Parallel between the Announcement of the Prophet (ﷺ) and Conditions Today

What parallel can we draw between the announcement of the prophethood from the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and Muslim conditions today?

Reality is that the legacy, which Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) left behind, was the legacy of dawah, of conveying the message of Islam to the world. This was his legacy and that legacy is embodied in the struggle that he (ﷺ) went through. He (ﷺ) left in his struggle a blue print, which we can see mirrored in our day-to-day lives today.  I would imagine that the vast majority of us here, this afternoon have already read the life of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

When he (ﷺ) called his (ﷺ) people together and announced to them that he (ﷺ) was the messenger of Allah. After asking them who he (ﷺ) was relative to themselves and they said ‘you are the truthful, reliable, honest, best amongst us, etc.’ After reiterating that, then he (ﷺ) told them ‘Now if I tell you that I am the messenger of Allah, what is your thought?’ ‘You are the biggest liar, you are the total opposite’ of everything they had finished saying. This was the rejection. With his (ﷺ) announcement; the consequence was rejection, complete rejection from the main relatives, leaders of the society of the time.

In the case of the announcement there was rejection and slander. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) was declared to be a magician and a fortuneteller and a variety of other things. Today we have him (ﷺ) declared a pedophile by the fundamentalist Christian groups. They promote this argument that he (ﷺ) was a pedophile and you have others, like the Danish cartoonist making cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). So the slander is continuous. It hasn’t changed. You know we get shocked and we get worked up and we jump up and down and we end up killing ourselves over something which is unavoidable, instead of developing strategies to deal with these things systematically, we are reactionaries and we die in the process. How many people lost their lives in the demonstrations against the cartoons around the Muslim world? Shameful, but they are on going and they are not going to stop. After pedophile they are going to find something else. It is a continual process. it wasn’t new to Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), it existed in the times of all of the prophets. They all suffered slander.

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