Moon Sighting

Whom should one follow, if there are differences of opinion in moon sighting? What is considered local when it comes to moon sighting?

You should fast based on local sightings. Its good for the Ummah to unite but, if people do not follow evidences from the Qur'an and Sunnah based on the understanding of the pious predecessors, then we cannot  unite with them.

The differentiate factor is not sharing the night. Local is the same geographical area like if the moon was seen in Qatar that should cover the whole of the Gulf  countries. If it was seen in Egypt that would cover the whole of North Africa. During the time of Ibn 'Abbas the people of Medinah fasted in a different day from the people of Shaam (the Levine, that is modern day Syria, Lebanon, Plaestine, etc) although these places share the same night.

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