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The easiest  dawah is dawah given to strangers. When we talk to them, we are free from worries. We don’t know their likes or dislikes. Our tone is stress-free while conveying our points to them for they know nothing about us personally.

Things are totally opposite when it comes to giving Dawah at our home or workplaces with our friends and family, especially when they are elder to us. Our nerves feel like they are going to shatter and our courage fades when talking to parents, uncles/aunts, cousins, etc., when we want to discuss about creed or fiqh. This is natural because by nature, we fear offending those that are closest to us. Our love and sometimes, our respect for them makes us defensive. Additionally, they are well-aware of our loopholes and bring out our past mistakes into the conversation, making the situation more adverse.

Anger from their side can be because of two reasons:

  • The message that is being conveyed, and
  • The way it is being conveyed.

In Islam, the latter has a solution while the first reason has to remain in your conversation at any cost.

Surah Maryam gives an amazing story of IbrahimAS who asked his father to stop worshiping idols and to follow only One True Creator. The Quranic narration  “Ya Abbati ” – “O my Father ! ” (Surah Maryam 19: Verse 42) reflects his lovely tone and teaches us how to speak whilst talking to family. At the same time, it also tells us that one can’t do anything if someone finds the Truth to be offending. It can gp to such an extent that you face a complete family boycott. If this does happen, depart with peace.

In the same surah, a few verses later, Ismail AS is also mentioned. Verse 55 of Surah Maryam says : “And he used to enjoin on his family and his people As-Salât (the prayers) and the Zakât, and his Lord was pleased with him.” The Arabic word “ka-na” means something which one keeps doing with repetition, he keeps on reminding, on a daily basis for his entire life. We on the other hand, get offended too quickly because we want results overnight.

It’s relatively easier to convey truth to outsiders but the real potential of a Daee will be tested when he preaches to his family members and manages to achieve this goal even though they know his flaws.

Many sentiments are involved here. But the results are enormously fruitful. When you preach to them, you tend to eliminate/rectify your flaws too. If they end up listening to you, your house becomes an organization of Muslims preaching peace and harmony. This can immediately cause a ripple effect in our society. Doing good deeds become easy, bonding with our family strengthens up and making others understand our problems become easy. Most importantly, you can look out for a beautiful reunion in paradise.

Allah reminds us about this obligation in the Glorious Quran:

“O you who believe ! Save yourself and your family from hell fire..” [Tahrim 66: 6]

Now, the question is, have you ever thought about your family and close ones? How have you approached them while giving dawah? Please share your suggestions in the comments section below. 🙂



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  1. abuabdallah100@gmail.com'
    abdul hai

    Dear Bro.,
    We are 6 brothers and 5 sisters family and everybody got married and well settled and among this 11 members family alhamdulliah i follow Tauheed strongly, so they don’t want to have any conversation with me as they know the moment i start talking definitely i ll be talking abt Allah swt or Islam which they hate, so no chance of giving dawah but i really cry from them and worried like anything for their akhira. What is ur suggestion?

    1. Fareed Ahmad

      may Allah help you brother. Just be good to them, give them gifts, and take them out for food. don`t say anything to them for now.. slowly and gradually inshallah i`m sure you will see that inshallah they will start appreciating Islam and the Oneness of Allah through your behaviour

  2. rebazmohammad@yahoo.com'
    Rebaz Abubakir

    MashaAllah! that was very powrful. I had always thought that preaching to family is easier and the rewards therefore smaller but this article really touched my heart and encouraged me to focus more on my family members.

  3. atiyam1@gmail.com'

    Very good reminder,I pray for my family because whenever I try to explain them they tell me the knowledge u are getting from net is not correct. They adhere to their false beliefs and it scares me.They read books where many thing contradicts Quran and hadees.They those scholars so blindly that it astonishes me .
    Can u give some more suggestions so that it may help me .

  4. sal_niaz@yahoo.com'

    I think by amal done sincerely day n night , private and public is what makes family appreciate your beliefs,
    Also work outside, when people appreciate your efforts then family feels pride and that is a cool way of getting them to listen.
    But never boast teach them tell them this is what u learnt.
    Get them to listen to daily audio of bid sheuk n also make them meet of possible.
    Lots and lots of dua, tahajjud

  5. adamugidado@yahoo.com'

    It’s interesting. My experience is what you have mentioned. It wasn’t easy initially, but the fundamental thing about the da’awa to family members is that someone has to do it.

  6. humamehmood56@yahoo.com'

    Aoa. JazakAllah for ur post. U r right it’s a lil tricky to give dawaa to the close ones. Whenever I try to tell something good to my siblings or to my mother I highlight their positive points first n then I say u have so many good habits u just need to change this particular one n I do remind them that all what I want is their falah

  7. AAlyemany@hotmail.com'

    Great article. I love these iou blogs.
    It’s very true about the repetitious nature of/when reminding family members, as sometimes you would speak with them only on occasions etc.. on matters of the deen. However we should stay firm in repeating it inshaAllah.

  8. Myshal.montero@gmail.com'

    Indeed its really hard to give dawah to someone close to you, esp. To your own parents..

    JazAkallahu khairan brother for this article it’s highly commendable…

  9. Sagirsulaiman60@gmail.com'

    Assalamu alaykum. Thanks you for that remainder. Actually it not an easy task but the preaching was marvelous, good, insha Allah will continue to use the lessons been learn, and indeed will share to friends,family members
    Jazakallahu khair

  10. laiksayyed@gmail.com'
    Laik Ahmed

    As salaamu alaikum….wa jazak Allaah khairan for your viewpoints on dawa’a or inviting our family and close relatives to be on the straight path. Indeed, it is a trial and test of our patience when we invite our family to Islam. Furthermore, in today’s world where knowledge is available in abundance, born Muslims get carried away from the main stream Islam to its different school of thoughts and we end up having rebel groups with difference of opinion… I ask Allaah (swt) to guide us all on the straight path..

  11. afafshariq@yahoo.com'

    While giving dawa to my family, I try to point fingers at myself and not at them and how I am benefitting through Quran
    By using this technique m able to easily convey my message without offending them alhamdulillah
    It really works most of the time

  12. alrejeiby@hotmail.com'

    Assalam aleykum
    Alhamdulillah firstly let me thank you for your nice and important lecture to our islamic life inshaAllah this lecture will make many muslims knows how to bring islam in there home and the whole world Allah will grant you janna for this lecture inshaAllah

  13. mariemelsiby@gmail.com'

    Assalamou ‘alaikoum,

    Ma cha ALLAH, BarakALLAHOU lak.
    With 2 of my sisters, we used to organize monthly brunches with our close ones in order to meet each other and give them da’wa in the meantime. During these times, we shared recipes, experiences, advises regarding problems faced…
    At the beginning, the talks were led by daily matters … but we tried to give islam point of view regarding those (without stressing on them to much). Little by little, alhamdoulillah, they started being more interested by learning their religion and putting it into practice. Compared to our aim, it’s a little but in cha ALLAH kheir. May ALLAH guide us and our love ones on His right path.

  14. mina_hyd@hotmail.com'

    Assalam-u-alaikum warehmatullah e wabarakatuhu! The article is really aussum!
    Dear I wanna ask something very important! How can I give dawah to my loved one whereas he is non Muslim! If he did not accept it so what can I do??? How can I save him from the fire of jahannum!…

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  17. Fareed Ahmad

    Jazakallahu khayrain kaseeera everyone for appreciating and sharing this article. may Allah make it benefit for us all. and may Allah enable us to act on the teachings of Islam. Ameen

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