Wisdom behind making Wudhu

What is the meaning behind making wudhu?

Wudhu is fundamentally a spiritual preparation for the prayer. I know many just think that it is just washing the parts of you body which get dirty, you are just washing them off, to clean physically.  No, the Prophet (ﷺ) said,

“That with every drop of water which falls from our limbs when we are making wudhu, the sins that we have committed fall away with it…” [1]

So what he (ﷺ) was talking about? Something physical? No, this is something spiritual. It may be invisible to us, of course, if somebody tells you, “I can't see the sins in your wudhu run away.”  Run away, that is a dangerous person. The point is, know that it is a spiritual concept that when we wash each part of our body, we should be conscious that we are washing away sin, so we seek God’s forgiveness for the sins of our hands, in our eyes, in our ears, our feet that have taken us to, we have that in the process, and that is why in the end of the wudhu we say, “O Allah make us among those who are repentant constantly, and make us among those who purify ourselves regularly.

We make that dua. That dua asking about for His help, reinforces the goal of wudhu.  So we make wudhu in that way, with that kind of reflection, then the chance that we are making that kind of prayer which involves that kind of consciousness are great. But if our wudhu is just splashing water here and there, and we are going to the Masjid speeding the prayer, it is all connected. It is all connected, we made the proper preparation, then we can do what we are supposed to do properly. We make bad preparation, then we are not able to do it. It is just simple. It is not a complicated concept.


[1] [Sahih Muslim 244]

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