Remembrance of Allah

What deeds are we required to do to remember Allah?

I will mention two statements of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). In it, there are lessons for us to improve the quality of our Islam, and become better Muslims.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said that,

The world is cursed and what is in it is cursed, except the remembrance of Allah and that which aids (us to remember Allah), or a knowledgeable person, and one who seeks Knowledge.”[1]

The remembrance of Allah in this life is critical, for it is in the remembrance of Allah that we gain righteousness. That is why Allah said,

“Establish the prayer to remember Allah.” [2]

When we remember Allah, we submit to Him. We submit our will to his will. When we forget Him, we disobey Him.

Everything in this world is cursed except the remembrance of Allah, so we should do things which help us to remember Allah. That is why Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said

Choose your companions well.” [3]

You will be raised on the Day of Judgment with your companions, so if you choose somebody who will remind you of Allah, you will remember Allah. If his talk reminds you of nonsense, you will also talk nonsense, and this is not pleasing to Allah. These are the people you must not have around you.

We should seek the company of knowledgeable people, or become knowledgeable persons ourselves. We need to be the in the company of knowledge either in the form of lectures or books. The Qur’an is the most important book. We should never stop gaining knowledge.


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