Prophets’ prayer

Could you please tell me how the prophets prayed to Allah?

What we have in terms of evidence from the Old Testament is that there are a series of them, which I have mentioned in the book called, “The True Message of Jesus Christ” which is available. It is mentioned that Jesus said in Mathew 26:39 that, “and going a little farther he fell on his face and prayed.”

It is also mentioned in the Old Testament, that Prophet Ibrahim fell on his face and prayed, and also in Numbers Chapters 16, 22 and chapter 21 verse 6, both Moses and Aaron were recorded as falling to their faces and praying.

In Joshua Chapter 5, verses 6, 7 and 14, Joshua fell his face on the earth and worshipped. So there are many other examples, and generally, this method of prostration is a fundamental part of the acts of worship which were practiced by the prophets, from the time of Prophet Adam till the final prophet. It is the ultimate sign of submission.

This is what we should realize when talking about the different modes of religion; meaning, when we stand in prayer, when we bow and we prostrate, these are modes by which people in this world have adopted for submission, showing their allegiances or obedience to them. Like, when the ruler or judge comes into the court everybody stands or rises in honour of the honorable presiding judge.

If the ruler is powerful, then the people that come before him bow, and if the ruler is extremely powerful, they prostrate before him. So in our worship, we stand, bow and prostrate for God alone, reminding ourselves that in our lives—daily lives, we should not submit ourselves to God’s creatures in such a way that we disobey God.

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