Women Working in Non Islamic Environments

As a young Muslim woman, is it permissible to work as a cashier in a grocery store where I may come in contact with non halal meat? These meats are packaged.

The issue of women out working is a questionable situation. It is the duty of the males of the community to protect the women from being out working in circumstances where they are obliged to deal with haram. We need to fulfill our responsibilities so that our women can stay home and do what is required of them; raising the children, looking after the home; and they would only go out where it is necessary. For example, getting knowledge, because we need some female teachers to teach in the schools; or learning medicine or dentistry because we need female doctors to treat our females. For a woman it is not a very good situation to be working outside unnecessarily. But if she is buying or selling what is haram, then what she is doing is haram; that job is a haram job.[1]



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