Sahabi with fits and Emily Rose

My question is about the particular incident that I read about a woman who cleaned the masjid and suffered from fits. The woman who used to clean the masjid, she asked Rasoolullah (ﷺ) to pray to Allah to relieve her of the fits that she used to have. Then the Prophet (ﷺ) gave her the option that he can pray to Allah to have it removed or she can be patient with it and be guaranteed paradise.

The scholars have interpreted this as her having a physical ailment instead of an actual possession as patience with an illness will purify illness whereas others who had come to our beloved Prophet (ﷺ) have had cures passed on to them. What if the Prophet (ﷺ) meant to keep her illness so that she can show the world what jinn possession is.

Evidence of jinn possession is part of the unseen world and by letting the woman show that the unseen does exist is indirectly showing that Allah does exist.

I did not come up with this theory myself. I got this from watching the exorcism of Emily Rose and I am inclined to believe that this was probably a position held by certain scholars of the Christian faith regarding the case of Annaliese Michel. The following is taken from IMDB page "The exorcism of Emily Rose" Emily describes another vision she had, the morning after the exorcism. She walks out of the house and sees the Virgin Mary, who tells her that although the demons will not leave her, she can leave her body and end her suffering. However, the apparition goes on to say, if she returns to her body she will help to prove to the world that God and the Devil are real. She chooses to return. She concludes the letter by saying "People say that God is dead, but how can they think that if I show them the Devil?"

Is this a valid interpretation of this event of this woman or will I be thrown off the manhaj for this?

In order to prove something the Prophet (ﷺ) didn't have to punish anyone. And in order to prove the existence of Allah, Allah had sent down a lot of proofs and was certainly in no need to make an example through this woman.

Since it is agreed that there were many who were treated during the time of the Prophet (ﷺ), then the opinion that this woman's sickness was to show the reality of jinn possession and the existence of Allah weakens because before her there were some who had been attacked by the jinn so it will be best to use earlier experiences as daleel.

The moment Emily talks about seeing virgin Mary is the very moment we see that she is either lying or she saw a Jinn (demon) who wanted to misguide her and many others though her. Mary the mother of Jesus (عليهم السلام) died and like anyone else she cannot have any impact on the affairs of the world.

So the interpretation of the salaf remains valid and strong as it is supported by proofs from the Usool of Islam.

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