Reasons for conversion at the time of the Prophet (ﷺ)

What were some of the reasons why the people around the Prophet (ﷺ) accepted Islam?

The Role Model

The first converts were from the Prophet’s (ﷺ) household, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib and Zayd Ibn Harithah (رضى الله عنهم).  They were followed by the Prophet’s close friend and confidant, Abu Bakr. Their conversion was due to their intimate contact with the Prophet (pbuh) and their unquestioned belief in him his truthfulness due their personal experience with him. This reason for conversion may be called the “role model.”

Da'wah to Islamic Monotheism (Tawheed)

The next five converts embraced Islam as a result of Abu Bakr’s invitation. They were ‘Uthman Ibn ‘Affan, Az-Zubayr Ibn al-‘Awwam, ‘Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn ‘Awf, Sa‘ad Ibn Abi Waqqas, Talhah Ibn ‘Ubaydullah (رضى الله عنهم). Their conversion was a result of the message being taken to them. This reason may be generally called the “Da'wah”

Truth Seekers

Among the converts was ‘Amr Ibn ‘Absah (رضى الله عنه) who had rejected the idolatry of his people and sought the truth. Like him was Salman al-Farisi (رضى الله عنه) who journeyed from Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity to Islam. The reason for the conversion of these companions and others like them may be called “truth seekers”

Reading the Qur’an

‘Umar Ibn al-Khattab’s (رضى الله عنه) conversion is authentically narrated as a result of his hearing the Prophet (ﷺ) recite Surah al-Haaqqah. The Najashi’s conversion was due to his hearing Surah Maryam. These and others like them may be referred under the general reason of “Reading the Qur’an”.


Abu Talhah al-Ansari (رضى الله عنه) was offered a dowry of accepting Islam by Umm Sulaym (رضى الله عنها) (Mother of Anas Ibn Maalik (رضى الله عنه)). She also gave him logical da’wah concerning his idol worship.

Abul-‘Aas who was married to the Prophet’s (ﷺ) daughter, Zaynab (رضى الله عنها), was separated from her by the Prophet (ﷺ) and was later ransomed from among the prisoners of Badr by Zaynab. In both of these cases, marriage to a Muslim woman was a factor in their conversions.

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