The Root of Western Arrogance

What is the root of the cultural arrogance of the West?

The seed of this arrogance was planted by an individual from UK who travelled on a ship named Beagle – Darwin. The underlying base is the Darwinian Theory: survival of the fittest! When we look at the world civilization, the Western civilization is at the top of the pyramid and the 3rd world is at the bottom.

So what makes them take this position? Naturally, the fittest must have the fittest system. If they worked their way up to the top, they need to be the fittest; they went through different stages and finally they are at the top with secular and democratic views. Once they know that they are at the top, they want everyone else to follow them. They feel it is their duty to impose their principles on everyone else. Their whole political strategy, dealing with nations, etc, will always be around this principle- secular democracy, secular more so than democracy, the latter being the icing on the cake.

This attitude can clearly be seen in their dealings with different Muslims countries. Wherever the Muslim countries remain secular, even though there may actually be military dictatorship, as long as they remain secular, they are fine in the eyes of the West.

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