Salvation in Islam

How do people who die young or born deaf and dumb achieve salvation in Islam?

Allah said,

“I will not punish anyone until a messenger has been sent to them.”[1]

So, the message has to reach every human being in order for judgement to take place. So, what of those people?

The Prophet (ﷺ) taught us that on the Day of Resurrection, when the rest of us who had exposure to the message irrespective of whether we accepted or rejected it, at the same time, those people whom the message never reached or the message came to them in such a distorted form that you cannot expect them to believe it, all of those will also be resurrected, brought back to life, in the prime of their youth with all of their faculties. And when they are resurrected, they will find before themselves a wall of fire and out of this wall, a messenger will step and he (sent by Allah) will explain to them about Tawheed, the essential message of Islam and after explaining to them, he will instruct them to enter that wall of fire from which he stepped out and there are people who will go walking towards it and the wall will flare up and most will back off but some will walk through and they appear to be burnt up and then the wall of fire will simmer down and the people will try again, it will flare up, people will back off and others will walk through and this will repeat itself so many times as Allah wills, till those that remained refused every time it flares up, they back off and they are not walking through it anymore.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said those who walked through will go on to Paradise and those who backed off are those who had the message of Islam come to them when they were with all their faculties, capable to understand it etc but they would have rejected that message. Just as they rejected in the end in here, they would have rejected in the beginning there and they will be those who will go on to Hell. So, the judgment will be for all.


[1] (Qur’an 17:15)

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