The Name of Allah, Al-Mu’min and the Lives of Prophets

How was the name of Allah, Al-Mu'min, relevant to the lives of the Prophets?

Al Mu'min is the One who grants security and peace. Muslims should take from it a sense of security. If we have done what Allah (سبحانهُ وتعالى) has asked us to do, then He will give us the security and protection that we need. Allah (سبحانهُ وتعالى) has given us the responsibility as He gave the Prophets before us, the responsibility to practice Islam and to convey it to others.  Once you have accepted that legacy, then you find trials. That is the nature of the way; we look into the life of the Prophets and that is what we see, trials. In fact when one of the companions asked the Prophet (ﷺ):

“Who in this world receives the most trial? O Messenger of Allah!” He said: “The Prophets. Then those like them, then those like them...”[1]

So the key is, what keeps them going in the face of all of these trials? It is Allah’s name Al Mu’min? The fact that He provides us with security to get us through.

If we look at the lives of the Prophets in the past, or if we look at the life of the Prophet in the future, Prophet Jesus (عَلَيْهِ السَّلاَمُ) who is to come back, we see Allah granting that security. In the past, we see in the case of Prophet Moses (عَلَيْهِ السَّلاَمُ), that his mother was given security regarding him from what she feared. Pharaoh was slaying the new born children, and her child was to be slain too. But she was instructed to put the child in a basket and put it in the Nile river. And that seems like flowing him away, but Allah brought him back to her for her to breastfeed, and security was granted to her.

Also we find that in the case of Prophet Abraham (عَلَيْهِ السَّلاَمُ) conveying the message, breaking the idols of his people. People at first realizing when he answered what they asked, “Who did this?”  And he said, “The biggest one. Can’t you see he’s got an axe on his neck?” They realize that and said, “No, no! Couldn’t be him, because they can’t do that.” So he said, “Well, how can you believe in him if they are unable to do these things?” So at first, they heard what he said, the message got through to them but they did not want it. They preferred to stick with their customs and they said: “Listen! We have to protect our idols.” Prophet Abraham, of course they did not call him a Prophet, he had to be punished. They made a huge barn fire and threw him in. Allah provided security for him. The fire did not burn him. This is not to say that if you and I are tested today, and they throw us in a fire, and our faith is good and strong, then I cannot get burnt. Because we know the story of the people of the ditch, (Ashab al Ukhdud), they were thrown into the fire but they were burnt. And at the same time Allah will reward them. The security for them is not that they will be saved from the fire. When a mother, one of the women who were to go into the fire, she hesitated because she had a child. And the child spoke to her, a miracle. The child spoke to her and told her not to hesitate, she jumped into the fire.

And we also know in the time of Dajjal to come. When Dajjal will be making a fitnah creating a major trial for people, calling people to believe him as God, and he will cut a man in half, walk between the two halves, then call the man and he comes back together, and the man Dajjal will ask him, “Do you believe that I am God?”  He said: “No.” He will not believe it. So he will take him and try to cut off his head, he is unable to, and then they will take him and throw him into the fire. Dajjal would have following him a river which looks like a river from paradise, it is cool, white, and a river that looks like a river from hell, a river of fire. So he will take him and throw him in there, and people will see him burned up. But the Prophet (ﷺ) said: “That man will be going into paradise.”  What is appeared to be fire is actually a door to paradise. What is appeared to be paradise is actually a door to hell. So let’s not assume that what happened to Prophet Abraham is going to happen to us.

The point is the belief, the belief that Allah will provide security. He did it in the past for the Prophets and as we mentioned, He will do it in the future. He is not bounded by time, but He does it in His own way. Do not expect what happened for Prophet Abraham is necessary to happen to us if we are put in the same situation. In the future, we were told by Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) that Prophet Esa (Prophet Jesus), after he defeats the Dajjal, he kills the Dajjal. Then Allah lets loose the Gog and the Magog, two tribes that will come and devastate the earth. Nothing will be able to stop them even Prophet Jesus and his people cannot. So he has to take refuge in a fortress in Mount Tur, and there Prophet Jesus makes dua; he prays. He asks Allah’s protection because there is nothing they can do against the Gog and the Magog. That night Allah sends worms that will swim their way to the back of the heads of the Gog and Magog and they will die out. And Jesus and his followers will come out. That is the safety which Allah gives, for Jesus.


[1] [At-Tarmidhi (2398). Ibn Maaja (4023). Al Albani said saheeh in Saheeh al Jaami’ (993)]

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