The Way to approach giving Dawah

What should be our approach in giving dawah to non-Muslims?

The core of dawah should be oneness of Allah but it is not always possible to start with it always. We have to converse on variety of different topics to reach them to the message of oneness of Allah. Conveying the message means to give the message of oneness of Allah. Each person has previous experiences with which they approach religion.

Dawah to an Atheist: We have to look into the person and find out why they hold a certain belief. We then address the problem.

Dawah to Christian: There are many sects, which are different in their beliefs even though they have common beliefs.

Dawah to many mainstream Christians take belief like divinity of Jesus to be metaphorical and not literal. We have to call people with wisdom- using the methodology of the Qur'an. It is not proper for us to use coarse methodology of debating, demoralizing and demeaning people’s viewpoints by arguments, which are improper. Unfortunately, few preachers have resorted to this method which may look overpowering and fair seeming on a stage debate but is truly discouraging Non-Muslims. People have variety of sicknesses and they should be dealt differently.

We should speak to them, distribute tapes, pamphlet or taking them to more knowledgeable persons and get them to peer groups.

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