Objectivity in the Search for Truth

Why is it important to stay objective in the search for truth?

Before we can look into or research any topic, we have to maintain an objective view. We cannot allow our emotions to clot our vision and thereby, blind us from the truth. When we look at the variety of religion and beliefs around the world and the fervor with which people hold these beliefs, it becomes quite evident that these people are not able to find the truth because of their emotional commitment to their beliefs. This emotional commitment is not based on an intellectual understanding but on cultural influences because they were brought up in particular family and a particular society then they will cling on to the beliefs of this society believing somehow that they are upholding the truth by emotionally committing themselves to the beliefs of their environment. However, we have seen by practically through human history that emotions bare blind and the only way in which we may find the truth about anything is to approach it, first intellectually. We weigh the evidence and we judge by means of the mind which God has given us and act to determining what  is the objective to, then, we must commit ourselves to its emotions. So there is a place for emotional commitment but emotional commitment must come after a reasoned understanding. That emotional commitment is essential because in fact it is evidence of a true understanding. Because when one understands the reality, one is then prepared to do whatever is necessary to uphold that reality.

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