Time to Start Fasting

When is the accurate time to start fasting?

In the ideal situation, we should stop eating the suhoor the moment we hear the Fajr athan. But this is when the time for the beginning of Fajr is right at the beginning of the Fajr salaah. Remember that the salaah times have an earliest time you can perform the salaah and the latest.

For fajr salaah, the earliest is the start of true dawn and THIS START OF TRUE DAWN MARKS THE END OF SUHOOR.

So let’s take make an example; Let’s say true dawn starts at 3:25 am, this means that we can make Athan for Fajr at 3:25 am and this is the same time we stop eating the suhoor. This means we cannot make our Fajr before this time (like for example 3:23 am) but at 3:23 we can be eating our suhoor.

In some places they take extra precautions and let’s say they already know that the TRUE DAWN is at 3:25 am; what they will do is make it a point that they stop eating at 3:15 am for example, so on their timetables they will write: Suhoor ends at 3:15am.

However they know that they can’t make Fajr at this time since it will not be true dawn yet so they will say: ATHAN FOR FAJR WILL BE 10 MINUTES SUHOOR time.

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