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In times of ease and prosperity still you frown,

 Forgetting all blessings, longing for the golden crown.

O Human! Your case is amazing!

Having a valley of gold, for another still yearning!

To awaken you from the slumber of deeds vain,

A heeding comes in the guise of pain!

 As for the covetous, life is full of misery,

Discontent in prosperity, hopeless in adversity. 

Behold! All the blessings for the godly,

Grateful in prosperity, patient in adversity!

For the metal must be cast into furnace,

 If the impurities are to efface!

And to maintain its beauty, a tree,

 Of decayed leaves it must be free!

So be not down with the pain,

You may not see the gain.

And with patience you must sustain,

 For nothing permanently will remain!

This pain will end too,

Leaving behind a better you!

About the Author

Sahil Sholla has a Masters Degree in Information Technology and Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering.  He currently teaches at the department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology Srinagar, Kashmir India. He is also pursuing diploma in Islamic studies at Islamic Online University. His reading interests include Islam, algorithms, literature and history. Apart from academia, Sahil is a fitness freak who enjoys going to gym. He blogs at sahilsholla.wordpress.com





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27 Responses

  1. osman.amg@gmail.com'

    Marsha Allah, The style is so beautiful and flowing, the words so captivating and full of wisdom. It is amazing how the start begins with the scenario of prosperity as the usual majority think that they are in difficulty. However if we reflect, really we are in ease. We have a place to stay. We have food to eat. We have clothes to wear. We have family and friends that Love and care. Yet Life has seems to be so full of misery to most of us. This is just due to our perspective and not due to the reality of our situation, no matter how serious our problems seem.

    It made me think. It also inspired me to feel positive and feel a great sense of peace, having reversed my sights to look again at the bigger picture.

    Thank you for an excellent poem Sahil.

  2. faizak71@yahoo.com'
    Faiza Khan

    Well , while I was reading his piece of work I had a flash back of Surah Rehman. Allah has never left his believer in vain.It is only we who make it difficult and depressing.Sahil has beautifully portraied the jist in his poem.Words are convincing and in a flow.Well done!

  3. mustafarajhi@gmail.com'

    This poem was speaking to me. I’m really going through a lot at the moment, without a job and all, that I was always tend to forget I am blessed with relatively good health and a loving family. Times we find ourselves in (good or bad) are indeed not permanent. They are all tests from Allah SWT. Thank you. I feel encouraged.

    1. Islamic Online University

      Jazaanaa wa iyyaakum
      Of course you can share whatever you want from our blog in sha Allah 🙂
      JazakaAllah khairan

  4. saadiaakhan@gmail.com'

    Assalamalaikum. I need this reminder again and again to get through difficult times! This is so motivational, I am going to share it with others. Jazak Allahu khairan Sahil.

    1. sahilsholla@gmail.com'
      Sahil Sholla

      Wa alaikum assalam. Thankyou Saadai for your comment . We tend to be forgetful of the realities of life All of us need reminders!

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