Monasticism in Islam

From the hadeeth: "there is no monasticism in Islam, except Jihad for the sake of Allah" [1] it is clear that monasticism in not permitted in Islam. However, I find it difficult to reconcile with the hadeeth which says that,

"A time will come when the best property of a man will be his goats with which he can go up to the mountain peaks, leaving the hustle and bustle of town life. For his sustenance he should depend on his goats. He will be much safer in the mountains than in the towns where visible and invisible trials are ready to pick him up." [2]

The first hadeeth and many other quranic ayaat prove the general principle in Islam whereas the second hadeeth you quoted is referring to a specific time, a time of great fitnah.


[1] [Sunan Abi Dawood, hadeeth number 1729.]

[2] [Sahih al-Bukhaari, hadeeth number 7088.]

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