Philosophy behind the Legislation of Islam

What is the philosophy behind the legislation of Islam?

Islam came to reform human society. It didn't come to destroy whatever people were doing and to replace it with something totally new. When you look at the various principles of Islam, this idea of reformation is fundamental in it. We find a general statement in the Qur’an, wherein Allah speaks of the believers as those who command the good and prohibit evils, what is known in Arabic as, ‘al amr bil ma’roof wa nahi anil munkir'. Now this basic concept, commanding the good, implies that not everything people are doing is bad. What they do of good, Islam confirms, recognizes and encourages but where they are involved in corruption, then Islam prohibits what is being done. This is a fundamental principle that you'll find in Islamic law, as such, when the final message of Islam was revealed in the 6th century, and I say the final message because this was the message also brought by all of the prophets previously.

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