Revelation of Surah Inshirah

When was Surah Inshirah revealed and what is the general theme of the chapters revealed during this period?

Surah Inshirah, the 94th chapter in the Qur’an was revealed during the Makkan period. The Makkan chapters generally speaking address the difficulties which were faced by the believers in Makkah who at the time were a minority and were under a lot of pressure. Those who ruled the society were pagans worshipping idols and they were opposed to the message of Islam and were trying their best to crush it. Many times the verses of this period would address the problems that Muslims were facing, giving them advice on how to handle it, to stay firm holding onto Islam and that ultimate victory is with the Believers. These revelations addressed the Oneness of Allah because this was perhaps the most significant break with the pagan practices of Makkah. They worshipped gods in many different forms whereas the final message as the first message from God taught that God is One, Indivisible, without progeny (son or any other relative).

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