Wisdom behind the Islamic Laws

What is the wisdom behind the Islamic laws?

The Islamic system of law is designed to organize the spiritual and material life of human beings. Islam does not separate the material aspect from the spiritual aspect of human beings. The law organizes in such a way that the human beings fulfill the commandments of God in all aspects of their life. The laws from God governing us include every single thing we may do in a day, whether we are in our home, in the society or on the job. There are things that are pleasing to God that He wishes us to do, and there are things that are displeasing to God that He doesn’t wish us to do. The Islamic system helps us to fulfill the wish of God in our daily life. If we find laws which prohibit us from doing things, we should understand that the law is there to protect human beings. Allah has not set the laws arbitrarily. He does not want to impose any difficulty upon us. Allah is the Most Wise Who understands the working of a man and his needs. He has ordained for us laws which will protect us from harms, both to our physical beings and our spiritual beings. This is the goal and wisdom behind the various obligations and prohibitions in Islamic law.

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