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6 Tips to Raise Emotionally Strong Children

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If you want to raise your child on Tawheed and free him from all sorts of worldly fears, then teach him to fear Allah and Allah  alone. 

6. ‘You’re so lazy, irresponsible and clumsy.’
The labels you use can have a massive and a long lasting effect on your child’s mind. Sometimes kids overhear us talking to others: “He is very irrational and angry at times.” Young children believe what they hear without questioning, even when it’s about themselves. They internalize what labels you give them. Kids who only hear negative comments from their parents have a hard time believing that they can do anything good. You need to highlight and accentuate the positive habits that they have. Research has shown that the more positive traits a young person knows about himself, the more resilient he will be when facing difficult situations.

If the parent mostly makes positive actions, the child will perceive the parent as loving. The ideal positive-to-negative ratio is 80 to 20. Meaning, for every four positive actions a parent does towards his child, he can afford to make one negative one. For example, three hugs and a kiss, earns you one light scolding. If you make more negative actions and less positive ones, your child starts to look at you as an unloving parent.

Bottom line: Children are an amanah — huge trust handed over to us by the Creator Himself. We cannot fool around with this responsibility. What are your thoughts about this article? Please share with is in the comments section below. 🙂

About the Author:

Zaynub Zafar is a graduate in Sociology who has done Taleem ul Quran course from Al-Noor International, Institution of Islamic Education and Research, in Lahore, Pakistan. She writes articles for various websites and blogs, including the Youth Club. Her main focus is Aqeedah, from the works of Shaykh Saalih Al Munajjid, Shaykh Ibn Baaz, Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen and Dr. Yasir Qadhi. She also writes on various social evils.

  1.  Haadith number 19, 40 a haadith by Imam Nawawi



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