Mass Slaughter of Lambs

Can we slaughter many lambs at one time as with a machine and would that be halal meat?

Yes. Why not. It’s just a technology. The key is, you cut the neck. The requirement don’t say that we need to hold the blade ourselves and put our feet on the neck, but just cut the neck. So, if we can accept a Christian cutting the neck, and a Jew cutting the neck, what about a machine cutting the neck? As long as we say Bismillah before pressing the button, inshaa' Allah it is okay.

If we stun the animal before slaughtering it, it is not our way to do it. But it is western way. They think that it is better to stun the animal first before slaughtering it. Can you still eat it? Yes, you can because it is still alive before being slaughtered. Yes, it is not preferable, but it is still permissible for us to eat it. Because when we call what is haraam and halal, it is only the requirement.

It is permissible in Islam to use hunting dog in hunting. The dog will hunt the animal and bring it back to you alive. You can cut the neck and eat it. Shari'ah has some room of flexibility in the application.

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