Kindly cite an example of tarjeeh?

Tarjeeh means to give preference.

In general terms it means that when there are different opinions among the scholars and you have to choose one by giving preference to it over the others. In this specific case (Consolidation Phase of Fiqh) [1], it refers to when scholars gave preference to one opinion over another within their math’hab.

A good example of this is the timing of ‘Asr Salah. According to the majority of scholars including Imam Malik, Shafi’ee, Ibn Hazm, Imam Ahmad and many others including the students of Abu Hanifa, ‘Asr time starts when your shadow is equal to your length which means it starts at an earlier time but the opinion of Imam Abu Hanifa is that it starts later when your shadow is double your length.

Now when you look in the evidences, the opinion of the majority seems stronger so one should follow that. This is called tarjeeh where we give preference to one opinion over others.

Now from the Hanafi perspective they will look for the opinion of Abu Hanifa and compare with Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad. This is referred to as tarjeeh within the math’hab.


[1] Evolution of Fiqh pp. 148-149

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