Relationship between Homosexuality and Homophobia

What is the relationship between homosexuality and homophobia?

Changes have taken place in the west with regards to homosexuality. In the seventies, after being considered, from the perspective of psychiatrist, to be an illness, a mental illness and which is treated with a variety of different treatments like shock, chemicals etc., and a variety of treatments, it became acceptable in the seventies. And the illness of homosexuality was replaced by another term known as homophobia, i.e., a dislike of homosexuality. So the one who disliked it openly, rejected it openly, considered it to be improper etc., such an individual is now considered to be ill. He needs or she needs to see a psychiatrist, to be reprogrammed, to accept this what came to be known as the alternative lifestyle. This homosexual movement spreads throughout the countries of the west, to the point where not only the homosexuals should be accepted, but their way of life had to be considered commendable and those who opposed, as I said were labelled as homophobes.

The Christian church, for example, which had based on the teachings of the old testament, they held that this is something sinful, this lifestyle was wrong, punishable by death in the old testament. The Protestant church changed in many cases their position and they moved along with the change in perception held by the society in the west. So we ended up with homosexual ministers and homosexual churches. Now Catholicism basically held its ground but from a low key perspective. And Islam is not coward and Islam has not lowered its head in this regard, it stood firm. Those countries which have made Shari'ah Law Islamic law of the country like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and others, they have made it their official basis of their constitution, it is inscribed and enshrined in their law courts that it is considered to be a sin, punishable by death as adultery is, as murder is, it is punishable. So this now has become an issue.

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