Raising Children Islamically

What is the psychological growth and development of a child from 20 months onwards?

Is it alright to punish this young child if he/she does anything wrong in spite of many warnings?

Infants need love and care but they also need some sort of discipline (not necessarily punishment). One way is to see why the baby engages in some actions. For example, is she angry/hungry/sleepy? Is she usually like this at certain times of the day? Does she bite/hit when she is frustrated?

You can also use distraction to something the child likes. Explain rules. Explain whys- why certain things should/should not be done in a polite manner.

Always be consistent with discipline and show a lot of affection at other times.

I recommend the book "Nurturing Eeman in Children" by Dr. Aishah Utz. You may also read books on Child development and Child Psychology.

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