Significance of Christmas tree

Why do Christians decorate the Christmas Tree as a part of their celebration? Does it have any significance to Jesus Christ (عَلَيْهِ السَّلاَمُ)?

The Christmas tree decoration, as we know, is the common practice for Christians at Christmas. Some authorities considered the Christmas tree a survival of pagan tree worship and traced it back to ancient Rome and Egypt. The use of evergreens to decorate homes at Christmas time has an unmistakable pre-Christian origin. During the celebration of the Roman Fraternalia, laurel and other greens and flowers were used extensively for processions and for home decorations. In Northern Europe, evergreens, because they did not die in the winter time, became symbolic of eternal life and were almost an object of worship. Mistletoe was sacred among the British Druids (Priests) and were believed to have miraculous powers.”

So usually, at the decorations, we see these green things they call holy Mistletoes, different terms were used to decorate the homes, etc. This is the tradition from early pagan beliefs in these various plants, either as gods or close to gods, or as having certain miraculous or supernatural powers. And this has become a standard practice in Christian tradition.

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