Reasons for Conversion to Islam in the Modern Era

What are some of the reasons for conversion to Islam in the modern era?

There were eleven surveys of reasons for conversion done in April, 2001, in different parts of the world. From the surveys, it is evident that the factors that contributed to the main reasons for conversion at the time of the Prophet (ﷺ) - that is, role model, da'wah to tawheed, truth seekers, reading Qur’an, seeking to marry a Muslim woman, continue to be the main reasons for people accepting Islam in the 21st century. In the Middle East, one of the biggest factors for conversion is the religious example of employers. This is especially the case for Far and Near-Eastern women working as domestic helpers in Arab homes. This is the role model reason which constituted the first major reason for converts in the Prophet’s (ﷺ) era. In the West, living with Muslims is a minor factor because contact with Muslims is much less frequent and Westerners do not usually work as domestic helpers in Arab homes. However, the role model reason is still significant in so far as it comes from contact with Muslims on the job, in universities, in the neighborhood, etc. The survey on the convert community in Detroit, Michigan, USA revealed that  the majority of converts were introduced to Islam by someone they trusted. From the survey results it appears that the most critical conversion factor in the West seems to be the availability of information. In India, where the caste system is dominant, the oppressed classes find in Islam social justice and respect. Consequently, as indicated in a survey ,Islamic justice and equality is among the greatest factors that contributed to the conversion of people to Islam in India.

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