Tawheed Hakimiyyah

Can you clarify on the subject of Tawheed Hakimiyyah. Some people say that there is four types of Tawheed. Can you specify on that subject.

Tawheed Hakimiyyah refers to the principle that the making of laws in a Muslim country where Muslims are in control, that those laws should be according to the Shariah. And this act of making laws becomes an act of Ibadah. What laws have been set by Allah, we are supposed to submit to and follow, to go and make other laws for people and then people accept these laws and it becomes a form of Ibadah where they are worshipping other than Allah سبحانه وتعالا as the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) had given the example with regards to Adiy' bin Hathim where he said in reference to Christians and Jews that they were taking their Rabbis and Priests as Lords besides Allah. So it is a part and parcel of Tawheed al uloohiyyah. To call it a separate category is something recent. Is there harm in it? Not really. As long as one doesn’t deal with that exclusively and ignore the rest of Tawheed. Because one has to look at Tawheed as a whole/complete. All aspects have to be considered. So some scholars have said 'No' because earlier scholars didn't divide it into four. To do so, is Bid'ah and this is the opinion of some. Others have said 'No', it is not necessarily Bid'ah because even the establishment of the three or some scholars looked at it as two, this was something which didn't come specifically from the Sahabah. Scholars analyzing the situation presented the subject in this format and that there may be other formats in presenting. As long as it covers the whole subject, it is legitimate, it is permissible.

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