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We bring nothing with us when we enter this world. Therefore, everything that’s given to us in this life, like our families, bodies, food, air, etc.,  are blessings from Allah SWT. A believer is expected to show gratitude for all the things he is being blessed with. Being thankful and showing gratitude to Allah SWT is one of the good traits of a believer.

Allah SWT says in the Qur’an; 

“So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me.” ( Al Baqarah 2:152 )

We can be thankful to Allah SWTfor each and every blessing in many different ways. But did you know that Prophet saw made an exclusive mode of thanksgiving for one of the biological blessings we have?

Yes, our joints! He SWT has told us to pay charity in order to show gratitude for this blessing.

One of the tremendous abilities Allah SWT has given us is our mobility. Our joints are created and fixed to each other in such a way that we can move our bodies in all directions. Many of us take this blessing for granted or even fail to think about the worth of these joints. Prophet saw has ordered us to be thankful for this blessing each and every day!

Abu Dharr RAu reported:

The Prophet saw said, “In the morning, charity is due on every joint bone of the body of everyone of you. Every utterance of Allah’s Glorification (i.e., saying Subhan Allah) is an act of charity, and every utterance of His Praise (i.e., saying Al-hamdu lillah) is an act of charity and every utterance of declaration of His Greatness (i.e., saying La ilaha illAllah) is an act of charity; and enjoining M’aruf (good) is an act of charity, and forbidding Munkar (evil) is an act of charity, and two Rak’ah Duha prayers which one performs in the forenoon is equal to all this (in reward).” 1

From the aforementioned hadeeth, we learn that praying two units of Duha prayer everyday is sufficient for a believer in order to give thanks for all the joints he is blessed with. SubhanAllah! If charity was to be paid with money, everyone of us would not have been able to afford it. Regardless of  our financial status, all of us can surely pray two rakats each day as sadaqa. Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT made this affair comfortable for all of us by showing us an easy way. Therefore, we must follow this beautiful practice of praying Duha prayer every day. Insha Allah, in this article, let us learn about Duha prayer.

Salatul-dhuha is also called as “salatush-shurooq” or “ishraaq prayer”. It is given this name as it is prayed after “shurooq”, which means “sun rise”.

The time span for Duha Prayer:

The scholars have unanimously agreed that the Duha prayer can be prayed fifteen minutes after the fajr prayer and the time span for it ends ten or fifteen minutes before dhuhr prayer. In other words, the time span for the Duha prayer starts fifteen minutes after sun rise, and it ends ten or fifteen minutes before dhuhr prayer. Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen explained the time span as being from a quarter of an hour after the sun has risen until ten minutes before dhuhr prayer. 2

The best time to offer Duha Prayer:

The best time to pray Duha prayer, as prescribed in sunnah, is to pray when the sun’s heat become intense.

Zaid bin Arqam, on seeing some people praying in the forenoon, said:

They know well that prayer at another time than this is more excellent, for Allah’s Messenger saw  said: The prayer of those who are penitent is observed when your weaned camels feel the heat of the sun. 3

The number of units for Duha prayer:

The minimum units for Duha prayer is two and the maximum is eight. Since this is a sunnah prayer, it’s a recommended that we pray it two by two.

Abu Hurairah RAu reported:

My Khalil (the Messenger of Allah saw ) directed me to fast three days of each month, and to observe two Rak’ah Duha (optional prayer) at forenoon, and to perform the Witr prayer before going to bed.4

Our Prophet’s saw  advises are precise. His speech is saturated with powerful inspirations. He listed Duha prayer as one of the three good deeds when he gave an advice to Abu Hurairah RAu. This means that we should try our best to pray Duha prayer.

In a long narration, of a hadeethul Qudsi, Prophet saw  said:

“..My slave does not draw closer to Me by anything more beloved to Me than that which I have made obligatory upon him, and My slave continues to draw closer to Me by doing nafil (supererogatory) deeds until I love him..” 5

Therefore if we continue to pray Duha prayer with the intention of giving thanks to Allah SWT and growing closer to Him, we would be rewarded in both worlds by His will.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and benefited from it. Please share your thoughts about this article in the comments section below. 🙂

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  1. hafizimarwan@gmail.com'
    Hafizi marwan

    Good article and good reminder to perform dhuha prayer as syukur to Allah.
    Love your article. Keep writing and keep a good work. ??????

  2. apetlong@yahoo.com'

    Masha Allah, very good article and I pray that may Allah grant us the Patient to do that witch is good in His sight and abstain from that withch is bad- Ameen
    Jazaka Allahu Khaire

    1. Shifnas Bint Thamiem

      Since prophet (PBUH) has specifically said the joints of the bones; we can not take it as figure of speech. And in some other narrations, he has mentioned a number to indicate the joints. I would like to quote Imaam Nawawi’s comment (summary) about this Hadeeth. He (Rahimahullaah) explains
      “This hadith elaborates on the different forms of charity. There are three hundred and sixty joints in the human body and charity is due upon each one as a form of gratitude to Allah (swt). Being able to be just between individuals, walking towards the masjid for prayer, and removing harmful objects from the road are all considered as acts of charity.”
      Therefore this is not plainly about figure of speech. Allaahu A’lam

  3. abdulr197999@gmail.com'
    Abdulrahma Danladi

    pls i have a question, i want somebody to explain to me on how to perform this sunnah prayer. i mean what i suppose to recite, and how? is it loud or silebt

    1. Shifnas Bint Thamiem

      It’s a silent prayer. The recitals are as usual and there’s nothing specific for this prayer. I kindly request you to re-read the article Insha Allaah. The rest of the details are explained in detail 🙂

  4. urwa.shahid190@gmail.com'

    sub7aan Allah. How easy this deen of Islam is. I love the short-cuts to get heaps of reward. this definitely motivated me to pray salat-ud-duha. May Allah grant me steadfastness upon this deed

    1. Shifnas Bint Thamiem

      Alhamdulillaah! May Allaah accept this from us Aameen. You rightly said, Deenul Islam is not at all hard to practice. Alhamdulillaah for everything

  5. zahara.ambreen@gmail.com'

    JazakAllah khairun. Though I get doing tjis ishraq prayer sometimes i mostly fall out of it as I get busy with kids or house work.Now I know that yhe time ends only ten minutes before dhuhur so it will be eaiser to continue this prayer.

    1. Shifnas Bint Thamiem

      BaarakAllaah feek ! Alhamdulillaah 🙂 May Allaah ease your tasks, grant you Barakaah in your time and bless your efforts Aameen
      Alhamdulillaah for everything

  6. rehanakhan05@yahoo.co.in'

    Mashallah I was wondering about the benifits, timings
    And how many units to perform. Allah Subhanwatalla gave me an answer through your post.May Allah Subhanwatalla reward you for this awesome information Ameen


  7. hira.uet11@gmail.com'

    A heart soften article 🙂 May ALLAH raise ur rank in JANNAT UL FIRDOUS. Ameen.
    Please remember us in your precious prayers 🙂

    1. Shifnas Bint Thamiem

      Alhamdulillaah for everything 🙂
      May Allaah accept this beautiful du’a of yours 🙂 Please do remember me in your Du’as as well Insha Allaah 🙂

    1. Shifnas Bint Thamiem

      SubhanAllaah! JazaakAllaah khair for this beautiful du’a of yours…May Allaah accept it and I too make du’a that Allaah accept you and bless you 🙂

    1. Shifnas Bint Thamiem

      According to the saheeh narrations of prophet (PBUH), the time for Zuhr starts when the sun has passed its zenith and a man’s shadow is equal in length to his height. On the other hand, praying is prohibited from noon time until after the sun has passed its zenith, which is at mid-day for about five minutes before the sun reaches its zenith.
      This is why the time for praying Duha prayer / any other nafil prayer ENDS before ten minutes before the Zuhr prayer (when sun passes the zenith). Therefore, there’s no contradiction 🙂 I hope it’s clear
      Allaahu A’lam

  8. amiina.sony@gmail.com'

    Can we pray duha prayer after waking up from morning sleep? As i fall asleep after fazr and then wake up later before dhuhr.

    1. Shifnas Bint Thamiem

      As you can see on the explanation above, the time span for praying Duha starts fifteen minutes after the fajr prayer (after sun rise) and the time span for it ends ten or fifteen minutes before dhuhr prayer. Between these borders of time, you can pray Duha prayer.
      It’s okay if you sleep in the middle and pray it after waking up.
      Allaahu A’lam 🙂

  9. drfaizanrauf@gmail.com'
    Faizan Rauf


  10. sheikhmajid27@gmail.com'

    Salamalekum I just like to know that salt ul Israq and saltu Duha are same coz i always prey Ishraq 2 rakat and salt ul dhuha 2 rklat every day please guide me I’m correct or wrong, I will be thank full to you.
    please inform me about saltu tasbih as well it is 4 rakat and we have to complete read 300 times subhanal lahe wal hamdulil lahe wala ilaha illal lahu wallahu akbar if I’m correct or wrong guide me please.

  11. mesh.abdul@yahoo.com'

    MashaAllah…good reminder for all of us never to forget dhuha prayers..and its importance. May Allah shower His blessings upon you. Wasalaam.

  12. salauhabeeb625@gmail.com'

    Masaa Allah May Allah reward you abundantly and make it easy for us to practice the sunnah of duha together with the other good statement of praise, thanks giving and glorification to Allah. Ya Allah, give us a mind free from worry, and a life full of praises of You, rectify our affairs, and soften our hearts with your rememberance. ameen

    1. Shifnas Bint Thamiem

      Alhamdulillaah all praise and thanks are Allaah’s alone 🙂
      May Allaah accept your beautiful Du’a Aameen

  13. fatimahsalam@hotmail.com'
    bint e abdus salam

    jazakAllah khair for telling such an easy way to give charity of every joint
    May Allah help us to do so and accept it ameen

  14. sediqrashid@gmail.com'
    Mohammad Sediq RASHID

    Mashallah, a very good article, Jazakallah and may Allaw SWT increase your knowledge and ability for writing more articles.

  15. naila.iqbal7@hotmail.com'
    Naila Iqbal

    maashaALLAH,beautifully linked up…may ALLAH SWT grant BARAKAT in your pen and writing ameen.may HE, ALMIGHTY, grant your pen the ability to engrave HIS QURAN in our hearts ,ameen.jzkALLAH.naila iqbal.

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