Obligation of Niqab

1. Which Surah is the final rule for hijab: Surah Azhab or Surah Noor?

2. Is Ibn Abbas’ narration about the jilbaab covering the face exposing only 1 eye sahih or daif?

3. Is there any hadith which shows that woman were with faces uncovered after the verses of hijab?

4. Imam Hanafi said niqaab is wajib in the time of fitna; is our times the fitna which he was talking about or that degree of fitna has not yet arrived?

Scholars have differed on the ruling of covering the face (niqaab) based on the evidence from Surah Ahzaab, Surah Noor, etc and ahadeeth. The majority have said that it is not compulsory while the Hambali scholars said that it is compulsory.

The narration of Ibn Abbas of covering one eye has been classified as authentic by some scholars. However, other scholars like Shaykh Al-Albani have said that the narration is weak.

The fitna referred to Imam Abu Hanifa is when immoral people and immoral acts increase. This is evident now in some non-Muslim countries were corruption and debauchery have greatly increased.

In my own opinion if a woman can easily wear niqab and face no repercussions, oppression or danger then she can do so. If she cannot do that the hijab should suffice.

And Allah knows best.

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