What is the Islamic stand on Secularism?

Secularism is removing religion from politics, from the system of the society. For example, the hijaab ban in France, which is slowly approaching Italy, Germany and other parts of the world too. Secular society means that you are not allowed to express or promote your religious belief system in government-dominated areas. Privately you can be what you want to be, for example, in your home, mosque, temple, etc., you can worship anything or anyone including Satan. They believe that religion is all the same; people made it up, whether it is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Satanism, Buddhism, so why give favours to one over the other? It is a secular tolerant mutual point of view that all religions be treated the same. This is how it is presented.

So the point here is that, Western society promotes the idea of secular democracy as the answer for the whole of civilization. They say that if everybody becomes secular, then we become tolerant and we can end wars. They are driven by the Darwinian concept that their civilization is more superior because the systems they have evolved are more superior.

After the renaissance, Europe revived with Darwinism, became a dominating society. Secularism creeped in and became the means in the society to decide right from wrong. If religion is taken out from the society, we have mere judicial laws which determine right from wrong.  In the past, there were 10 commandments from the Old Testament from the books of Moses, the Torah, at the bottom of Western laws. When they decided to become secular, all of these commandments became challenged. Hence, the issues of the system were systematically changed, for example, issues like adultery, fornications, etc. According to Mosaic Law, these crimes were decriminalized. They were taken out because the basis of it was the Bible. They began to find other principles on how male and female should relate in society. So they came up with an alternative principle, which they call ‘consenting adults’ meaning whatever consenting adults do among themselves, the government has no right to interfere. The basic idea behind this was to rule out rape and paedophilia.

This law paved the way for homosexualism; same sex marriages, homo sexual relations, so much so that the schools teach about this to Grade 1 children (My 2 Dads) in USA and Canada! They are subtly brainwashing a generation that is blooming till they establish that it is completely normal. This is the consequence of secular democracy because in the democratic way we have the majority of the people deciding what is right and wrong according to their minimal intellect.

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