Qur’an as a Source on Jesus (peace be upon him)

Can the Qur'an be used as an authentic, divinely revealed source for a study on Jesus Christ?

Looking into the 'Message'; we have two possible approaches, we have the approach based on revealed material: 'Revelation'- the divine books of God and we have the historical approach. Gathering the historical evidences established- the fact concerning the matter. In reality, there is very little historical evidence available to tell us about who Jesus was and from that to determine what his message was in fact. What we have to depend on in reality is the 'Revealed books'. Those held by Christianity and those held by Islam. But for us to analyze the information contained in these divine books of revelation, it is essential for us; first to determine the validity of these documents. If we look from the Bible- The Old or the New testament as being a source of the divine revealed material, we have to analyze this source to determine; is this in fact divinely revealed? Is it the work of men? Or is it a combination of both? Similarly, we will have to look at the other source, valuable revealed information and that is of that of the Qur'an.

The Qur'an the word of God revealed to the last Prophet (ﷺ) was written down during the life time of the Prophet (ﷺ) himself. Historically, the Old and New Testament cannot be described to define of those on whom they were revealed.  Furthermore, the Qur'an was memorized from beginning to end during the lifetime of Prophet (ﷺ) himself and after his time by an increasing number of people who have memorized the whole Qur'an from beginning to the end. Every year in Makkah and other Muslims countries- there are contests which are held among those who have memorized the Qur'an to establish goals whose recitation is among the best and whose memories are among the best.

When one goes through the Qur'an we find a consistency of thoughts and presentation. We will not find a story book where a story begins with the introduction of characters to develop then a climate and reach a conclusion presented, this is not the format of Qur'an.

What we find instead is God speaking directly to men, talking about his relationship with God as well as his relationship with his fellowmen and creations around him, advises given to him, laws are set for him to govern his relationship with other human beings, advises given to him in terms of his safe dealing with the trials of his life, explanations are given as to the reasons of trials, descriptions are given of the people of the past as well of the hell and the heaven and the unseen- so that man be better aware of the world in which he lives and for the purpose for which he was brought here. So it is from the Qur'an containing the whole truth and nothing but the truth so we can find a means of determining who Jesus was and what was his message. We can also use the Qur'an to determine to what degree some of the revealed word of God exists within the Bible. Because we find in the Qur'an- a direct command to the believers to accept, as part of their faith, the divine word revealed to Prophet Moses, known as the Torah; to Prophet David in the original Psalms; and to Jesus in the original Gospel (Injeel). We are obliged to believe in all of the revealed scriptures being those who have declared their faith in God and submitted themselves to God according to the way prescribed by the last Messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). So knowing that we are required to believe in the following messengers, we are then required to find out to what degree truth exist in the following messages from God, so that we may help those who believe in these books containing information about God, about men, to guide men to the way of God.

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