Security through the Allah’s Name Al-Mu’min

What will bring us the security that is promised in Allah’s name Al-Mumin?

Allah tells us here what will bring the security that is in His name Al Mu’min; the answer is good deeds. This is the guarantee, if we do good deeds, meaning the good deeds, which Allah has prescribed. That is because, of course, people could say, “I am doing good deeds.” But these are not what Allah prescribed. A person, for example, celebrating the birthday of the Prophet (ﷺ), feels that he is doing a good deed. “This is something which is good, I am celebrating the Prophet’s birthday, that’s a good deed.” However, the point of the matter is that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) did not celebrate his birthday. He used to fast on Mondays, and when he was asked why he fasted on Mondays, he said, “That was the day I was born.” So he fasted on Mondays, one of reasons was because he was born on Monday. So, if we truly want to celebrate his birthday, then fast on Mondays, every Monday, not a particular day in the year, this was not his way. He did not choose a particular day in the year, once a year, when he celebrated supposedly his birthday. He did not do it, nor did his companions; they did not do it either. So that as good as people might perceive it, it is not a good deed because Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) has said:

“I did not leave any good thing which would bring you closer to Allah without telling you to do it.”[1]

It has all been told. The message is complete. As Allah (سبحانهُ وتعالى) said:

"…Today I have completed your religion…" [2]

So when Allah revealed that verse, whatever that was not a part of the religion at that time, can never be a part of the religion. That is the sense of surety that we should feel. Whatever that was not a part of the religion in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), can never be a part of the religion. If we take a path other than that, then we will end up with a religion other than that which he brought. And that is what happened to others, like the Christians. The religion that they follow today has no relationship with the religion which Jesus brought. No relationship because of the fact that they did not have the principle of sticking to exactly what Jesus brought; not that they did not teach them to do that, but because they were lax. The religion went to areas that we can see the reasons now, that people tried to compromise it for the sake of promoting it, and it suffered. The main day Jesus gathered people to worship was the Sabbath, Saturday, it was not Sunday. Where did Sunday come from? Well, when people were trying to promote Christianity among the Romans, they chose a popular day of worship for a particular god, Apollo. That popular day was Sunday. Sunday was set, why? Because Apollo, for the Roman pagans, was the Sun god, he was the son of the main god Zues, meaning, according to their belief, he would get on his chariot, and he would ride across the sky and bring the sun behind him. That is how the sun would get from one side to the other. That was Apollo riding his chariot. So people used to worship him on “sun” day. That is where the name Sunday comes from, the day for the worship of the sun god, Apollo. So, in order to try to promote Christianity among the Romans, already by the time it reached the Romans, it had changed quite a bit from what Jesus brought anyway. But it took another turn. Since the Romans were believing that God had a son, Apollo, who was a popular god, and he was worshiped on Sunday, they said, “God has a son but his name is really Jesus.” And they shifted the day from the Sabbath, Saturday, to Sunday. They thought they were doing a good thing but it was not a good thing. It was an evil thing. It was part of changing the religion which Jesus brought.

So, similarly for Muslims, we can attain the security of Allah on the Day of Judgment. And there will be no other security but that what He gives by doing good deeds, as many as we can. But we have to keep in mind that a good deed has to be one prescribed by God, either in His book or through His Messenger. These are the true good deeds. Other good deeds, not in accordance with what God has taught and what the Prophet  (ﷺ) brought, these are not considered to be true good deeds. So, if we want to gain that security, we have to do it through the good deeds which Allah (سبحانهُ وتعالى) prescribed.


[1] [Al Albani. Asl sifati A’salaaat (3/942)]

[2] [Qur’an 5:3]

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