Similarities between Buddhism and Jainism

What are the similarities between Buddhism and Jainism?

  • They both came around or appeared at the same time due to general discontentment against Hindu manifestation like caste system; plurality of god and goddess.
  • They have strong monotheistic order.
  • Both of them rejected countless Gods worship.
  • Rejected the caste system.

Jains don’t even believe in god. They don’t worship gods.

They definitely don’t worship the idols though they started off within a Hindu context and then separated and became a different religion.

They revere the founder Mahavira but they don’t worship like the Hindus worship gods or Brahman for instance. They venerate him. He is the one who guided them to the right way.

Jainism started about the same time as Buddhism. They are the dissenters of Hinduism. They tend towards the denial of the world and practice asceticism just like Buddhism was against pantheism and social discrimination.

Like Jainism and Sikhism, Buddhism may also be considered an adaptation of Hinduism because some of the basic concepts of Hindu philosophy such as Samsara, Karma, Yoga, Nirvana and so on, exist in Buddhism as well

Buddhism also has some important aspects radically different from the Vedic and Epic Hindu philosophy; in the form of almost a negation of gods, deities, caste system, sacrifice and so on.

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