Proof of Prophethood

How did the prophets prove their prophethood?

The miracles which are given by Allah to the prophets is the method by which they convince the people to whom they were sent, that they were prophets. These miracles were specifically designed for the people of their own time because one who reads or hears of the miracles of the people of the past, cannot necessarily be convinced simply because of the information available to them. These miracles are really a demonstration of the power of Allah to the people, to whom the prophets were sent. Of course, the message which they brought in terms of the way of life was also evidence that they were bringing the revelation from Allah. It was the combination of both the miracles and the correctness of the message. Correctness in the sense, that each person was born with this natural belief in Allah and has the consciousness of right and wrong. So, if somebody brought a program or a system, which is consistent with all of one’s natural understanding of that which is good, then this is among the signs that this system is from Allah.

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