Selective Methods of Da’wah

When the American troops came to Saudi Arabia during the war against Iraq, you mentioned that you got involved in Da'wah to these troops and over 3000 soldiers converted to Islam. What particular argumentation did you use?

Among the different methods we used were taking them to mosques, to different Muslim communities so that they could see how life was led by Muslims and introducing them to Muslim women so that they could hear from them how their life is like.

Arguments vary from person to person. On a general basis, the message of Islam was propagated, the principles behind Islamic rituals, focusing on the spiritual, emotional and psychological benefits of the five pillars of Islam.

There is no magic word or statement that produces a Muslim. Each person has his or her issues, which may or may not affect another individual. I know of people who have read the Quran and that was enough for them to accept the message of Islam. Personally speaking, the Qur'an did not have much of an effect on me. I was a communist with no one to clarify the Qur’anic text and therefore it did not make sense to me. Instead a book by Muhammed Qutub - "Islam: The Misunderstood Religion" in which the author has done a comparison between Islam, Communism and Christianity worked for me.

Simply put, look for the problem area in the individual being addressed to and treat those issues like a doctor treats an illness.  A doctor does not have a single tablet, which he gives all patients, but he first finds out the illness, then the cause and then prescribes an appropriate medicine. Similarly, when people are misguided and worship the wrong God or no God at all, their spiritual illness has to be understood first and then it should be treated.

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