The Personality of a Believer

What are the characteristics that belief in Allah should produce?

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) has conveyed to us a moral message and everything of Islam is geared towards creating an ideal moral individual. That is the individual who can change his world, the world in which he lives, the environment in which he exists, if he himself is changed, he follows that moral message, the guidelines, the blueprint of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), then he will be able to change his family, his community, his society, his nation, and the world. Ultimately he will be a part of that change, maybe he is not the one who will ultimately make final decisions with regards to government policy etc. etc., but he is a part of that change and that change begins with the individual.

What are the personality traits, what are the characteristics which belief in Allah should produce in us? What is the fruit of this belief? The fruit which is seen in the life of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), about whom Allah stated in the Quran,

 “Indeed, Allah and the angels praise the Prophet (ﷺ), O ye who believe, seek Allah’s peace and blessings for him.” [1]

What are the characteristics that he (ﷺ) displayed for which we should ask Allah’s blessings for Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)? First and foremost, it is as we mentioned, the God-conscious character. One who is conscious of God, meaning that when we sit and we talk with this individual no matter what he’s talking about, whether he’s talking about fixing his car, buying a house, changing jobs or as a woman, about the children, the foods that are going to be cooked, perhaps working also, whatever they are talking about Allah is mentioned. Allah’s name, Allah’s power, Allah’s attributes are part and parcel of that conversation. It’s worked in there because we don’t forget Allah. That is one characteristic, and the person who does this is a person, of course when you speak with them, you can hear the difference between that type of a person and a person who is unconscious of Allah. Most of us, unfortunately, are unconscious of Allah. So, when we speak there is no difference between how we speak and how those who don’t even believe in the existence of Allah speak, it’s the same. An external observer would say it’s the same, no difference between this one and that one because that consciousness is not reflected in what we say and what we do.

The second characteristic is that of having a stable personality. Stable personality is one, which is able to handle the ups and the downs of life, one who handles trials with patience and success with gratitude. Not to say that we don’t shake, yes we are human beings, trials will shake us, success will trick us to some degree but we’re not taken all the way away, where we lose our way. We are balanced in times of difficulty, in times of ease, a balanced personality. When you read about those people who don’t have this consciousness of Allah, when trial happen, like some years back in the US, when there was a crash in the stock market, you read articles in the newspapers, so many stock brokers jumping out of windows, suicide. One particular individual they spoke about, this guy had funds of like 5 million dollars. The market dropped so he only ended up with 1 million dollars, he lost 4 million dollars, he was jumping out of the window. This is somebody who hasn’t understood life. No stability in that personality. You blame others, when you can’t find others to blame; you blame yourself and take your life. One who hasn’t understood Allah, character in this regard is weak, lost.

I ask Allah to grant us a character of God consciousness, to make us aware of Allah (سبحانهُ وتعالى) in all of the various acts and thoughts and deeds of our lives. I ask Allah (سبحانهُ وتعالى) to make our hearts connected to Him, to keep us conscious of Him, to make our last words in leaving this life, remembrance of Him. To keep ‘la illaaha ilallaah’ on our tongues and to keep it in our hearts and to keep it in our lives and I ask Allah to give us stability in our individual lives and to help us to handle the difficulties and to help us to be thankful to Him in the times of blessing and ease.


[1]  [Qur’an 33:56]

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