Parents of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

Were the parents of the Prophet (ﷺ) amongst the hunafaa?

No. We do not have any reference to that effect. And most of the fables which were made up about the Prophet ’s (ﷺ) mother and father which we find in many books of seerah, most of them are false. Most of them are untrue. And this is just mainly an attempt on the part of Muslims considering that at the time of the birth of Isa  , you have all these stories about the star and the white men following the star. And they say if that happened to Prophet Isa, something should have happened for Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). So they started making up stories. And they didn’t stop there. The saints and all these kind of individuals, you have all kinds of stories made up about them. People like Abdul Qadir al Jailani and others. You will find some fantabulous stories about what happened with them. And of course, the Shia’ are not to be outdone in this matter. When you read bout Ali, you read stuff like, there is one narration that they have in one book called Fathimites Fathima that when Ali was in the stomach of his mother, they could hear him reciting Qur’an. This is before he was born. He was reciting Qur’an in the stomach of his mother. Prophet (ﷺ) didn’t receive prophethood yet. Qur’an hadn’t descended on him and Ali was reciting it in the stomach as an embryo. So unfortunately Muslims have fallen into a portion of that and those stories it is good to have them checked out to find out what is authentic amongst them.

Of the people who were prior to the prophethood, there were some of them who the message did reach and those who the message reached but continued to practice idolatry then they are confirmed by the Prophet (ﷺ) through revelation as being in hell. And obviously his parents were among them. It is not everybody of that period. There are specific people.

One time Prophet (ﷺ) passed by a grave. He is riding on horse or animal and the animal reared up and almost knocked him off. And he was wondering what caused this and he saw that there were some graves over in a distance. And he asked whose graves were these. And he said these are the graves of some people who died in the pre Islamic time. He said that they were being punished right now in their graves.[1]

Punishment means that they are people going to hell because if you receive the punishment of the grave, it means you are going to hell. That is the beginning of your hell. So he spoke of those three in that way because obviously from revelation they were among those who had received the message in a sufficiently understandable form to distinguish between truth and falsehood.


[1] [Narrated by Muslim (2867) on the authority of Zaid ibn Thabit]

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