qiyam ul layl.

Instead of being Ramadan Muslims, we should be Ramadan- born Muslims! Let this Ramadan fuel your faith for the days to come.

Please share your tips (in the comments section below) on how we can keep continue the spirit of Ramadan for the rest of the year. 🙂


  1.   Tirmidhi; Hasan



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    1. akarrim@ymail.com'

      Alhamdulillah this entire Ramadan this blog has been giving the best life tips ever. I pray that next year’s advice will be just as good or even better. What an awesome learning experience. Keep up the good work. May Allah reward each and every participant.

      1. mompreneur36@gmail.com'

        Beautiful article ! I Love ❤ being a Muslim ! Words cannot explain. Peace be upon you sister . May we all stay steadfast in becoming closer to Allah. Oh what a feeling !

    2. azizullahkhan_89@yahoo.com'

      Assalam o Alaikum this is aziz from Pakistan.the article was well written in an inspiring way.ill surely try my best to act upon it so that i could benefit from it rather than just reading and sharing it on facebook .jazak Allah

    3. anwaralivp@gmail.com'
      anwar ali

      really almost all the articles i have read in this is very touching and influential which is enough to change the life style of a person from worse to righteousness and it has a magical effect on our heart and souls. i appreciate those who work behind such a noble deed may almighty Allah lead us to his paradise

    4. smusharrat@gmail.com'

      Mashallah . The article is very inspiring, helpful and it seems that with little effort I can do it inshallah(this is the best part). Zazalumullahi khairan sister. Keep up your good writing and do share wonderful thoughts with us .

  1. banineqasemi@yahoo.com'

    I love and admire the things I have read I have learned so much in this blessed month
    Please don’t stop writing blogs
    I enjoy them n learn from them

  2. asma44557@gmail.com'

    Alhamdulilah easy words to be understood.
    May Allah Sobhanah Wa Tala Give You Very Big Reward,And Forgive Our Sins .
    Jazaka Allah Khair

  3. madavee.ramasawmy@luxresorts.com'

    Assalam Alaikum
    I am new to the practices and everything. I shall be the first to admit that I did not do too good in terms of self control this Ramadan. I tried my best to advance in the reading of the Quran so far for once. Above is absolutely very true and simple English and it keeps you stuck and however hard you may try you to close the page, you just can’t skip and keep on reading 🙂
    2015 has been the year where loads of help has been available online for those willing to read and understand the Quran.

    Jazakallahu Khayran again for your help.

    1. Umm Salih

      Wa alaykum Assalam Madavee,

      Glad you found the article interesting! May Allah accept all your striving, forgive our shortcomings and enable us to make the most of what is left from the days of Ramadan. Ameen!

  4. bayoadeesa@yahoo.com'
    Saalih Adisa

    Jazakillah khaeran katheer. Nice write up you have here, may Allah accept it from you as Ibadah, ameen.
    Giving dawah is another way of keeping the Ramadan spirit alive.
    Reminding family and friends about Allah.
    Giving food to the poor and needy, like once a month will also sustain Ramadan spirit in us.
    Maa salam

    1. Umm Salih

      Indeed giving Dawah and helping the needy are ways to retain the Ramadan spirit. Jazak Allah Khayr for sharing these tips!

  5. khanquerer5pg@gmail.com'
    Dr. Nawazish Ali khan

    S. A. Indeed this article said the right thing – reading n understanding QURAN everyday even if it’s just 3ayah is MUST to recharge the Eeman as Eeman is said to be in dynamic equilibrium changing every day, I personally felt in this Ramadan how important it is to read n understand QURAN everyday, TX, iam feeling personally that most of us shop in last week of Ramadan for eid and this wrong culture destroys whole essence of Ramadan i. e importance of last 10days coz I think like every good work requires summarization so is good work done till 20days of Ramadan but instead of consolidating what we did so far we waste it by indulging in shopping during last week of Ramadan which destroys n kills time besides takes us away from taqwa, plz write an article on this aspect, s. a

  6. Sameeyashk@yahoo.com'

    Assalamu Alaykum dear sister,

    JazakAllahu Khair X 70, as it is Ramadan

    I wanted to request you to write a post on Also asking of forgiveness from people we have wronged intentionally or unintentionally. In this Holy month of Ramadan wish to start on a clean slate, Asking Almighty to forgive us… But also wish to ask people for forgiveness and ask them to remember me in their prayers…

    Couldnt find any such dua on the internet… Please help. JazakAllah Again and in advance!

    1. Umm Salih

      Wa alaykum Assalam Sameeya,

      Wa iyyaki X 70 🙂

      Since Ramadan has almost ended Insha Allah will try to write on your suggested topic after Ramadan.

      I’m not sure what dua you are asking about. If you mean to ask people to forgive you then there is no specific dua in my knowledge. You can simply approach them and ask to forgive. If we hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally 1) we must ask them to forgive us and 2) we must leave whatever wrong we are committing. You may read the following for a clear reply: http://islamqa.info/en/14092

      I hope it helps 🙂

      Jazakillah Khayr

  7. fatkanneh13@gmail.com'

    Maa Sha Allah! JazakAllahu Khairan sis, the article is really educating and will Inn Sha Allah do some of the tips

  8. zaleha05@hotmail.com'

    Thank you so much sister, for this good article.May Allah rewards you. Actually before this morning, I was upset because I realized todya is the last-second day in Ramadan, even if I have fasted, prayed,read Quran everyday and other good deeds during Ramadan(alhamduliiah), but sometimes I still cannot control my anger and cannot forgive someone from the deep of my heart, I feel guity about it and also start to doubt myself. After read your article, I remembered believers should keep fear and hope to Allah, and I also know Ramadan is a beginning of changing, the practice of changing will implement everyday until Allah removes the darkness from believers’ heart.

    1. Umm Salih

      Indeed! The believer’s life is a struggle till the end. May Allah forgive our mistakes and make us His faithful servants. Ameen!

  9. zsl4reall@yahoo.com'
    zainab salisu

    Assalamu alaikum, jazakallah for the tips, very useful. Lots of dhikr while working, eating, in fact all the time, is anoda tip. Thank you

  10. qamblade@gmail.com'

    “If the fasting of Ramadan comes to an end, then indeed the voluntary fasting is still prescribed throughout the entire year. If standing in prayer at night during Ramadan comes to an end, then indeed, the entire year is a time for performing the night prayer. And if the Zakaat-ul-Fitr comes to an end, then there is still the Zakaah that is obligatory as well as the voluntary charity that lasts the whole year. This goes the same for reciting the Qur’an and pondering over its meaning as well as every other righteous deed that is sought, for they can be done at all times. From the many bounties that Allah has bestowed upon his servants is that He has placed for them many different types of righteous acts and provided many means for doing good deeds. Therefore, the ardor and zeal of the Muslim must be constant and he must continue to remain in the service of his Lord.” Alhamdulillah 🙂

  11. habibabaqe@gmail.com'

    AlhamdiliLah, many thanks for your helpful article,may Allah reward you more,,Jazaak Allahu khair Ukhti
    keep on posting more, the more we learn from it and act on it the more reward you will get, thanks again

  12. engr.aymalkakar@hotmail.com'
    Aymal Khan

    JazakAllah o Khair! Its a very great article. really has the meaning of Ramadan and the Life after ramadan! I’ve learnt so much from it. and i have to know how do I contact Dr. Bilal Phillips????

  13. lyfintch@gmail.com'
    Bizhan Aryahi

    Dear highness Dr. Philips: Every Muslim um ah also especially like me always needs for this kind of update guidelines in order to maintain appropriated Taqwa, only one word i have to say you that May Allah bless you with the most honorable rewards in this life and your after life.

  14. jannatisamania4@gmail.com'
    Samania Jannati

    salamun Alaik. I recite quran everyday. but in the month of Ramadan I can not recite a single word from Quran without meaning. so, this Ramadan I planned to recite Quran with meaning upto the day of my grave.
    my father is an international aleem, so whenever any need of knowing regarding shariaharose we asked and got the ans then and there but after my father’s hijrat I understood the importance of knowing hadith and Quran for me myself and for the next generation so this Ramadan I talked with my husband to study at least one hadith everyday before sleep from Riadus Saleheen. by nature I am very much hot headed girl, but during the last ten days of this Ramadan made me weak and soft like the feathers of bird and I took a vow to continue this softness but the problem is: hunger made me soft during the Ramadan, now I am having enough food to make my stomach full, so I am very tensed that whether I will be able to do that or not, plz pray for me.

  15. firozissa@gmail.com'
    Firoz Miyanji

    Jazakallah Brother Bilal for the Iman you have teaching your muslim brother’s and sister’s around the world. In shaa allah may Allah guide us all.

  16. ehmoren2001@yaho.com'
    Hamid Moreno

    AlhamduliAllah! Beautiful & woderful, what an amazing blog, an article par excellence in reminding the believers of Islam about strengthening our faith during the Holy Month of Ramadan and beyond. May Allah swt blessed us all with the ability to keep going on, with HIM at the center of our life all the time, inchaAllah!

  17. fatimaaliyah@yahoo.com'

    Jazakallah khairan… wat a wonderful reminder. may Allah assist us in doing what is right… may Allah Swt increase u in knowledge …. Ameen

  18. bluestar22223333@gmail.com'

    Umm salih thanks for reminding muslim ummah for giving out zakat. may ALLAH give you jannat firdaus as reward.

  19. rhkhan_dp@yahoo.com'
    Rajiv H. Khan

    Masha Allah and Jajhakallah Khair for this nicely written post. I really want to get in touch with this university to learn more and more about our Din. Please let me know how to get attached with this. Assalamualaikum.

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