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While thinking about this topic, I started mentally rewinding all the series and lectures, books or articles I had heard/read about khushoo and its importance in salah. However, what I soon realized was that it didn’t matter how much I read or how many lectures I listened to, the effect of having khushoo only lasted for a few prayers but was not a consistent element in my salah.

For those who are not really sure what ‘khushoo’ is, it’s most often translated as sincerity and concentration during salah, where you focus only on speaking with your Creator and not getting distracted by worldly affairs.

A famous speaker portrayed a very powerful and beautiful definition of khushoo. He said khushoo is a feeling when your limbs and mind become numb, when you can’t think or hear about anything else around you because you are standing in front of the King, the Master and speaking to Him.

Sadly, there have been instances when I rush through the salah and sometimes even forget if I am praying the 3rd rakat or the 4th one! In trying to figure out where I was going wrong repeatedly, I narrowed down on the following points, which I hope helps you to develop khushoo when you pray next time, insha’Allah.

1. Get into the grove even before prayer begins:

Imagine how we would plan for a meeting or an interview. We would begin with checking if we are dressed properly, if our papers are ready and if we have perfected our speech. We would probably even repeat the speech many times over to make ourselves look prepared and confident.

Imagine the amount of pre-preparation we have to do to talk in front of the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth! So, in order to focus in salah, let us prepare even before we actually start praying. Condition your mind and nafs to get into the grove by:

  • Repeating after the adhaan
  • Reciting the dua after adhaan
  • Doing wudhoo with concentration
  • Dressing nicely! (You are presenting yourself in front of your Lord, remember?)
  • And, most importantly, pray on TIME.

2. Learn something new:

Try learning a new short surah or maybe even a few verses from a long surah. Recite the same after fatihah. This way, you are automatically forced to concentrate on reciting something new. In turn, you will be keeping your heart and mind vigilant. This is an extremely powerful tool to prevent your mind from wandering away into thinking about other inconsequential matters while praying.

3. Don’t steal while praying:

Abu Qutaadah RAu said: “The Prophet SAWS said:

‘The worst type of thief is the one who steals from his prayer.’ He said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, how can a person steal from his prayer?’ He said, ‘By not doing rukoo’ and sujood properly.’” 1

When treating salah as a form of physical movement, we tend to rush through to get over with it! But, we lose the blessings of performing salah here. While performing sujood, spend a couple of minutes extra to make dua. Bow your heart along with your body and submit to the Highest Power. Allow humility and peace to enter your heart and mind while praying rather than being worried about what meal to prepare or what task to complete at office.

While getting up from sujood, sit up straight and then go back into sujood position slowly, rather than slamming your forehead to the ground in quick succession. Feel relaxed and allow each bone in your body to feel at ease. Salah gives you a free ticket to talk to the King of Heavens and the Earth, acknowledge the fact that it is a graceful and powerful meeting!

4. Learn the language:

Well, the main reason why most of us find it difficult to concentrate in salah is because we fail to realize the magnanimity of the occasion, fail to realize whom we are speaking to and in most cases, don’t even understand what we are reciting because most of us are not native Arabs.

The best way to develop khushoo is to learn the language. If you don’t find the time or the means to learn Arabic, you can start by learning the meaning of the surahs that you generally recite during prayer. Try listening to the tafseers of those surahs and you will automatically realize the beauty of each letter mentioned in the Glorious Quran, helping you concentrate on every single word being uttered in salah, making you crave for more, insha’Allah.

5. Perfect your relationship with Allah

Allah SWT says:

“… and establish prayer for My remembrance”. (Surah Taha 20:14)

This is the Lord, the All Mighty, All Powerful asking us to pray so that we remember Him?! Is there any moment in your life when you forget your own families or kids? Now, how is it that we forget the Creator, the one who created our families and kids?

You might be wondering why I’m talking about perfecting our relationship with Allah SWTon the same lines as that of khushoo. Ever noticed how close we get with friends when we get to know them better? A phone call or an online chat with them becomes more important than anything else. Imagine how much more engrossed in salah we would be if we could develop the same kind of relationship (if not more) with our Lord ?

Our Rabb provides even after our disobedience, He loves us more than our own mothers do, He SWT descends down during the last part of the night waiting to see if His slaves ask anything from Him, so isn’t it time we perfect our relationship with Him SWT?

Understanding and allowing His Mercy and Love to enter our hearts will make our hearts humble, filling it with unimaginable love, automatically making us yearn for more chances to speak to the King, the All Merciful and Oft Forgiving, with complete concentration!

Start thinking about Allah SWT throughout the day and it will be easier to talk to Him SWTwhen you are given 5 chances to do so. Take the first step, and He will come running towards you!

6. Defeat Satan:

“Then I (Satan) will come to them from before them and from behind them and on their right and on their left, and You will not find most of them grateful [to You].” (Surah Al-A’raf 7:17)

Satan has promised to annoy us and take us away from the straight path. We are given a challenge here to submit ourselves to our Lord and not let the Satan win. Salah is probably the most perfect time for Satan to distract us and he does end up succeeding on more occasions than one. Suddenly, an unfinished work seems more important and his whispers start getting louder. Crush the satanic whispers from within.

Stay away from haram, do not waste ‘free’ time, read beneficial books and do not make your mind a piece of meat for Satan to devour upon. Keep Satan at bay when you are not praying and you will automatically be successful in cutting out his whispers while praying insha’Allah.

7. How’s your dua list?

Most of the time, we end up asking the same set of duas with an added ‘demand’ here and there according to the situation we are in. Notice how we always have something new and exciting to share with our friends everyday? But, why is it that we tell the same stuff to our Lord in every single prayer? Speak to Him SWT with zeal, enthusiasm and humility. Start diversifying your dua list. Increase your time in sujood and make dua, don’t rush to finish tasleem and walk out. Ask dua constantly to increase khushoo levels.

Want to be successful? Here’s how:

“Certainly will the believers have succeeded: They who are during their prayer humbly submissive (khaashi’oon)” (Surah Al-Mu’minun 23: 1-2)

In the aforementioned verses, Allah SWTsays those who have attained khushoo (khaashi’oon) are indeed successful. He doesn’t call them religious, He calls them successful. Notice the choice of words here?

When you manage to discipline your nafs, mind and heart in front of the Highest Power, it becomes easy to discipline yourself within the boundaries of Islam while dealing with worldly matters too, making you successful here and in the hereafter!

Know that you’ve experienced a small percentage of khushoo when:

  • You can only hear the words which you are uttering to our Lord and nothing else
  • When external noises are muted
  • When every single worry in your heart ceases to exist
  • When the beauty of Allah’s Mercy and the magnanimity of talking to Him SWT fills your heart with awe, so much so that you don’t want to complete your prayer and let the beautiful meeting end,
  • When your limbs get soaked in numbness
  • When you feel sad that your meeting and one-on-one conversation with Allah SWT is coming to an end during the last rakat
  • And, when you cry (without feeling embarrassed that someone might see you), making you yearn for the next salah!

May Allah SWT make us of those who are successful. May Allah SWTmake us of those who are the chosen ones in His eyes. May Allah SWT allow our hearts to taste the sweetness and beauty of this blessed religion. May Allah SWT make us of those who develop khushoo in every single prayer we are allowed to perform until our last breath! Ameen.

Please share your suggestions on attaining khushoo in the comments section below, insha’Allah.

  1.   Reported by Ahmad and al-Haakim, 1/229; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 997



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  1. mkhadija015@gmail.com'

    Assalaamu alaikum sister…,

    Masha Allah… very nice post..,

    May Allah (SWT) grants you success here and in Akhira..,

    Jazakallahu Kheir..

    1. jawidiqbalkhan@gmail.com'

      JazakAllah khaira. Those who donot have access to internet, in my opinion they should attach themselves to Tableegh Jamaat. Here you get to learn Deen in details.

      1. bossbemer@yahoo.com'
        Bruce Williams

        This is a great help for me and I’ve always enjoyed your lectures zealously. thank ,may Allah bless and keep you safe. InshaAllah

    2. akarrim@ymail.com'

      I have not read such a captivating article like this. Well written from the heart which relates to what we all feel.
      May we have more inspiring articles

  2. heartandsoul4allah@outlook.com'

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    When I see the word Khushuu, I immediately connect it with the level of Tazkiya, more of inner sense and joyous moments.

    I would say that, in my own personal opinion, the list when a small percentage of Khushuu is felt… the list included the by-products (concentration & senses-wise nature) of feeling Khushuu. However, the real feeling (joy and rapture due to the level of tazkiyah, which deals more with things outside Salaat) of Khushuu can never be expressed, but it can only be felt. Khushuu is not something that can be expressed, analyzed, or synthesized. It is just my opinion. But, Khushuu can be felt.

    Overall, I would like to see continuation of this article expressing Khushuu in less analytical ways, insha Allah.

    1. imdadur58@gmail.com'
      Imad Al Din

      How can we concentrate things without following some rules to our Mind?? Forexample if we do some more time in sujood means physically…after that our mind should automatically follow the rhythm of calmness….i know it is not fully but one of the ways! Masa-Allah may ALLAH give peace on you!!

  3. fahad_b2b@hotmail.com'
    Fahad Ahmed


    Nicely written and a wonderful subject. I was looking for this term “Perfect your relationship with ALLAH ” …very powerful . In sha ALLAH let’s hope for salah with khushoo by keeping these tips in mind .

  4. farahkkhurram@gmail.com'
    umme umar

    Assalam alaikum
    Focusing eyes down at the point of sajdah helps a great deal in concentrating on salat, recommended by the PROPHET pbuh himself.

  5. AAlyemany@hotmail.com'

    MashaAllah what a great post.
    Starting to pray was the best thing that Allah has blessed me with. I’ve reached a point where u can feel/taste the sweetness of ibadah (worship) Alhamdulilah.
    Keep up these post, Jazak Allah Khaier for these reminders.

  6. Aasiabatool82@yahoo.com'

    Jazakum Allahu khairan for such a great and useful article.

    One more thing that will definitely help with khushoo is to try to keep ones heart from the love of this dunya and occupying the heart to love Allah and yearn to be close to Him and yearn the Hereafter more than this dunya. Yearning for Jannah over yearning for worldly success and pleasures even halal ones I personally think is a very effective way to develop khushoo. Even if you know the meaning of every word that you recite you still can’t have khushoo if you love the dunya.

    Also keeping away from sins/ satan as mentioned in the article is a critical point. Very important to work on character and vigilantly get rid of bad habits and develope good habits is key.

    1. msk_biz@yahoo.com'

      I think we should yearn for Khushu and closeness to Allah, for Jannah is an expression of reward as a result of that. Focus should be to please ALLAH and HE will reward you! .. my two cents.

  7. mehfooz.ali22@gmail.com'

    SubhanAllah, exactly what that i m looking for as i m not happy the Salah which I’m offering. JazakAllah-Khehir sister………. may Allah give the rewards in dunia and akhirah

  8. yusufjankaro@gmail.com'
    yusuf jankaro

    Assalamualaikum, i felt satisfied that such difficult topic can be handled in the way you have done. I real recommend your efforts. JazakAllahu Khair..

  9. aanch786@hotmail.com'


    Very nice article with some valuable views from some lovers of Islam. During Salah one should submit him(her)self totally before Allah Taala are they are standing before Almighty Allah Taala. During Arabic recitation one should also understand the meaning o & concept of recitation in own understandable knowledge. This can only be possible that stand for salah with blank mind before Allah. Forget the worldly life for few minutes you will be free from all worries & problems.

  10. shafamumin@gmail.com'

    Assalamu alaikum. Very nice and encouraging piece. May Allah s.w.T. Reward ur efforts. What I do to attain kushoo wen performing salah is I read each verse as if I see the letters, I picture the arabic letters from the Qur’an.. it keeps me focused and humble. Ma assalam

  11. thedeenclass@gmail.com'
    Umm Waleed

    BarakAllahu feeki sister!
    After reading this article, i was eagerly waiting for the azaan to come so that I can start to follow all these points ! ?

  12. siddequa.khaleda@gmail.com'
    Khaleda siddequa. .

    Respected author Assalamualikum. Through your write up you have very successfully waken up our mind to the importance of khusoo in salah. Most of we know this fact but we tend to forget. So there is a need of reminding us time and again. I’m immensely benefited by your enriched article. Jazakallahu khairan.

  13. zarinmms@yahoo.com'
    Zerin shukkoor

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu sister,

    Jazakillah khair for this ,much need post ..as Allah calls out to us….come to salah….come to Salah…,,come to success…come to success..in Adhan ….we dont need any other proof that daily maintanance of five time regular and complete prayer is the key to success.So i never leave any post regarding khushoo in salah.

    I just wanted to add one more tip to increase khushoo in Salah….even if we feel a low khushoo level in our salahs,Allah sub’hanahu T’aala might engage us back with his remembrance ,if we keep our mouth and breath fresh before salah.Even though its not practical always,it will be better if we take a little effort to carry a small dental kit where ever we go….

    Barak Allahu feeki.

  14. tai.jade@yahoo.com'

    Salaam alaikum. MashaAllah v helpful article! Thank you also for sending this via email (IOU Blog mailing list)… it popped up in my email this morning and was just what I needed. JzakAllah khair 🙂

    1. Wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Sakinah
      alhamdulillah, Allah has miraculous ways of helping His slaves come closer to Him, I’m glad you benefited from the article. please share the link with your friends and family so they can benefit as well 🙂
      Jazakallah khair

  15. bigdohry647@gmail.com'

    Masha Allah very informative detailed explaination of how to be kashe’e in salah.Our sister did a great job here. May Allah bless and reward you jannah in sha Allah.

  16. johnjins70@yahoo.com'
    jincy john

    jazak Allah khair sister for the post, it is an inspiration for us to be in salaah on time and for a long time, whenever we get ready to say fatiha all the wordly affairs jump in front of our mind, auzu billah,

    I loved the phrase where it was written that “Allah says those who attained khushuu are indeed successful”

    kindly keep sending such post to increase our knowledge in those things that we don’t have knowledge

  17. ira_nad@yahoo.com'

    These are very useful tips as many of us have the same problem in obtaining khusoo’ in salah. Thank you Dr Bilal for sharing. Inshaallah will help many to perform better solah

  18. Aminaalward843@yahoo.com'

    I can concentrate better and hear myself more and I can feel closer to Allah . I will practice more to kushoo while doing salats and say more for dua. Wonderful thank asalamelekum allhumduallah!

  19. shaesta.s@gmail.com'

    Assalamualaikum wr JazakAllahkher for the beneficial article . Perhaps can add the dua to make when Syaitan is bugging us when we spit to one side .

  20. applegift24@gmail.com'
    Tuhfaturrutbah Azma

    Maa shaa AllaaH really useful and good . article.. JazakillaaH Khoiron katsiir. May AllaaH grant us his endless rahmah… aamiiin

  21. boontam2000@yahoo.dk'


    Jazakallahu khayran for this article.

    I’ve always had a problem with concentration, but I’ve become much better.

    But I have another problem and it’s:

    Son running in front of me in Salah: bye bye khushoo

    Cat jumping up/crawling on me in Salah bye bye khushoo!

    Cat hunts my feet during Salah and bite them, bye bye khushoo!

    The twins start fighting during Salah bye bye khushoo!

  22. ajuinside@gmail.com'
    Ajmal Ashraf

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Great Tips. May the Almighty shower all his blessings.
    Please make arrangements to share these articles thru Whatsapp.

  23. Meheryar_hassan@yahoo.com'

    Ma sha Allah. Very besutiful article. May Allah ease our problems and protect us from the whispers of satan in salah and everywhere else.. ameen.

  24. carrota2@outlook.com'
    shining sun

    So good steps , notice about number4 : learning Arabic language is very nice effort but it has no related with concentration in praying , we’re all have the same problem including the Arab themselves.

  25. ummemustafa@live.com'
    Muniza Javed

    Very useful information. Will try out on these tips . May Allah be with you always. جزاك الله خيرا

  26. vize786@yahoo.com'

    Excellent article. Let us all try to recite every letter properly in Salah with proper Tajweed while at the same time reflecting on the meaning of what we are reciting. I feel that in this day and age we have so many resources that we can use eg Internet, books . May Allah make it easy for us to attain Khushoo in our Salah.

  27. sabitshaban6@gmail.com'
    Sabit Shaban

    Thank you very much sister and may Allah grant you strength to complete your studies and help in spreading our Creator’s massage. may you be the reason for some of us to enter Jannah…AMEEN

  28. irene_baccay2277@yahoo.com'

    Asalahmualaykum…Thank you for sharing this helpful tips…I hope I could do those things while praying…Inshallah….Allah bless us all…

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    omar Reyes Bañas

    Jazak ALLAH khairan , for this important and helpful articles, hope to reach every Muslim umma as a useful reminders … I want to share this post as much as I can…… Sukran Sister.

  30. luvumah@gmail.com'

    Jazakallah Al-Kheyran.

    Precisely and comprehensive subject, all your points are helpful. I really appreciate it.

    May Allah help us to maintain Khusoo’ in every single Salah.

  31. aanees1991@gmail.com'

    No matter how hard we try to establish and maintain a good relationship with God, it won’t happen unless He wants we have a good relationship with, and the good news is that if He wants something it happens; there is no delay: He commands be, and it happens. So, if our relationship with Him isn’t good now, it is because He doesn’t want it; therefore, there is no point of us trying to do that.

  32. nuraabdullahi86@gmail.com'
    Nura Abdullahi Muhammad

    Jazakallahu khair
    May Allah SWT support U, encourage U, and assist U in all your life endeavor and also bring much more articles like this…… Ma’assalam

  33. rozasuranti@ymail.com'

    Assalamualaikum my dearest Sister,

    I’m so amazed when I read your article about khushoo in salah. MashaAllah, it was really a very good and useful article. It has somehow ease my worries everytime I’m facing the challenges on how to be khushoo in my salah…
    May Allah SWT bless you in all your affairs, In Shaa Allah. Aamiin.

  34. kabir.humayunamu@gmail.com'
    Humayun kabir

    The article is very workable for me. thanks for such article. I wish more article you will post that will improve my and many muslims brothers salah with khusoo. jazakumullah.

  35. Ridhwana_allana@msn.com'

    A very informative article about something that we all have trouble with concentration during Salah! May Allah make us those that always seek his pleasure.. Thank you for a very well written article..

  36. fajuzshine@gmail.com'

    This post is a great job definitely.Well said,
    ..because Lack of concentration while doing prayers is a problem most Muslims are facing especially when we are in a hurry.We start off with full concentration..but as prayer progresses concentration in prayer decreases.I always feels that learning the meanings of quranic verses n duas we are telling to Allah s the most important thing.
    Your tips r very much helpful in sha Sllah..
    May Allah reward u for all ur efforts.
    N May Allah help us All to maintain Khushoo in each n every prayer we going to offer.Ameen

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  38. Raza.ibrahim@gmail.com'

    Salam walaikum

    Indeed it’s a very intresting topic, I believe the most important point is to learn what you are saying in salah that is to know the translation, so what I found is helpful say what you in salah in Arabic and then repeat the translation in the language of your preference in ur mind ayah by ayah and automatically your concentration will increase , don’t learn word by word translation instead ayah by ayah of what you say in your salah , I am a 31 year old non Arab guy who managed to learn the translation in just a month , anyone can do it inshAllah , it’s just about trying , and the surah you may say after surah Al Fatiah learn a short one , I started by surah Al ikhlas and surah Al Kausar and the meaning are also easy

    I hope this help inshaAllah

    JazakAllah wa khair

  39. muhdkhokhar2@gmail.com'


    Thanks for such a nice article.

    If you know the meaning of whole Salah then its very easy to concerntrate and you’ll enjoy Insha Allah.

  40. sharanashan@yahoo.com'

    Walikum salaam wa rahmatulahi wabarakatuhu…SubhanAllah very useful tips.. jazak ALLAH khair…may Allah guide each n every ummah in dis world to a right path ameen..may Allah reward you sir..

  41. sikandarbashaks@gmail.com'
    Sikandar basha

    Asalamwalikum sister
    I think the research done by you for distrsction the prayers are perfect
    Thank you for you suggestion
    Msy allah grant a sucess to u

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    Assalamualaikum Sister

    Thank you very much for making me read one of the most important topic as being a muslim that i have ever read on Facebook and else where.The Great reminder of the time.
    May Allah help us apply this formula So, our Salaah be accepted by the Almighty.(Ameen).May Allah reward you for this Great effort.

    1. Ameen for the dua Muhammad, may Allah accept it from me and make it a beneficial read for Muslims worldwide, please share the link with your friends and family so they can benefit too, Jazakallah khair

  43. shirintariq_23@hotmail.com'

    Jazak Allah khair sister for the beautiful article. I agree with you by having a variety of surahs in salah really helps in khushoo, instead of repeating few surahs which becomes mechanical. May Allah bless you for your efforts. Ameen

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    Jazakallah khayr sister, Allah barak fikki for such a informative post… this is so much needed in my life right now can thank you enough for what you have shared with us, may Allah shower you with his blessings in all you do.

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    dalil bin faizal

    assalami alaikkum , nice article i was finding for this useful tips when i was in salah i cant concentrate on prayers while i have doubts is it 4th rakat or 3rd rakat

  46. s.shabir619@gmail.com'

    SubhanaAllah…Yeah its true that without being connected to Allah we can’t able to perform salah correctly and touchly.

    But your above mentioned lines about performing salah and connection to Allah is great to connect and every one must make implement on their life.

    But the most important one is offering salah on time.

  47. kollytiba@yahoo.com'
    Sulayman Adeleke

    This is so good. Moreover, i think attainment of khushoo very from one individual to another. One should try and examine oneself to know the best approach to it.
    May Allah make it easy fro all of us ,amin.

    salam alaekum!

  48. Sabinazabin@gmail.com'
    Sabina Zabin

    Assalamoalaikum sister… From this post I got to know a lots of manners for a peaceful salah.keep sharing.. Thanks a lot.. Khuda hafiz

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    Very beneficial article.
    May Allah increase our Khushoo in Salah and May Allah increase our knowledge and May Allah blessed IOU’s work. Aameen

    Jazakumullah Khair

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    Syed Parvez Mostofa

    Assalamualikum , Thank you for your nice writing. We expect more writings from You. I want to learn the arabic language to understand what i am saying while offering prayers. Can anyone guide me in this regards ?

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    alhamdulillah! may we all have khushoo.ammen.

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    Anisere Muideen Olabisi

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