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What’s Happening to my Dua?

Remember, our dua’s do not go waste. Scholars have pointed out that when Muslims make dua’, it is heard and accepted but this acceptance, however, can be in a number of different ways. “Either Allaah will respond and fulfil the desire of the person who made the dua’, or He will ward off some evil from him because of the dua’, or He will make something good easy for him to attain because of it, or He will save it with Him for him on the Day of Resurrection when he will be most in need of it.

Khushoo in Salah

Being able to concentrate while praying is the biggest challenge faced by Muslims the world over. In this article, let us explore some tried and tested tips to develop khushoo, and be able to experience the incredible one-on-one conversation we can achieve with our Lord in sha Allah.

Intentions and Sincerity in Islam [Part I]

Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala and Prophet Mohammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallim, attached great importance to having sincere intentions. Intentions are the basis of any action. What you intend to gain from an act is what you get. As Muslims, what we ultimately want to gain is Allah ta'aala's pleasure. Hence we need to understand what intentions are and what does having sincere intentions entail, as sincere intentions help us gain Allah ta'aala pleasure.

The Love for Secrecy in Islam

Let's make an imaginary exquisite gigantic gift box, fill it with all our astounding and superfluously sincere secret good deeds, gift wrap it in the most attractive style and present it directly to Allah (Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala) alone. Are you up for it? Read more