Some of the problems faced by the converts to Islam

What are some of the problems faced by the converts to Islam?

People who are involved in propagating the religion and inviting others to Islam, must familiarize themselves with the factors leading to conversion in order to develop the correct strategies to deal with them. Furthermore, Islamic organizations need to keep more accurate information concerning conversion so that researchers can analyze the material and benefit those in the field. Most organizations internationally do not have proper records. Some only have names and while others have little more than that. Follow-up programs cannot be effectively implemented without proper records. Perhaps the greatest problem facing converts is the lack of follow-up. In the Prophet’s (ﷺ) time, converts were integrated into the Muslim community and way of life with the full support of the community. Today, converts are congratulated and left to fend for themselves. As a result, when many are faced with difficulties, they revert to their former faiths, if they do not find support from the Muslim community. In the West, there is a big need for institutions and Muslim social workers to cater to the needs of the new converts. The other major problem facing convert Muslims, especially in the West, is the absence of a supportive Muslim community. The result is that the children of the converts often leave Islam by the time they graduate from high school. Therefore, among the important da’wah strategies is the development of Muslim schools to preserve the identity of Muslim children of the converts.

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